Show Recap: May 27, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition)

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Panel May 27


Fred VanVleet

Mark Cuban’s plan: Tourney for final 2 playoff seeds

Credit: Tim MacMahon/ESPN
Mavs would stay in the 7th seed, under the regular system. In Cuban’s proposal, they would be number 13 in a reseeded bracket, which would keep them safe from the play-in slots. There would be some regular season games where they could have the chance to improve their matchup

In favor of Cuban’s plan?

“I do like this. Any plan that adds a level of intrigue to a season that is already drastically different by any means, it extends the runway for the league to create more fan engagement and can help them recoup a lot of those lost revenues” – Williams

“I like 1 through 16 format a lot more. I really don’t agree with Mark’s plan. Were talking about financial issues, but what about health issues? That’s the main concern. Bringing back all 30 teams gives us further risk of the coronavirus. All the hard work these teams put in throughout the course of this season can go out the drain” – Pierce

“Maybe do what the NHL is doing: Bring 24 teams back” – Nichols

How badly do players want to complete this season?

“A lot of guys want to get back out there. I do think there are some serious concerns regarding health and logistics and how everything would look, and guys being away from their families. I think those are all real things, but at the end of the day this is what we do and this is who we are. A lot of us just love to hoop, so I think if we could make that happen in any way I think most of the guys will be on board with that” – VanVleet

What qualifies as “safe” to come back?

“The biggest thing I’ll say is that we trust the leadership that’s in place. The virus is not the only thing. I’m confident will have some option to play whether that’s a good option or not” – VanVleet

Does “Contract Year” impact decision to come back this season?
Will be an unrestricted free agent after this season ends

“Absolutely. You have to be mindful of every risk that you’re taking when you go out there. I haven’t thought about that too much about free agency for myself. I’m just kind of itching to get back out there” – VanVleet

How eager are Raptors for chance to defend title?

“That’s part of the reason why everybody wants to get back, at least from our camp. I think we have a good of a chance as anybody” – VanVleet


OTD 1991
Pistons bench leaves court before buzzer vs Bulls in ECF

Will MJ and Isiah mend fences with each other?

“I would like them to see them mend fences at some point as I would like to see [Rajon] Rondo, Ray [Allen] and Kevin [Garnett] mend fences also. You can only keep a grudge for so long. It’s over. Let it go” – Pierce

“I would love to see that happen too, but the unfortunate reality though is, like my mom used to say to me back in the day, ‘I can forgive, but it doesn’t mean I can forget.’ I don’t know if Isiah is ever going to forget something like this” – Williams

On this date 96
MJ drops 45, leads Bulls to sweep Magic

Game more memorable because of MJ’s revenge [from the 1995 playoffs] or Shaq’s final game with the Magic?

“Shaq’s final game with the Magic. Think about what could have been” – Williams

“Shaq’s final game with the Magic. Penny and Shaq would have turned into a mini dynasty in Orlando had he stayed. Both were starting to come into their own” – Pierce

Mark Cuban compares KP trade to Harden trade in 2012

Via Moose & Maggie/WFAN Sports Radio:

“It happens in the NBA. It’s like the James Harden trade. Harden gets traded from OKC to the Rockets and I’m like, damn, why didn’t we even get that offered to us? We weren’t in the mix. Nobody was. It was one phone call and the Rockets said yes. [The Porzingis trade] was our one phone call.” – Mark Cuban

Credit: Moose & Maggie/WFAN Sports Radio

How much should Knicks regret trading KP?

“They acknowledged it was a mistake. That’s why they changed the whole front office” – Williams

“It was definitely a mistake. KP was a franchise player you just can’t let go of, especially if you’re the Knicks” – Pierce

“Many of us are still very confused about this” – Nichols

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