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Welcome Basketball fans to The Jump Fanpage Site!

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Hey Jump/basketball fans,

Starting today, instead of tweeting images of show recaps on the fanpage on Twitter, they will be posted here instead, word for word, with screenshots of statistics/facts (And GIFS!). The reason being is because it is so you the fans can interact with the content more rather than seeing a picture of it from a tweet and moving on to the next thing. And if you need to catch up on The Jump, whether it is watching/listening or reading the show recaps, you can always refer back to this website and search for the content that you are interested in.

Not only will this website have show recaps, it’ll include Jump Recommends (Daily readings) and links to watch or listen to a full episode of The Jump.

Again, after today’s show, a link will be sent out on the fanpage so you can all access this site. Thanks for all the support and being a fan of Rachel Nichols and NBA The Jump on ESPN! Please keep showing the support! The show is on year-round so tell your friends and family, if they are basketball fans, to watch this show! Jump, jump!