Show Recap: February 10, 2020 (Amin Elhassan Hosts)

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Opening Tip (New)
Does this baby deserve a flop warning from the league?

“No flop warning for this baby. That was a legit charge” – Pierce

“This younger generation is so weak” – Arnovitz



Second Half only:

Panel 2

First Half


Best fit for Lakers left on the market?



“I’m not sure if there’s a good fit out there for them. Is this going to be a player that’s going to get them through the regular season? Because once the playoffs start, that rotation gets cut down” – Pierce

“Tyler Johnson [recently got bought out from the Suns], maybe” – Arnovitz

“They need someone right now who can keep the ship afloat when LeBron sits. Here’s a name: J.R. Smith” – Elhassan

“They got to be looking for a piece. They don’t have a lot of pure ball handling” – Arnovitz

“I wouldn’t mess with this. They’re in first place” – Pierce

Raptors chances of going back-to-back?


“They have a buzz saw in front of them in Milwaukee. They lead the league in buy-in. They are the most versatile interesting defensive team we have seen since Pierce’s 07-08 Celtics in terms of what they do. They treat every regular season game like a playoff game” – Arnovitz

“When you look at the size of their backcourt, it’s really small and yet, it kind of works” – Arnovitz

“The most impressive thing to me: How many of these guys would not be your first pick when trying to build a great defensive team?” – Elhassan

“I’m buying that this team can get to the Finals. Siakam could cancel out Greek Freak on some nights and give you big nights” – Pierce

Distant Replay 2
OTD in 2006 – Tyson Chandler missing a free throw, but his teammate, Desmond Mason soars in for the monster putback jam on the Grizzlies!


Make or Miss League (Jusuf Nurkic)

Make (Force).JPG
More impressive bounce?

Tsunami Papi:


Malik Monk:


Pierce: Tsunami Papi | Arnovitz: Tsunami Papi

Miss (Elevation).JPG
What did Alen Smailagic think was going to happen?


“If the defender was not there, he still wouldn’t have dunked that” – Pierce

Make (Sweet Spots).JPG
Think this was a deliberate by LeBron?




“The LeBron side job is an underrated part of his portfolio” – Arnovitz

Miss (Joaquin Phoenix).JPG
Marcus Smart early front-runner for 2021 Oscars?


“Supporting, not lead [actor]” – Arnovitz

Make (Walk offs).JPG
Bojan Bogdanovic swishes 2nd buzzer-beater of season


“He’s been huge for Utah. He’s a guy who can create offense” – Arnovitz

“The Jazz got two guys that they can go to down the stretch: Mitchell and Bogdanovic” – Pierce


Run it Back

Most absurd Game Winners.JPG

Honorable Mention.JPG
Rex Chapman in 1997 vs Seattle:


Jeremy Lamb in 2019 vs Toronto:


Devin Harris in 2009 vs Philly:


Derek Fisher in 2004 vs San Antonio:


Milt Palacio (Celtics) in 2000 vs Nets:


Jeff Malone (Bullets) in 1984 vs Pistons:


How can NBA fix the replay system?

From Friday night in Utah:


“You can’t reverse a non-call. That is illogical. I’ll assign a 4th referee to the crew, put him in a room with a monitor, he is wired into the other three referees and if you’re going to have the technology, utilize it. By in large, I’m against replay” – Arnovitz

“It’s slowing down the game. How many replays do we want to give per game? This happens every night. You just got to understand that no one’s perfect (players or refs)” – Pierce

“NBA refs are the best in the world and they’re also human beings” – Arnovitz

Second Half

Smart idea for Jazz to put Gobert on Westbrook?
Led all scorers with 39 points

Westbrook on being guarded by Gobert:



Are Rockets becoming Westbrook’s team?


“I will tell you this: He is definitely imposing his will and his alpha attitude on this team right now” – Pierce

“Who is the emotional engine of this team? I think it’s Russ. He just has an electricity, he plays a little angry. It’s a team that needs a little jolt of anger” – Arnovitz

“Russ is their inspirational leader” – Pierce

“It’s an offense that moves when the ball is in Russ’ hands. It actually challenges a defense” – Arnovitz

What’s wrong with Joel Embiid?

“He got to go back to being himself. He’s not playing with the emotion and going at people on Twitter which is who he is. That’s why he was dominant the last few years. Also, with expectations come pressure” – Pierce

“How are we going to utilize space on an offensive possession? Embiid’s problem is not individual” – Arnovitz

Draymond Green on the Sixers struggles:

“When you don’t meet those expectations, you can go into a funk” – Pierce

“It’s a combination of his [finger] injury and the system being broken. I personally don’t like the combination of him and Horford at the four and five. I believe that Tobias Harris at the four would be their best lineup for not only Embiid, but for Simmons also” – Pierce

Better team: Bucks or Clippers?



“Clippers. I thought it was them beforehand mainly because I think that this is a team that is constructed to go deeper into the playoffs. Morris’ three point shot makes them a lot better” – Yates

“Clippers all day. I’m looking at their second best player, third best player, fourth best player and I’m lining them up with Milwaukee, it’s not even close” – Pierce

“I’m still inclined to go with Milwaukee. For the Clippers: Tell me who their closing five is? It’s still an unknown” – Arnovitz

Cool with Zion, Trae & JA not making cut for Team USA?


“The Zion question is really interesting. If you’re Zion, are you somebody who’s going to want to play a lot extracurricular basketball over the course of your career given the load you’re already absorbing, how careful you need to be?” – Arnovitz

“Zion not having the invite? This is the future of the league. You want to get these guys in the system right now” – Pierce

“USA Basketball is going older. I would have it be a younger developing system rather than just a place for older players to sort of come back to. This just doesn’t make a lot sense” – Yates

“We always talk about team identity in the NBA. What is Team USA’s identity? Is it a rising stars roster?” – Arnovitz

“I might have scarified the older guys for the younger guys” – Elhassan

Distant Replay 2
OTD in 2012 – Dwyane Wade putting the ball behind his back and driving in the lane to finish the the tough 360 layup on the Wizards!


Crunchtime (New)

KD Watch
Good call for KD to keep his burner social media accounts?

New Heat
Expectations for Andre Iguodala and Jae Crowder on Heat?

Supersize Me?
Think Cavs supersized lineup is there to stay?

In the Zone
More impressive this season: Thunder or Grizzlies?


“It’s astounding. I love the Grizzlies this season” – Arnovitz

“Memphis Grizzlies. I thought this team was going to improve a lot” – Yates

“I’m flabbergasted that Memphis is this good. The leap they have made is insane” – Elhassan

League Pass
Wolves at Raptors (Wolves hit NBA season high 26 3s on Saturday)

Will new-look Wolves snap Raptors 14-game win streak?

“No” – Arnovitz

“No” – Yates

“It’s not going to happen. Raptors are playing the best basketball in the league” – Elhassan

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