Show Recap: December 16, 2019

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Opening Tip (New)
Ever see a fake teammate block before?


“My big sis probably does this to me all the time” – Ogwumike



First Half

Rachel’s one-on-one conversation with LeBron James on Saturday night in Columbus, Ohio

Expectations different for 2nd-generation basketball players?

ImageOther notable father and son duos:

The Bryants:
Father: Joe “Jellybean” | Son: Kobe

The Roses:
Father: Jimmy Walker | Son: Jalen Rose

The Currys:
Father: Dell | Sons: Stephen & Seth


Distant Replay 2
OTD in 2007 – Corey Maggette knocking down the half court hook shot at the buzzer to end the quarter!


Make or Miss League (Steve Kerr)

Make (Homages)
Jamal Murray showing shades of T-Mac here?

Saturday night vs the Thunder:



Miss (Humilty).JPG
Swaggy P’s son already following in father’s footsteps?


“Absolutely! Big facts!” – Ogwumike

Make (Rock Bottom).JPG
Which team is lower right now?





“They’re competing each other” – Ogwumike

“It’s an issue of intention” – Arnovitz

Miss (Belief).JPG
Did Spencer Dinwiddie’s teammates know he could do this?


Sixers capable of winning without Embiid?


“Theoretically, Philadelphia should be a team pretty well-equipped. I don’t think they could achieve their potential without Embiid, but their offense has been a little congested. They’re going to have to get shooting” – Arnovitz

“This underscores the value of Joel Embiid. Were realizing when he’s not there, they need him, not just offensively, but defensively. I feel like we need to take the pressure off him because I think he realizes he needs to be that guy they need in the playoffs” – Ogwumike

Second Half

Smart for LeBron to try and play as much as possible?
Played his 27th straight game Sunday night

LeBron’s desire to play every game he can (Via Spectrum Sportsnet):


“If they’re able to, they should be able to. For him, it’s now or never. This is the chance you have to win a championship” – Ogwumike

“I’m gonna watch for March. I suspect that come late March, we will see a little less LeBron” – Arnovitz

“I have not seen him play this level of defense and this hard in the last 4 seasons. He hasn’t played like this since Miami” – Nichols

“All athletes know: We sort of model our strength and conditioning exercises at LeBron” – Ogwumike

How does Luka’s injury affect Mavs season outlook?
May return to action in two weeks, per Tim MacMahon


“It’s going to be rough. They are the No. 1 offensive team and they’re not going to be the No. 1 offensive team without Luka Doncic. Where they have to compensate is where they have been average. And that’s defensively. You’re also going to be playing JJ Barea a lot more. They’re going to have to tread water” – Arnovitz

“This could be a blessing in disguise because Kristaps Porzingis sort of needs to find his alpha again. This might be the opportunity for him to find his game. This will be an opportunity for him to get his touches” – Ogwumike

Jump Recommends.JPGHow real plus-minus can reveal hidden stars by Kevin Pelton

Tatum’s impact on Celtics underrated?

What is Real Plus-Minus? It’s one of those all encompassing player performance metrics

Credit: Kevin Pelton/ESPN

“He’s so much more intuitive this year. There’s better decision making, he’s got a feel and also defensively. One of the things that RPM does is it does help us quantify defense. He’s really more aggressive” – Arnovitz

“He has let the game come to him. He’s picking his points and spots. I really like Kemba Walker. He’s a good complement to Jayson Tatum, offensively. He knows when to get him the ball. Offensively, I like the Kemba/Jayson combo and I like the defensively Jaylen/Jayson combo” – Ogwumike

Should Thunder buy or sell this season?
More than 90% of the players in the league are now trade eligible

ImagePer Woj: He does not expect CP to be moved by OKC this season

“I’m in rebuild. In the time being, everyone else, you can sort of see what the value is there and to try to get young players. Chris Paul, even if he’s a guy that remains, it’s not bad. He can help mold the young guys until you can put him in a position where he’s better off” – Ogwumike

“OKC has this challenge: They have too many competent basketball players to outright tank and they’re probably not good enough to contend. It’s going to be situational for them Danilo Gallnari is a guy that you can move (Not Adams or Paul)” – Arnovitz

Distant Replay 2
OTD in 2012 – Damian Lillard stepping back and hitting the game winning bucket from behind the arc to beat the New Orleans Hornets!


Crunchtime (New)

Markelle Fultz
Redick: Fultz “In a good place both mentally and physically” – rather have Fultz or Lonzo right now? (Per Josh Robbins/The Athletic)

Expect to see more techs/delay-of-games for untucked shirts?

Dion Waiters’ off day
Dion Waiters suspended after sick-day shenanigans

Bucks 18-game win streak flying under the radar?


“It is just by nature of how successful they were last year. This is a team that is actually preparing for the playoffs as they play each and every game. They have a tremendous sense of urgency this season” – Ogwumike

“I think the attention has largely focused on Giannis. He’s the MVP and he’s putting up better numbers than he did last season”

“The performance caught up to the potential. It’s a complement to them. No one is under the impression other than this is the best regular season team in basketball” – Arnovitz

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