Show Recap: November 1, 2019

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Opening Tip (New)
Better costume: JJ Redick or Mike Scott?

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He Got Game.JPG

“He Got Game. That’s a classic” – Pierce


Guest (Second Half Only):

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LA Rams RB and three-time Pro Bowler, Todd Gurley

First Half

Monologue: The West isn’t exactly what we thought it would be

What’s the missing ingredient for Nuggets?

“The leadership. Who’s the leader and on voice that team?” – Pierce

“They need another star. Somebody has to help Jokic on the floor” – Friedell

“The Nuggets have the depth, but they’re not sneaking up on anybody. Porter Jr. has star potential, eventually. The improvement from them has to come from within” – Pierce

Who’s the second-best team in West?


“Lakers. They still got a lot more upside. AD has been great. He has been dominant” – Pierce

“Jazz. They have the pieces to push pass everybody else, but no one is beating the Clippers if they are healthy” – Friedell

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 1996 – Shaq blocks Rex Chapman’s floater off the glass so hard that the cameras went out!


Make or Miss League (Jrue Holiday).JPG

Make (Twirling).JPG
Was Cam Reddish a ballerina for Halloween?


Reddish as a ballerina.JPG

“That was ugly” – Friedell

Miss (Safety).JPG
Should they make Zion watch from locker room?


Make (Turnovers).JPG
Josh Hart taking rookie hazing too far?


Miss (Defying Gravity).JPG
How should this be scored in the box score?



“That’s nice though if you can do that” – Pierce

Make (Halloween Spirit).JPG
Favorite costume of all-time, Paul?

Pierce as Buzz Lightyear.JPG
“Buzz Lightyear” – Pierce

Moving on…

Joel Embiid, KAT suspended 2 games each for altercation | Agree with suspensions for Embiid & KAT?

“Ben Simmons should have gotten suspended too” – Pierce

“I’m fine with the suspensions as they were” – Nichols

“The bigger question for me moving forward: What kind of impact does this have on KAT and what he says?” – Friedell

It’s back!

Better Call Paul.JPG

Paul, how are you feeling about Celtics right now?

“I’m feeling good about them. They could be a threat if Tatum steps up” – Pierce

Second Half

What makes you such a big fan of Call of Duty?

“I’ve always been passionate about it. It’s fun” – Gurley

Kuz challenges Gurley in Call of Duty!

“Talk is cheap. You know my handle” – Gurley

Like Rams chances to get back to the Super Bowl?

“It’s all about at the end of the season. You got to keep pulling away. Will definitely get it together” – Gurley

Relationship with current NBA players?

“I’m a Clippers guy. Montrezl Harrell is my guy” – Gurley

Current NBA Finals prediction?

“Clippers as of right now. Still early” – Gurley

Jump Recommends.JPGZach Lowe’s 10 things I like and don’t like column returns!

Steph Curry undergoes surgery to hand, out at least 3 months


Jump Ball

More likely to drop 40: Harden or Kyrie?
The O/U is 243 and 1/2 in this game according to Caesar’s sportsbook; the highest for any NBA game this season

Pierce: Harden
“Go place your bets. He’ll have at least 45”

Friedell: Harden

Better bet: Rockets (-4.5) or Nets?

Friedell: Rockets

Pierce: Rockets

More likely to drop a triple-double: LeBron or Luka?

Pierce: LeBron

Friedell: LeBron
“When he decides to dominate, nobody is stopping him”

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2002 – Vince Carter dunking on future Spurs assistant coach, Tim Duncan!


Crunchtime (New)

MPJ debut
Think Michael Porter Jr. can stay in Nuggets rotation?
15 points in 21 minutes vs the Pelicans

Getting shots up
Kawhi attempts career-high 32 FG in win over Spurs

Cozy Life
Coach Pop: “I just wish we were in sweatsuits”

Growing up
Biggest reason for Ingram’s improvement this year?
Had 25 points in a Pelicans win

League PassJazz at Kings

Speaking of the Kings, it’s the latest edition of:

As the Kings Turn.JPG

What needs to change for Kings to get a win?

“Reset the roster” – Friedell

“I don’t know what’s going on. They’re missing some guys” – Pierce

At the Buzzer (New)
Paul, remember when you hit this ref by accident?


“I didn’t even see him” – Pierce

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