Show Recap: May 1, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition)

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Former NBA guard and current Bejing Ducks guard, Jeremy Lin!

Woj: Adam Silver determined to complete 2019-20 season

“The public relations issue with the testing. There’s no way to go forward until we have testing ubiquitously across the country and I don’t know how far we are from that and neither does the NBA” – Windhorst

“There’s a lot of money at stake [television money]. I get that. But having to go through so much just to restart up this season and not knowing if all your players are in the best condition to continue playing this season, I just think it’s a little bit too much” – T-Mac

Latest on NBA efforts to save 2019-20 season?
Windhorst & Bontemps: NBA exploring idea of creating quarantined zone to complete season

“It would take 1,500 people inside a bubble to play the games and that it would take 3 months. But league officials don’t want to do it. They do not want to limit the players to not being able to see their families” – Windhorst

“I would have to communicate with my family, the team and the players just to get a feel for them. We all have to be on the same page and agreeance to this. It’d be difficult for me, individually, to go out and try to reach my full potential when there’s no fans in attendance to watch these games” – T-Mac

“I could see towards the end of the year, potentially having social distancing fans” – Windhorst


The State Basketball League (SBL) in Taiwan has completed their season without putting fans in the stands

Distant Replay 2
1997 – Penny Hardaway putting Voshon Lenard (Miami Heat) in the blender to make the jump shot!


Distant Replay 2
1997 – Rex Chapman, with the Suns down 3, knocking down the clutch three-pointer off of one foot vs the Sonics!


Distant Replay 2
2005 – Dwyane Wade throwing the inbound off Vince Carter’s back to lay it home!


What’s life like in China right now?


“Right now in Beijing, life is getting back to normal. There’s a lot of traffic, everyone’s at work, the restaurants and the malls are all open. We’re working out every day. We get to play and train with the team every single day, it’s like a very very very long training camp. It’s like groundhogs day, but we’re figuring it out and we’re just waiting to see what happens next and if we’re going to have a season or not” – Lin

On speaking out against bias towards Asian-Americans:

Note: Tweet has since been deleted

“We’ve seen a huge spike in hate crimes towards Asian Americans and it was just scary for me and the people that I love. That was kind of the intention and motivation” – Lin

Most insane moment with fans in China?

“There’s times when I literally can’t get to the hotel elevator on the road, I have my assigned room and I always do a secret switch that my teammates don’t even know about so no one knows what room I’m in. But somehow still, there will be fans waiting outside my door sometimes where we need to have security standing outside my door and shooing away people. I love my fans. This is the closest thing to ‘Linsanity’ in New York” – Lin

MSG, Knicks devoting a week to “Linsanity”

“When I first got the call from my agent, I was floored. They have a whole history of games that they can air and they chose my games and I was just like, ‘Are you serious?’ I’m still recognizing and realizing that maybe the impact that that stretch had on people. I never expected that” – Lin

Lin reflects on winning NBA title with Raptors:

“The ring is gonna make you feel different no matter what. Playing on the team and being a part of that, it motivated me a lot. I’m so glad to have experienced it and to make history: First Asian American to be an NBA champion” – Lin

A new series on The Jump called:



Sonics didn’t trade Scottie Pippen on draft night in 1987?

“Scottie Pippen wouldn’t be Scottie Pippen because even if he had had a great Hall of Fame career like he did, it was his combination with Michael Jordan that made that historically great” – Windhorst

“He still would have been Scottie Pippen. The Seattle Supersonics wouldn’t have gotten swept by the Lakers in Western Conference Finals. They would have won at least one game. Pip would have made a difference” – T-Mac

#OTD in 2005: Jeff Van Gundy accuses refs on targeting Yao Ming (later fined $100K)

Van Gundy said Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban was to blame; The fine is the largest EVER for a coach!

“They were doing a bad job of officiating Yao. He was getting in foul trouble early in games and it was really putting our team in a deficit. One through six games, were close like five points or less and we get to game seven and lose by 40 points because Yao got in early foul trouble. It was worthy of it” – T-Mac


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