Show Recap: May 28, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition)

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Panel May 28

Expectations for All-GM conference call?

“Maybe nothing. The decision could be until next week. I didn’t really think there would be this much suspense as we almost enter June” – Lowe

“The GMs are not the decision makers here. This is going to be the commissioner, the players association and the owners. I feel like they’re kind of middlemanning in this situation” – Jefferson

“Part of the element of this is get some of the information that they want to get on the table at the board of governors meeting and get that out to the GMs the day before” – Nichols

Risk of injury worth returning to play for pending free agents?

Bundesliga (Soccer League) in Germany, after just their first weekend of action, a report by sports scientist, Joel Mason, found that injury rates were more than three times as high with soft tissue injuries, particularly prevalent


“You have to go and play. This time here is very similar to a lockout where your professionalism is tested. You have to keep yourself as in shape as possible. But there’s always going to be injuries. Everyone has a level playing field” – Jefferson

“This should be a deeply personal choice for everybody that has to go to this thing because the virus is scary, the injury risk, if you’re a pending free agent, in particular is scary. That player should not be compelled to go” – Lowe

Like Zach’s proposal?


“My proposal is based on two assumptions: I didn’t know if the World Cup proposal was gonna have enough support and that the league probably wants more games than they would get by just starting the playoffs and going from there. You’re going to get an imperfect solution that makes some people angry” – Lowe

Distant Replay 2
1996 – Gary Payton putting on a little dance on the Jazz and finishing it with a layup in the Western Conference Finals!


Distant Replay 2
2000 – Arvydas Sabonis going around Shaq and finishing with the monster one-handed jam!


Distant Replay 2
2002 – Mike Bibby (Sacramento Kings) with the go ahead game winning jumper vs the Lakers!


On this date in NBA History:

Klay’s best single-game performance?

“Game 6 Klay. I was praying for OKC to win that game. But Klay’s is one for the ages” – Jefferson

“Game 6 Klay. Not only did he rip the Thunder fans hearts out, he kind of ripped KD out of the Thunder” – Lowe

“NBA History would be different [if the Warriors lost Game 6] because then we end up beating Oklahoma City for the championship” – Jefferson

“60 points on 11 dribbles [in 2016]. I love it because it speaks so much to who Klay is as a player and what kind of ingredient he is on the floor. If I was trying to explain Klay as a basketball player, one of the things I would do is point to that game about why he is such an incredible asset: It’s what he is able to do without needing the ball in his hands as much as so many of the other guys” – Nichols

Dame picks LeBron over Giannis as MVP: Agree?


“[Damian Lillard] belongs on the MVP ballot too. But he’s wrong. Giannis is clearly MVP”

“Yes. But one of the problems is that people get crowned the MVP in game 40 through 60. If you were to stop it today, it was probably Giannis but ultimately, LeBron James would have finished strong enough that you would have been a toss-up” – Jefferson

“My leader in the clubhouse was Giannis before the shutdown, but I would like to see the process be a little bit different for all of us because a race to the end is more fun anyway” – Nichols


Richard, will you invite Gilbert Arenas next time you play beach volleyball?

Gilbert’s comment:

Gilbert Arenas

“He’s always invited. But Gilbert has some issues” – Jefferson

Happy birthday to “The Logo”, Jerry West who turned 82 | More impressive: Being the NBA logo, or winning Finals MVP on a losing team?

“Getting Finals MVP on a losing team is more impressive. I wish it were possible again” – Lowe

“Jerry West being the logo. It’s gonna be around forever” – Jefferson

Basketball Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony pushed to 2021, per Jackie MacMullan

“I will be introducing Tim Duncan at his speech and he doesn’t even know this” – Jefferson

Best fit for Knicks head coach?

Per The Athletic’s Shams Charania and Mike Vorkunov:

Former Brooklyn Nets coach, Kenny Atkinson is expected to interview for the Knicks head coaching job. He joins Tom Thibodeau and current interim Knicks coach, Mike Miller as leading candidates

“Who they choose will be indicative of what they want. Thibs is a proven winner with a veteran team, Atkinson is a development guy who I hope someday gets a chance with a veteran team and Mike Miller did a great job after David Fizdale got fired” – Lowe

“It depends on the route that you go. If you believe that you’re gonna get a veteran team, I think Thibodeau. If you’re trying to build from the ground up, I think Atkinson. There are a lot of great coaching candidates out there that should be considered: Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy and Ty Lue” – Jefferson