Show Recap: January 31, 2019

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Sources: Porzingis voices concerns in meeting with Knicks brass (Via Adrian Wojnarowski and Ramona Shelburne)

“As a player, if I am injured, I’m not playing out there in the fray with my team fighting, how can I request a trade just by what I see. I have something to do with what I’m witnessing every night. I don’t understand why KP is coming out now to saying he wants to request a trade. He’s wrong for requesting a trade when he hasn’t played in a year” – T-Mac

“I wouldn’t even answer the phone to take that meeting with him. What has he done? Some of this needs to be earned. He’s not even on the floor” – Wilbon

Today’s Panel:

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Ramona Shelburne (Second Half Only):

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First Half

Monologue: Pelicans handling AD’s trade request correctly?

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The real question is: Who do you trust? That’s the game going on in the NBA right now around Anthony Davis. Considering who some of the main players are, that’s going to be a very tough question to answer over the next week
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There are scores to settle, anger to meet out and everything is suspicious

Last night:

Seems petty, right? Think again!

ESPN’s Royce Young reported that the Pelicans explanation was they didn’t want to create a situation where they put AD up on the big screen and he got booed
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Speaking of which, who should the Pelicans trust? ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe which made it clear that the Pelicans do not trust the Los Angeles Lakers. They say Pelicans GM, Dell Demps wouldn’t initially even return Lakers GM, Rob Pelinka’s phone calls. Apparently, Magic Johnson has spoken to Demps

More of Woj and Lowe’s piece can be read here

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But the Pelicans message right now to Davis is that if he wants to get to LA, he’s going to have to wait until he’s a free agent in the year 2020, a year LeBron James by the way will be turning 36 years old. Even then, the Lakers could only add Davis if they hold the cap space open, which means they basically have to punt on the next season and a half
Then there’s the league’s other 28 teams. Do they trust the word reportedly put out by AD’s camp? Now, they are saying ‘If you trade for him, just consider him a rental because he won’t sign a long-term deal.’

If a team acquires AD and goes to the Finals next season or even wins a title, would he really just walk right back out the door after the victory parade?

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Boston doesn’t think so. They are reportedly ready to offer ‘the kitchen sink’ for AD, even without the reassurance that he’ll re-sign. But Boston’s situation is tricky because of a quirk in the CBA, the Celtics can’t trade for Anthony Davis right now because his contract conflicts with the deal that Kyrie Irving has
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But, if you’re the Pelicans, do you trust Danny Ainge? He is so ridiculously good at taking other GM’s lunch money. Are you really lining up to be his next victim?

Ainge’s track record:

Ainge Trade.png

Ainge Trade 2.png

Ainge Trade 3.png

Ainge Trade 4.png

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Now Ainge is asking the Pelicans to trust him and he’s allowed right now to give a framework of the kind of deal he’d offer come June. So who do you trust? It’s a high stakes game. May the best team win

“I think they did the right thing with the video, taking him off. And the reason I say that is because I actually experienced this [my last year in Houston]. They are telling the truth about this. They are handling it well, on that part” – T-Mac

“The only way to handle this the right way is two things: You wait as long as you need to wait to get the best deal you can get. It doesn’t matter with whom” – Wilbon

What should other GM’s do when Danny Ainge calls?

“I have never seen an executive posterize other executives. That’s what he’s done. In this sense, if I’m New Orleans, I look at what he has to offer, what I can get back, I’d take that chance. He has a lot of assets that can really possibly change a franchise. I’m gonna ask for unreasonably more from the Celtics so I won’t feel like I’m getting played” – T-Mac

“I would tell Danny: ‘Any deal that doesn’t start with Jayson Tatum, I’m hanging up the phone'” – Wilbon

“This is the time where the Pelicans, if they are going to do this, they’ve got the leverage and it has to be used” – Wilbon

Sources: Porzingis gives Knicks impression in meeting he prefers trade (Cont’d)

Should Knicks offer Porzingis for AD right now?


