Show Recap: December 2, 2019

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Opening Tip (New)
Greatest baby race ever?


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First Half

Monologue: Luka giving us a glimpse of a LeBron-modeled game

Mavericks win over Lakers change outlook on season?


AD: No Lakers 2-game losing streaks

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“I think it’s realistic. What I like about it is it sort of counters the previous LeBron teams in Cleveland. There’s been this sense that, ‘Pay no attention to what you see in the first six months of the year because it is not an indication of who we are.’ What this says is, ‘We have a commitment to defense every single night.'” – Arnovitz

“What they learned (from their loss to the Mavs) is that it has to be defense 24/7” – Ogwumike

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 1995 – Scottie Pippen with the monster one-handed slam on the Clippers!


Make or Miss League (Giannis Antetokounmpo)

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What NBA dunk does this remind you of?


Ogwumike: Baron Davis


Arnovitz: Vince on Zo


Miss (Control)
More impressive (lucky?)

Willie Cauley-Stein:




Arnovitz: Markelle | Ogwumike: Markelle

Make (Recognition)
How much do you miss Dirk?

“As a league, we miss Dirk” – Nichols

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Does Kawhi have magnets in his hands?


“The finest in robotics if there was ever evidence that he is a cyborg” – Arnovitz

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Should Rudy stick to punching cups?



Moving on…

Doc: Kawhi and PG haven’t practiced as teammates

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Credit: Ohm Youngmisuk/ESPN
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Credit: Ohm Youngmisuk/ESPN

“The fact that they haven’t even practiced together and they’re feeling comfortable to get their rhythm in game, that just shows you the potential. There’s no real urgency to practice them because health is the No. 1 priority for them. They’ll figure it along the way” – Ogwumike

“The Clippers are the most balanced team, a top team offensively, a top team defensively” – Ogwumike

“In terms of cultivating the chemistry, you’re going to see more on the defensive end. And in terms of getting those guys reps together whether it’s in practice or particularly in live games, it is very much about, ‘what is going to be our collective philosophy as a defensive team?'” – Arnovitz

Second Half

Should Rockets have let Harden chase 80?
Had 60 point through three quarters vs the Hawks on Saturday night

Harden on his big night (Via AT&T Sportsnet Southwest):

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“There’s no right answer because if you say you should take him out, then you’re a kill joy. If you say you’re keeping him in, now you’re just stat-padding and ball hogging. There is something special about that as where the NBA sort of makes its magic” – Arnovitz

“It’s fun for me if he goes for 80. As a fan, I understand there are more responsible people than me in the Rockets organization” – Nichols

Kanter on James Dolan: “I feel like people blame on him, and people are wrong”

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Credit: Mike Vorkunov/The Athletic
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Credit: Howard Beck/Bleacher Report

“We talk about accountability in sports and ownership is the ultimate account. That is where the buck stops. Ownership is the biggest determinant of franchise success. And this is a franchise that has been an abject failure generation in, generation out in the last 20 years. That’s the constant” – Arnovitz

“He’s getting a little bit of love here” – Ogwumike


Jump Recommends.JPGLeBron’s “Revenge Szn” Pandora playlist

SNE (New)

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“The Blazers needed someone that could give them 20-point games. He’s a (walking) bucket. It was just the stigma of Melo and just what he brings to the table”

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“They needed something, especially in the frontcourt. Is it a long-term solution? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s certainly a short-term solution”

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“This is quietly the best story of the NBA season”

Chiney (SNE Topic 2) - Something.JPG
“They know how to develop talent and harvest talent. This is who they are”

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“This is a team that needs to build confidence because of that (getting to the conference finals last year). And Giannis is still getting better”

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“They’re getting so much production from so many different names and they have a well-balanced roster”

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2009 – Trevor Ariza with the poster dunk on Chris Kaman!


Should Dinwiddie’s role change when Kyrie returns?
Nets have won 6 of their last 9 games without Kyrie
Averaging 25ppg during the run

“If I’m the Brooklyn Nets, I want either Kyrie or Spencer on the floor at all times. Spencer deserves to start, but I want to stagger his minutes so that he is on the floor when Kyrie isn’t” – Arnovitz

“I don’t think you can disrespect Dinwiddie anymore. A lot of times, you overlook him or that he plays off the bench. Maybe he needs to be a starter. Every year, he gets better and better” – Ogwumike

League PassHow will Giannis treat Knicks?
Eastern Conference Player of the week

“He has been in one of those moods, in one of those grooves that he’s treating everybody like the Knicks right now. He’s just a one man wrecking crew. He’s going to get his buckets. He’s playing his best basketball” – Ogwumike

“He will treat the Knicks the way James Dolan treats Charles Oakley” – Arnovitz