Show Recap: May 14, 2020

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Panel May 14

Legacy of Scottie Pippen?


“Everyone that I talked to would just randomly bring up how much they loved Scottie and would use the word love over and over again. A lot of that piece is about what he meant to the team and how he balanced Michael Jordan’s kind of harsh style of leadership, how he picked people up when they were down. But as a basketball player, the guy’s the greatest No. 2 guy of all time. It makes him more valuable than some guys who are No. 1 options on mediocre teams. If you were building a No. 2 guy in a lab, you would build Scottie Pippen” – Lowe

“His legacy is very, very complicated because he wanted that opportunity to be the No. 1 guy. He is loved and needed MJ to be that bad guy and enforcer. So he took on the role of helping to lift up other players” – Jefferson

How would MJ and his legacy/history be different if Scottie wasn’t next to him?

“Michael was so great that eventually he’s gonna reach the mountaintop and probably reach it multiple times. Once they started winning, they essentially never lost again. I don’t know if you have that level of consistency without a No. 2 guy who complimented him on and off the court as perfectly as Scottie did” – Lowe

“The defense he played was the most impressive. He is one of the top 3, top 5 perimeter defenders of all-time and that just complimented MJ so well and that’s what made their team, especially come playoff time, so difficult to beat that the two best players on the floor typically were the two best defenders” – Jefferson

Player today most resembling Scottie Pippen’s game?

“Paul George or Kawhi Leonard. I would say Kawhi Leonard is better than Paul George” – Jefferson

“Kawhi has passed Scottie in terms of what he can do offensively with the ball. In terms of impact, Paul George is the better comparison. If you can somehow mix Paul George and Draymond Green, that comes close to what Scottie Pippen is” – Lowe

Jefferson disagreed:

“Part of Draymond Green’s superhero power is his intensity, his focus and his aggression. That was never Scottie. I compare Draymond more to Dennis Rodman. His mindset to the game is far closer to Dennis Rodman”

Distant Replay 2
2004 – Richard Jefferson (New Jersey Nets) with the clutch chasedown block on Chauncey Billups!


Distant Replay 2
2014 – Kawhi Leonard stealing the ball and outrunning the Blazers for the dunk on the other end!


What would Kyrie vs Kemba matchup look like in a playoff series?

“I think it would be a great matchup, but I don’t think it would go well for Kemba Walker” – Jefferson

“The Celtics would wipe the floor with the current Nets [without KD]. 4-1. Celtics win. Kyrie is a better playoff player. When KD comes back, it’s a different story” – Lowe

“They want to see it, the people in the community want to see it” – Jefferson

Think Rockets should bring back Mike D’Antoni next season?

He is not under contract with the Rockets the following season


“The reporting has been that he’s in trouble. But everything is unknown now. I do think he’s in trouble and I don’t think that’s fair. What’s the rush to get rid of him?” – Lowe

“I don’t know who the new GM is going to be in Houston but he should take a hard look at D’Antoni and talk to the players and talk to management and see what he wants to do and if D’Antoni is still the right guy. If the players vouch for him, that’s one thing, but you have to get results” – Jefferson

“It seems he’s definitely on the way out, which is a strange feeling to have about a team who is in the title chase. If he doesn’t coach with Houston, I feel pretty good somebody will offer him another job somewhere else” – Nichols

ImageNBA switching from Spalding to Wilson as official game ball in 2021-22 season

Spalding had been the official basketball of the NBA since 1983; Wilson says it will be using the same leather and specs as its predecessor

The last time the ball was changed, it looked something like this:

2006-07 game ball
This ball was microfiber instead of leather and players hated it

2006-07 game ball (2)

How much should players care about this change this time?

“Everyone is going to care about it. Wilson is going to do a great job. But I guarantee this: The first version of that ball will not be the one that the players end up playing with. It’s going to take them a little bit of time to master the ball” – Jefferson

Enes Kanter says he has offer to join WWE, per Shams Charania (Stadium)

Enes Kanter (WWE)
Credit: WWE

Should Kanter be a babyface or a heel in the WWE?

“Babyface. He would be too funny and too cool to be a heel” – Lowe

“He’s definitely going to start out to heel. He’s like the iron sheikh. People don’t fully understand how charismatic, how funny and how good of a teammate he is” – Jefferson

On this date in 1997 & 2007 respectively:

  1. P.J. Brown flips Charlie Ward into stands, starts Knicks-Heat brawl leading to 6 suspensions
  2. Robert Horry hard foul on Steve Nash leads to Stoudemire, Diaw suspensions for leaving bench

Should penalties for leaving bench be reduced?

Incidents in recent years:

“I don’t think it should be reduced. You’re talking about the most intense moments in the playoffs where guys are most fired up, most juiced up and most ready to go and play. You’re trying to protect the audience. It should warrant a fine and not a suspension” – Jefferson

“You shouldn’t get suspended for that. You’re just looking” – Lowe

“You want this to be black and white [writing] but ultimately, that’s going to be difficult” – Jefferson

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