“There’s no way in hell he’s [Dell Demps] taking phone calls from the Knicks. Even if they throw their a draft pick in, it’s still not sexy enough for us to pick up the phone” – T-Mac

“I got to see Porzingis. How do we know what Porzingis is doing?” – Wilbon

January 31, 1992 – Michael Jordan with the tough no-look reverse layup vs the Mavericks!


Make or Miss League Pop
“Really?” – Popovich

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Rust; Give Kanter a pass for airball?


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Ease; Think Luka is the best H-O-R-S-E player in the league?






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Microwaves; CJ drops 20 in 1st quarter on 9-9 shooting

microwave moments

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Layups; Favorite dunk last night?

DeAndre’ Bembry:

Jaylen Brown:

Jayson Tatum:

Moving on…

More impressive?

KAT’s game-winner:



IG story:

“IG story” – Wilbon

Second Half

How much pressure on LeBron to return to court?



“He needs to get back ASAP. What I’m a little nervous about in his return is that he’s 34 years old, a lot of miles on his body, this is the most games he’s missed in his career, I’m afraid he’s going come back and he’s going have to do too much and that could possibly lead to more injuries. He’s going to have to carry this team, carry this load in order for these guys to get into the playoffs” – T-Mac

Lonzo prefers Knicks or Bulls if traded (Via LA Times)

“I like Kris Dunn at that position. He’s a better defender. He is a tough, hard-nose guy in the image of what the Chicago Bulls like to think they are and when they’re good. Do I like Lonzo Ball? Yeah. But not as good as Kris Dunn” – Wilbon

“This is not about basketball, this everything about Big Baller Brand. This is all about marketing. It’s a smart move, if it happens” – T-Mac

Has Boogie played his way back into “Max Contract” status?

“His arrival has helped this part of the season feel fresh for the team” – Kerr


“Status, yes. But the question is going to be: What Boogie learns from this episode and how he applies it going forward? He can use this experience to be in contention and find another situation where he might make slightly less money, but be an impact player in this league again” – Wilbon

“Max contract status, yes. But I have to see him play out this season” – T-Mac

Breaking News
Woj: Mavericks finalizing deal to land Porzingis

“This is sort of a ‘I’m going to break up with you before you break up with me’ situation. His name has been out there quite a bit in trade discussions. This has been brewing for quite some time, his dissatisfaction with the Knicks. We’re getting up on the trade deadline and if you’re going to have some determination or self-determination about where your future might be, this is when you have that meeting” – Shelburne

“They’ve [Knicks] had conversations about Dennis Smith Jr. for a while now” – Shelburne

“The Mavericks are that much closer to their own superteam if we’re talking about big threes (Doncic, Porzingis (if healthy) and a lottery pick). One of the things the Mavericks wanted to do that they knew they looked at the Western Conference top 8 teams and knew they couldn’t beat any of them. Therefore, you go back into the lottery” – Wilbon

“This is a nice pickup here [Smith Jr.] for the Knicks because they didn’t draft him” – Shelburne

“It becomes [with no KP]: I got to have a conversation with other free agents, a second guy, in order for me to go and play with the Knicks ” – T-Mac

“This team now with DeAndre Jordan and Dennis Smith, they’re not going to lose every game” – Wilbon

“If I’m the Knicks, my No. 1 goal from this point of the season on would be to have as good as chance as possible of landing that No. 1 pick. That would be a game-changer for that franchise” – Nichols

“We thought Kristaps Porzingis was a star. Clearly, the Knicks are ready to say he is not” – Shelburne

Anyone but LeBron available for Lakers? (Via Ramona Shelburne)

“I don’t think we’re any closer to some sort of resolution. New Orleans still has to decide though if they want to have that conversation” – Shelburne

January 31, 2007 – Tracy McGrady with the nasty stepback jumper vs the Sonics!


Windhorst: Knicks on way toward creating 2 max slots for summer

“Those pieces that they acquired, they’re going to have to be shipped off in order for them to make cap space for two max players. I don’t see these guys that they just acquired being with this team” – T-Mac

“You open up the door if you’re the Knicks. You close the door to the lottery, No. 1 pick, because you’re not going to be a bottom three team” – Wilbon

T-Mac’s trio prediction for the Knicks:
Kevin Durant, Jimmy Butler and Kemba Walker