Show Recap: March 2, 2020

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Opening Tip (New)
Can Steph please come back?


Panel (3-2)

Guest (Second Half Only):


First Half


Better test in playoffs for Lakers: Pelicans or Grizz?


“Lakers/Pelicans. There are so many storylines. That’s the one we all what we want to see. I don’t know if that’s the one the Lakers want to see. You don’t want to see the Pelicans as an 8th seed” – Shelburne

“Lakers/Pelicans. That would be the better test for the Lakers because they’re a better team. Figuring out the Zion situation is going to be something that they need to do” – Yates

“The Pelicans are playing at a level where you do not want to see in the first round” – Shelburne

“If the Pelicans come back and make the playoffs, Zion could steal that Rookie of the Year award from JA” – Yates

Gentry: “Amazed” if anyone other than LeBron is MVP


“I’m buying it because sometimes you don’t know how to define MVP. LeBron checks both boxes. LeBron is the reason that makes that team go and it’s pretty fantastic to watch” – Yates

“I think LeBron taking the Lakers from out of the playoffs to the best in the West is a stronger case” – Shelburne

“I have felt like Giannis has been the leader in the clubhouse all season. It is historic what he is doing” – Nichols

Distant Replay 2
OTD in 2004 – Vince Carter with the monster one-handed putback dunk on the Miami Heat!


Make or Miss League (Giannis Antetokounmpo)

Make (Pocket Presence).JPG
Jokic holding his own personal combine?

Miss (Shenanigans).JPG
Fan of Trevor Ariza’s no-nonsense attitude?

“Yes. He’s a veteran” – Yates

Make (Revenge Tour).JPG
Is this what happens when you poke the bear?


“He has been on a tear all year long” – Shelburne

Miss (Humilty)
Should flexing be encouraged after a dunk like this?
Grant got T’d up after taunting


“It gives him a little something” – Yates

Make (Classics).JPG
Have you recovered from the Rockets/Celtics game yet?

“This game is probably going to go down as one of the better games of the whole year” – Nichols

Leon Rose officially named Knicks president
Was previously the agent of Joel Embiid, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and so many others



How do Knicks start the rebuild?

“Get some players. They need some talent on that team. It’s easier to get players as an agent because all they’re doing is signing with you and asking them to represent you. This is different. To get players in the NBA, you have to be strategic, you have to leverage, you have to plan years out. This is about a long process and it’s going to be a hard task for him” – Shelburne

“If you want wants to believe any of this nonsense, you have to show your face. He’s got to find a way to get himself in the public eye. The visibility of this job is an important one considering how big of a franchise the Knicks are and how terrible they’ve been for so many decades” – Yates

Second Half

Is Zion already unguardable?
Career-high 35 points vs the Lakers

Lakers players gave high-praise to Zion:


In the Zone
Clippers scored 136 points vs the Sixers

Clippers offense actually better than defense?


“If the Clippers are going to win this year, defense needs to be their identity. I’m glad that they feel good about their offense, but that’s not how they’re going to win a championship” – Shelburne

“The thing about their defensive players that makes them so good is that they’re actually quite tremendous on offense as well. To me, it looks so good. ” – Yates

Think All-Star snub still motivating Bradley Beal?


Scott Brooks on Bradley Beal:

“He’s been better since he got the snub. That’s okay. This has been the lone storyline in Washington about what the season is. There’s nothing wrong with using a All-Star snub as motivation” – Yates

“He made a commitment to the Wizards and him stepping up playing the way he is right now is evidence of that commitment” – Shelburne

“Being the lone star on this team is part of why he signed that extension for” – Nichols

Career-high 39 points Sunday vs Clippers

“When you just get in the rhythm, that rim starts to look bigger and bigger and every time you put it up, you feel like it’s going in. It’s a lot of fun” – Milton

How did you react to being told you were out of the rotation?

“It’s tough, but it’s about staying ready. Then I got my opportunity and I just tried to make the most of it” – Milton

“My teammates do a really good job of encouraging me” – Milton

How did G League help you get ready for this run?

“To be able to go down there and really work on your game was big time for me” – Milton

On Sixers road record:

“Were working on it. With a lot of controversy going on, our spirit is really well” – Milton

How did you get the name “Shake”?
Real name is Malik

“My dad in college played basketball and they called him, ‘The Milkman.’ They said he delivered it right to your doorstep. When I was with my mom, they just used to say, ‘How’s little milkshake doing?’ And Shake just stuck around so I’ve really been called Shake my whole life” – Milton

On playing at SMU and being coached by Larry Brown:

“That’s my guy. We still talk regularly. He was always on you tough, but at the same time you knew that he was going to take care of you and he treated you like family” – Milton

What were you thinking (Shake Milton)

When you dunked on Pat Bev?


“Just trying to make a play. I got pretty long arms” – Milton
Wingspan: 7’1

When you played in G League & NBA on same day?

“That was fun. Especially being in the G League as a two-way guy, whenever your opportunity is called, you want to be ready. It didn’t matter how many minutes I had just played. Got no time to be tired in that situation” – Milton

Distant Replay 2
OTD in 2007 – LeBron James driving to the basket and finishing with the double pump dunk on the Mavs!


Crunchtime (New)

Waiters LA Island
Would Dion Waiters be a good fit with Lakers?
Lakers waived Troy Daniels to open up a roster spot

Unicorn Sighting
Is the Unicorn officially back?
KP: 38 pts, 13 reb, 5 blk vs Timberwolves

Ballmer’s Forum
Sources: Ballmer near deal to buy Forum, per Kevin Arnovitz

More likely than not Bucks get 70 wins?

“No. Not because I don’t believe in the Bucks, but just because as we get deeper into March and April, why would you play your guys? Schedule some rest” – Shelburne

“It matters to their fanbase and to this team. They’re going to try to get it” – Yates