Show Recap: January 2, 2020 (Amin Elhassan Hosts; Remembering David Stern)

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Main Panel:


Guest (Second Half Only):

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The Undefeated’s Clinton Yates

First Half


Legacy of David Stern?



The NBA world mourning the loss of David Stern:

Distant Replay 2
OTD in 2003 – Rookie, Amar’e Stoudemire with the nasty one-handed poster dunk on Brian Skinner (Sixers)!


Make or Miss League (Giannis Antetokounmpo)

Make (Sharing)
Seen improvement from Fultz as a point guard?
Recorded 8 assists in 22 minutes vs the Wizards


Miss (Respect).JPG
Should Jarrett Culver show more respect to elders?

Make (Box Scores).JPG
Mitchell Robinson: 11-11 FG vs Blazers (leads NBA in FG%)
Tied the Knicks record for most makes without a miss

Miss (Dunk Contest).JPG
Should we put more pressure on Oubre to enter dunk contest?

Sunday night vs the Lakers:


2 weeks ago when he appeared on The Jump:

“I’m more of an in-game dunker. I like dunking on people. I’m good on the dunk contest” – Oubre Jr.

“I’ll take his game dunks all day” – Barnes

“He’s expanding his game” – McMenamin

Make (Collaboration).JPG
Why does this keep happening to Aron Baynes?


Baynes also had an altercation with Matt Barnes back in 2015:

“He wasn’t going to out tough me” – Barnes


Run it Back

Memorable dunks on Baynes.JPG

2015 playoffs – Blake Griffin

2018 playoffs – Giannis Antetokounmpo3l28l0.gif

2018 playoffs – Joel Embiid

Encouraged or discouraged by Lakers vs the Suns?
They were up by as many as 36 points vs the Suns (who got it as close as 7 points late in the 4th quarter), but only won by 10

“Pretty discouraged. Discouraged by Frank Vogel’s rotation. He ran LeBron and AD long minutes in the 3rd quarter, hoping to rest them the entire 4th quarter. His bench unit had already given confidence some confidence to the Phoenix starters, they couldn’t keep it going, and then they had to bring back LeBron & AD. That was shortsighted by Frank” – McMenamin

“It happens. They let their foot off the gas. That second unit needs a little bit of help. But I’m not discouraged at all. These are the dog days of the season” – Barnes

Follow-up question from Amin:

Jump Recommends.JPGDavid Stern was a complete force of nature by Adrian Wojnarowski

Second Half

Remembering David Stern discussion (Cont’d):

Zion: “If it was up to me, I would have been out there 2 weeks ago”

Zion’s NBA debut imminent?

“No. Sometimes as athletes, we have to be protected from ourselves. This is probably one of the most anticipated debuts in how long? I’m glad that the [Pelicans] staff is taking their time with this. There’s definitely no rush” – Barnes

“I’m just really glad that they were smart enough to tell him that he can’t until they want him to” – Yates

“When he does play, they don’t have to worry about him chasing wins. You can just manage his minutes to have him in a context of an NBA game get better, get his body right and if you got to pull him, you don’t have to worry about him trying to win a game for the playoff race” – McMenamin

“What I’m hearing is that he’s physically feeling good, but they need to address the issues that he had before” – Elhassan

Better fit for Darren Collison: Lakers or Clippers?
Considering a return to the NBA to play for either the Lakers or Clippers (Per Woj)



Think Sixers lack accountability?
Lost to the Pacers by 18 points on New Year’s Eve

Credit: Keith Pompey/Philadelphia Inquirer


“This says to me that they all miss Jimmy Butler Philadelphia. Accountability is what Jimmy G Buckets brought to the table when it came to dealing with young players, how veterans were approaching the game, that was his core strength as the guy in your locker room” – Yates

“To me, tone-setter and Jimmy Butler was that guy. At practice, Embiid said, ‘We need to be comfortable outside our comfort zone, including sometimes if there’s space on the floor, we need to be comfortable shooting it'” – McMenamin

“It’s leadership. It’s what the question mark on this team has always been. They don’t have a leader. What Josh said is on point, but say it to your team” – Barnes

Crunchtime (New)

Zach LaVine on playoffs: “I think we should be right in that hunt”
Bulls are 2 games out of 8th place in the East

Go Spurs Go!
Were we too quick to bury the Spurs?

Knicks 3-game win streak a ray of hope?
They are 6-6 under interim head coach, Mike Miller

Bigger threat in East: Heat or Raptors?


McMenamin: Heat
“The defensive identity for this Heat team when they really go after teams is a little bit stronger”

Barnes: Heat
“Their young core is very talented, they have one of the best leaders in the game [in Jimmy Butler] and they play hard. They’re going to be a tough out”

“The cool thing about these two teams: They’ve both had dealt with injuries and kept winning even so” – Elhassan

League PassNuggets at Pacers

Are we paying enough attention to Nuggets?


At the Buzzer (New)
NBA All-Star first fan returns


Surprised that Luka is the leading vote getter?

“Shoutout David Stern. This was his vision: Globalizing the game. Not surprised at all [that Luka is the leading vote getter]. He’s taking the league by storm” – Barnes

“He’s a ton of fun to watch. It’s an international voting process, it isn’t just domestic votes” – McMenamin