Show Recap: May 31, 2019 (From Toronto, ON at Scotiabank Arena)

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Opening Tip
Steve Kerr: KD officially out for Game 2


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T-Mac the ceremony in Game 1:

First Half

Monologue: Warriors no longer certain and Raptors no longer scared

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It was so predictable. All the people who came out of the woodwork after the Raptors took game one saying: “See! The Warriors do need Kevin Durant.” And those people are correct
Since Kevin Durant has joined Golden State, the Warriors have played 11 different playoff series and they have won exactly 100% of them
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So to win all the time to have the outcome be a virtual certainty before even stepping on the court, yes. If that is the bar, then the Warriors do need Kevin Durant
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Here’s what’s funny about Golden State: Because they have won so much for so long, opponents still often treat the Warriors as inevitable even when KD’s not playing

Remember the Rockets earlier this month playing in Game 6 at home with Durant freshly knocked out of the lineup?

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The Warriors just mess with people’s heads! Honestly: If there was ever a franchise that’s a candidate for some head messing with, it’s the Raptors
Kawhi Leonard still didn’t look still 100% healthy in Game 1 and he clearly didn’t like being trapped just like Damian Lillard didn’t like it in the last series. But Kawhi may be the best in the game at playing at his own pace come rain or shine or Golden State
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Even Drake who believes in Golden State so much that he has Steph and KD numbers tattooed on his body. Very random indeed! But he was unafraid to poke the bear in Game 1
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But it’s also one more indication that from the players to the superfans, the Raptors simply don’t see this Golden State team as some big scary inevitable certainty and maybe that’s just because KD is sidelined
But also maybe it’s because for the first time in a long time, they don’t see themselves as a team that scares easily either

What did you learn about Raptors in Game 1?

“There’s a sense of poise with this team. It just seems like there’s a calmness like they’ve been in this position before. Maybe that’s due to Kawhi being in the Finals, being a champion, Danny Green being on this stage. They were in control from the jump” – T-Mac

“They’ve been here before. And it starts with Kawhi of course” – MacMullan

“You can’t turn the ball over 16 times. They tend to be careless with the basketball” – MacMullan on the Warriors TO troubles over the years

Kerr: KD out for Game 2 (Calf Strain) | How badly do Warriors need KD back?

“It’s just one game. Make some adjustments” – T-Mac

“He can come back when he’s healthy. It’s that simple” – MacMullan

“They [The Raptors] never had that deflating play or run from the Warriors [in Game 1]” – T-Mac

Iggy will play in Game 2 (leg)

“Shaun Livingston, who’s been a great sub for them through all these championships, he’s a different player now. Great respect for him, but we know he’s going to retire at the end of the year and from last year this years he seems to have aged in basketball years significantly” – MacMullan

May 31, 1999 – Sean Elliott with the clutch three pointer to give the Spurs the lead in the WCF over the Blazers!


AKA: The “Memorial Day Miracle”

Make or Miss League (Kerr 2019)

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How is Lowry so good at drawing charges?
He is the playoff leader in charges taken


“He lays his body on the line. Even when I played with him [in Houston], he was a guy that always stood in and took charges” – T-Mac

Jackie followed that up with:

“You know why that is? He’s not big enough, he’s not fast enough. This is how you make up for it. This is how you endear yourself to your teammates”

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Did Klay get away with a travel?


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Ever seen Warriors get run on like this?

“They got beat at their own game. I guaranteed this won’t happen in game 2” – T-Mac

“If KD was out there, that wouldn’t have happened either” – MacMullan

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Should Drake get these tattoos permanently covered?

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Drake Tattoo 3.JPG

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“Are you the Toronto guy or the Golden State guy? Because it seems like he’s really neither” – MacMullan

“He’s friends with those guys [on Golden State]” – T-Mac

Moving on…

Expect Drake vs Draymond to carry on throughout Finals?
Drake told Draymond: “You’re trash”

“I love it. We as players get fuel from a fan on the sideline heckling us. If you have that in your DNA, that alerts you and wakes you up. I love it for our game” – T-Mac

Second Half

Steph Curry:

JVG/T-Mac Story:

Biggest adjustment Warriors need to make before KD returns?

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“They’re limited offensively with the weapons that they have right now because of their health. They’ve got to guard, lock in defensively and take care of the ball” – Van Gundy

“Alfonzo McKinnie has to get more minutes. You need a third guy to help Steph and Klay to relieve some of the pressure off of them. He has been that guy defensively and offensively” – T-Mac

“Cousins, if Iguodala is severely limited, has to be able to give them quality minutes, 18-24, because I think they’re going to need the punch” – Van Gundy

Blip or trend for Pascal Siakam?

Shot 82% from the field in Game 1

“The Warriors got to take away his transition layups” – Van Gundy

“Apply pressure on him. He was real comfortable in Game 1” – T-Mac

Think D’Antoni’s days in Houston are numbered?
Ending contract talks with the Rockets

“I don’t. As the summer goes on, cooler heads will prevail and negotiations will continue. They’ll hammer out an agreement that’s fair to Mike. They have something good going” – Van Gundy

“He’s done a fabulous job, but you’re just running into a juggernaut [in Golden State]. They should have passed Golden State” – T-Mac

“Mike D’Antoni, James Harden and Chris Paul have to be aligned in totality on the major things” – Van Gundy

NBA fines Clippers $50k for tampering
The fine comes after Doc Rivers made comments on Kawhi Leonard back on Tuesday (5/28) when he was on SportsCenter, he compared Kawhi to Michael Jordan

“I don’t blame him” – T-Mac

“Don’t allow him on the shows because if you’re asked a question, why shouldn’t you give an honest answer?” – Van Gundy


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Van Gundy:

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“That caught me off guard. I was just so happy they were up 20 going into the 4th” – Van Gundy

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Van Gundy:

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Van Gundy:

May 31, 2006 – Ben Wallace with the BIG BLOCK on Shaq and forcing a jump ball vs the Heat in the ECF!


How many more games will Raptors win?

“Three. I thought they would before because of homecourt, health and rhythm” – Van Gundy

“If KD doesn’t come back before Game 4, three” – T-Mac