Show Recap: June 24, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition)

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June 24 panel

Impact of Lakers losing Avery Bradley?


“That’s a major, major blow to the Lakers. He was a great complimentary piece to what the Lakers were doing, they developed a chemistry around Avery Bradley throughout the year. J.R. Smith can help them at some point. You’re dealing with chemistry issues now” – Pierce

“More playing time Alex Caruso and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. But the margin for error for an injury to one of those guys or they get the Coronavirus is now down to almost zero. He was a good fit for the Lakers. I wouldn’t scoff at this” – Lowe

“This is a huge blow to the Lakers depth and there’s a tremendous amount now riding on Alex Caruso and his help. I do think the J.R. Smith replacement is intriguing. He has chemistry with LeBron” – Nichols

Trevor Ariza opts out of Orlando Bubble due to family obligations

Another playing that’s opting out of going to Orlando:

Unrestricted to free agent to be Wizards forward, Davis Bertans. He has recovered from two ACL injuries over the course of his career and doesn’t want to risk another right before what he expects to be a lucrative long-term contract to offer this summer. According to ESPN Front Officer Insider, Bobby Marks, Bertans stands to lose about $500K in salary to stay home.

Fair to criticize players opting out to protect future earning?


“I look at this as a business move. This guy has upped his value throughout the year and he has an opportunity to really make some serious cash [in his next contract]. An injury could really bring his value down [if he plays in Orlando]” – Pierce on Bertans decision to opt out of Orlando

“This is exactly why it was stupid for the NBA to invite two teams [Wizards & Suns]  who had literally almost 0% chance to even make the playoffs. It’s fine for players to make whatever decision they want” – Lowe on Bertans decision to opt out of Orlando

With only 36 days to go until the 2019-2020 season resumes, The Jump is counting down to the top 36 plays of the season (So far); Starting with #36:

Tatum drops PG-13!

As expected, more players are tested positive:

Sources: Nikola Jokic tests positive for COVID-19, awaiting clearance to return to U.S.


“I think we’re starting to forget that this is still brand new. We don’t know really a lot about this virus, we don’t know what long-term effects it might have. I worry about anybody getting it, even if you have no symptoms. From a competitive standpoint, which is how teams are sort of wired to focus, I’ve heard a lot of teams saying it wouldn’t be so bad if they got it now because they can quarantine and isolate and then start gearing up” – Lowe

“There’s going to be more and more players to have the virus. I truly believe that if you have some major players that sit out during a major time in the playoffs, there’s going to be an asterisk on the champion this season” – Pierce

“If enough players get it or if a whole team gets decimated by it, then it is going to be an asterisk. It’s unavoidable” – Lowe

Should Boogie return or rehab?

Cousins hasn’t played this season because he tore his ACL back in August. He spent time on the Lakers roster before being released in February so they make some more room

“I really believe this is a high-risk, high-reward for him. If he come back this year, performs admirably and plays well, he can line himself for a decent contract. If he sits out, there will be uncertainty about his health. He’s not gonna get paid handsomely like he would if he went out to Orlando to perform for a month or two and perform well. That’s a decision that he’s gonna have to make” – Pierce

“I can imagine DeMarcus thinking, ‘My time as a highly paid or mid-level paid player is in jeopardy and I need to try to prove to people that I can still be that player.’ If he wants to come back, that’s up to him” – Lowe

Distant Replay 2
1992 – The Orlando Magic select Shaquille O’Neal with the first pick in the NBA Draft!

Shaq draft


OTD in 1998
Celtics draft Paul Pierce 10th overall

Pierce draft

How surprised was Paul on draft night?

“I was shocked. I was projected to go top 5 [in the draft]. I never worked out for them. But I was meant to be in the the green and white. I played in green and white in high school and so it was only fitting that I’ll get drafted by the Boston Celtics. I was thinking I was going to the Vancouver Grizzlies at No. 2” – Pierce

Knicks hire “World Wide Wes” William Wesley as executive VP/Senior basketball adviser


He has a long history with Knicks new president, Leon Rose during their time together at Creative Arts Agency

“This is a great move. Everybody loves him. He’s well-respected around the league” – Pierce

“It’s a good hire” – Lowe

Andre Drummond plans to pick up up option to stay with Cavs

Via “Le Batard & Friends – STUpodity”:


Expect more players to opt in in this offseason because of uncertainty?

“The pandemic has changed everything. I would be shocked if almost anybody opted out of a player option at that level. Most guys are going to opt in just because that amount of money is nothing to scoff at” – Lowe

“With the uncertainty around the league, there’s so many reasons to opt in. I’ll play in Alaska for $29M, let alone Cleveland!” – Pierce

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