Show Recap: February 17, 2020

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Opening Tip (New)
Better pass by Kemba or jam by Embiid?


“I’m impressed by both” – Perkins


Panel (2-17)

First Half


Surprised by competitiveness in ASG?

“No I wasn’t. I knew they were going to come out and honor Kobe. When I was watching, I was like, ‘Wow. Is this the NBA Finals? I know Kobe is proud right now’ Probably the best All-Star game I’ve ever seen since I’ve been living” – Perkins

“It was awesome. I just want to make sure that moving forward, they maintain it. We are walking a very tight rope here. Everybody has to make sure there are no injuries in the All-Star game” – Friedell

“The idea of turning an All-Star game, which is advertised as the best pickup game on earth into actually that, it was such an energizing thing for the league and it’s really going to have some carryover going forward” – Nichols

Should NBA tweak ASG rules to avoid ending at the foul line?

Joel Embiid wasn’t a fan of the ending:

“You can’t tweak it because if you did, then you’d have [Kurt] Rambis and [Kevin] McHale beating the hell out of each other trying to send the guys back to the line. I don’t see what the answer is in the moment. The league will continue to work on it. It’s only a matter of time before we see the Elam ending moving forward in a lot more places than just the end of the All-Star game. There’s a lot of interest now” – Friedell

Perkins & Nichols:

Distant Replay 2
OTD in 2001 – Baron Davis of the Hornets with the 92-foot 3-point shot to beat the buzzer vs the Bucks!


Make or Miss League (Kawhi Leonard smiling)

Make (Surprises)
CP3’s best dunk since _____?


Miss (Inhibitions)
Wish we saw more end-of-quarter heaves during regular season?





Make (Misses)
Maybe it’s good Zion & JA weren’t in the dunk contest?

“Their misses are impressive. Those two guys are very mature and got a lot of courage” – Perkins

Miss (Security)
How did Kawhi make this look so easy?


“That’s that Jordan defense” – Perkins

“The Klaw is going to Klaw” – Friedell


Make (Creativity)
Think LeBron’s move was a Kobe tribute?


1998 All-Star game:


Can Beilein return to Cavs at this point?

Per Adrian Wojnarowski & Brian Windhorst:

“It has become increasingly apparent to the front office and the coach that the partnership is headed to an inevitable split. Friends and associates of Beilein have described him as unhappy — even miserable — with the move to the Cavaliers.”

“No. He has to pack his bags and go. I was not a fan of the hire. I know he’ll get another job in college, where he fits perfect at” – Perkins

“The amount of stories that were coming out from the beginning of players being unhappy and Beilein calling the Cavs players ‘thugs’ and not ‘slugs’ in a meeting, it was over. There’s no coming back from that, especially when you’re losing at this level. This was always what appeared to be coming, it’s just coming faster than I think anybody thought” – Friedell

Second Half

More impressive night: Gordon or Jones Jr.?

After he won the dunk contest, this happened:

“Aaron Gordon. He’s creative and showing us something new every year. Every dunk that he did, I was like, ‘Wow.’ He impressed through the roof. I’m with him all day” – Perkins

“These guys both deserved to win. I did not think one guy was that much better than the other guy and that is the issue” – Friedell

How should dunk contest judging change?



“This is what I’m most upset out of the dunk contest at whoever in the league office thought it was a good idea to keep Dwyane as a judge, with a former teammate. Whoever it was, that’s the person who all this anger and frustration should go towards” – Friedell

“We already knew what the deal was with D-Wade. We can’t have him as a judge. The judges need to be former dunk contest winners because they are the only people that could actually judge those guys because they were in those moments” – Perkins

Jump Recommends.JPGASG showed power of basketball by Brian Windhorst

BS or Real Talk (New)

Simmons: “I love playing with Joel”

BS or Real Talk (Simmons on Embiid)

“You may like playing with Joel, but not love. I’m not buying that. Y’all tolerate with each other” – Friedell

“This is two brothers: They may love each other, but do they love playing with each other? It’s very obvious. They have a respect and a love for each other as teammates over time” – Perkins

“They’re not similar personalities. They do, I think, like each other. I’ve been around them. The narrative is all the way jumped to, ‘They hate each other, they hate playing with each other, they both want the other one out of there.’ I don’t think that’s true” – Nichols

AD: “I told my team I was going to miss first one”

Via TNT:

BS or Real Talk (AD missing a free throw)

“I think he was trying to believe the tale over time” – Friedell

“He didn’t miss that on purpose” – Perkins

“I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt that that was sarcasm on his part” – Nichols

Frank Vogel: “Possibility [Cousins] returns this season”

BS or Real Talk (Frank Vogel on Boogie)

“I went to the Lakers game, seen Boogie working out and he looked good and it’s not if he’s going to come back, it’s when he comes back, what role is he going to play? Real talk that he comes back, but if he plays, that’s the question whether not it’s BS or Real Talk” – Perkins

“If everyone stays healthy, where does he fit in?” – Nichols

“Sometimes, you have reality checks and I think he knows his role and if he comes back, he’s basically going to be an insurance policy. But I will say this: He’s still a walking double-double” – Perkins

Distant Replay 2
OTD in 2009 – Shannon Brown (Lakers) with the amazing athletic block on Mario West (Hawks)!


Crunchtime (New)

Halftime tweets
Should halftime tweets be allowed?

Maria Taylor’s conversation with Thunder All-Star guard, Chris Paul:

Giannis on 4th quarter:


At the Buzzer (New)

“What? Who? I’m so glad I’m retired. That’s the blind leading the blind” – Perkins

“Kyrie is very smart, but does he have the respect of the players behind him?” – Friedell

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