Show Recap: November 27, 2019 (30-minute show; Richard Jefferson Hosts!)

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Opening Tip (New)
Is Kawhi telling jokes now?


“That guy’s got a great sense of humor. With a laugh like that, he’s funny” – Pippen

“The funniest guys are the quiet guys” – Elhassan


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Monologue: Rich: Sorry to the Knicks (But not to their fans)

Surprised by Nets success in Kyrie’s absence?

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“This doesn’t surprise me to see that they’re able to win games without Kyrie because they sort of formed this mentality and this chemistry last season and we’re just seeing them pick up. Early in the season, this Nets team is ready to compete with anybody” – Pippen

“The Nets schedule has been exceptionally soft. We can’t trick ourselves into thinking that this is animatic (their season has turned around)” – Elhassan

“Had Spencer Dinwiddie not stepped up to this elite level, they might not be 5-1” – Jefferson

Expectations for AD’s return to New Orleans?
ESPN’s Dave McMenamin reported that AD spoke to LeBron about his return to Cleveland in 2010 to get an idea of what it might be like for him in his return to New Orleans. Davis expects to hear boos every time he touches the ball

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“I expect the New Orleans fans to be very classy. He went out the right way. He left it all out on the floor” – Pippen

“They should give him a standing ovation” – Elhassan

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 1999 – Kevin Garnett driving to the basket for the one-handed poster dunk!


Make or Miss League (Dame New Graphic)

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Rich, what’s it like catching a pass like this?



“I caught it every now and then” – Jefferson

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Are we still sleeping on Nuggets?

“I picked them to win [the championship]” – Elhassan

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“It’s harder than it looks” – Brandon Knight (Probably)



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Excited to see Oladipo dunking again?

Via Featheryray/IG:


“I’m excited. I’m happy that they’re [The Pacers] taking their time getting him back, but I’ll be happy when this guy gets back on the court. The Pacers are going to make some noise in the East” – Pippen

“I think they’re going to be really well-prepared when he comes back. He’s such a great leader and offensive threat” – Elhassan

Moving on…

Give Luka a pass for dodging reporters after loss to Clippers?
Mavs 5-game win streak was snapped, as they lost at home by 15 points; Doncic was 0-8 from three and had 7 TOs

“I got to give him a pass. He’s young, he dealt with them night in and night out” – Pippen

“How can you give him a pass? He’s going to play in far greater situations than this. If you’re going to avoid the media in game 20, what happens when you’re in the playoffs? This is a learning opportunity” – Jefferson

“As a superstar, that’s the mantle you have to claim. You are the star and the leader. You have to answer to those things, even when it’s uncomfortable and you didn’t have a good night” – Elhassan

Clippers won 6 straight (4-0 with Kawhi & PG) | When will Clippers lose next?

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“The game at Milwaukee” – Elhassan

“I expect the Trail Blazers to give them a problem” – Pippen

James Harden getting an early jump on Thanksgiving:

Reaction to Kyrie missing game vs Celtics?

“I kind of told y’all so. If the Nets were better, I think he’d be there” – Elhassan

“I’m not surprised. I like to think that there’s an injury or something that’s keeping him from not playing. I don’t see running from competition” – Pippen

League Pass

Hawks at Bucks
What changes with Khris Middleton returning for Bucks?

“They just got better. They just added an All-Star” – Pippen

“With him coming back, those guys (Donte DiVincenzo and Sterling Brown) are now available and gives them a lot more depth” – Elhassan