Show Recap: November 14, 2019

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Opening Tip (New)
Did Robert Covington really eat a waffle on the bench?

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“The trainer gave him that waffle. It’s like eating a Gatorade bar to give him a little energy. It’s a healthy snack” – Perkins


First Half Only:

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Second Half Only:

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First Half

Monologue: James Harden’s monster night evokes “clutch city” origins

Rockets defense showing signs of improvement?


“I’m leaning that way. I’m not sold all the way. Sometimes, they don’t look engaged. It showed me that James Harden is the best scorer in the NBA. Period. It’s not even a debate” – Perkins

“The thing I’m looking at: Can they keep defending the three pointer and sustain that? If they can do that, then I start really believing that you could play good defense and they got to do a better job of stopping opponents points in the paint” – MacMullan

Kawhi out vs Pelicans for “left knee injury management”
Hasn’t played a back-to-back since April 2017

“To me, it’s semantics. He’s got a knee patella tendon problem and he needs to be rested throughout the year” – MacMullan

“Were putting these reports out for the fans and the gamblers. We want them to be happy. I’m glad that the Clippers handled it this way” – Perkins

Expectations for PG-13’s debut vs Pelicans?

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes into this game and has between 15-20 points and have a serious impact” – Perkins

“If I’m Doc Rivers, I’ve got him on a minutes restriction” – MacMullan

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2008 – Pau Gasol with the lob pass to Kobe Bryant who finishes it with the one-handed jam on the Pistons!


Make or Miss League (Jusuf Nurkic)

Make (Extension).JPG
Did Ben Simmons know what the first Distant Replay was?


Miss (Bunnies).JPG
You OK, PJ?


Make (Wedgies).JPG
Did you have the same reaction as AD?


Miss (Entertainment).JPG
What level of rich is this guy?

Fan sleeping.JPG

“That fan is load managing” – Nichols

Make (Finishes).JPG
Does JA have any nicknames yet?


“‘That dude’ because he’s like that” – Perkins

Moving on…

Celtics offensive prowess sustainable without Hayward?
Scored 140 points vs the Wizards


“The winning might be sustainable, I don’t know about being No. 1 in the league in offense with Hayward out” – MacMullan

“I do. You got to give much credit to Brad Stevens because he’s able to coach. This shows the world how good of a coach Brad Stevens is. They could finish No. 1 in being the best offensive team in the league because they’re sharing the ball, they love playing with one another and it’s beautiful to watch” – Perkins

Jump Recommends.JPGHow the Knicks got into this mess by Brian Windhorst

Second Half

More pressure to win: Knicks or Porzingis?

“Knicks could be in for a real, real bad month here” – Windhorst

“I think the Porzingis trade was a good trade. But the fact that they haven’t stuck to their plan which was to develop young players and go through the draft, they got sucked into free agency, they fell into that trap and now they’re stuck” – Windhorst

“The reason why the pressure is not on the Knicks: They’re not going no where. The pressure is on KP. He’s been horrible and not living up to expectations” – Perkins

“I don’t think that they’re this bad of a team. I do think that they are better than they are showing. That said, I don’t think they’re a playoff team. They are not as good as what they thought” – Windhorst

Has Andrew Wiggins figured it out?


“I hope he has. One of the big knocks on him: He’s a physical freak. But it never showed up in the results. Now, for this little stretch in time, it is showing up. He’s having a career year. There are all kinds of signs that he is coming out of the shell” – Windhorst

Flashback to last month:

The debut of…


Perk, what’s your temp on the Timberwolves?

BS or Real Talk (New)

Westbrook on Bev: “He don’t guard nobody man”
When Harden was guarded by Beverley, he was 0-6

BS or Real Talk (Westbrook and Beverley).JPG

“The man defends” – Windhorst

“This is how Pat Bev makes his name. This is how he’s surviving in the NBA” – Perkins

Lillard: “We always find a way to turn it around”

Credit: Jason Quick/The Athletic

BS or Real Talk (Dame on Blazers struggles).JPG

“This is one of those things that’s accurate, but not true. They have turned it around. But he’s not saying about this particular time. Blazers have done this before” – Windhorst

“He could turn it around, but they’re not going to turn it around. This is not the same team from last year” – Perkins

Kerr on LeBron: “Probably the best athlete to ever walk this planet”

BS or Real Talk (Kerr on LBJ).JPG

“I agree with him. Will never see an athlete like this ever again” – Perkins

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 1995 – Gary Payton (Seattle Sonics) with the two-handed lob pass to Shawn Kemp, aka “Reign Man”!


Explanation for Pascal Siakam’s growth this season?
Scored 36 points vs the Blazers


“The sky’s the limit for this kid. He might be in the MVP conversation. He just keeps improving. I want to credit Phil Handy (former Raptors assistant coach) that used to work with Siakam” – Perkins

“Nobody expected him to be this much better. He hasn’t played basketball that long. He’s surpassed even my expectations” – Windhorst

League PassHawks at Suns
More likely to make playoffs: Hawks or Suns?


“Hawks because they’re in the East. In the future, Booker vs Young is not going to be  a league pass game. It’s going to be a national TV game” – Windhorst

“I think both get in” – Perkins

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