Show Recap: October 30, 2019

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Year 17 and guys still haven’t learned?




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First Half

Monologue: Jimmy Butler begins anew in Miami

How does Jimmy Butler fit in Miami?

“He fits in great. The Heat are looking for an alpha. When you go there, you know that this is not about me, this is about me coming in and fitting in” – Jefferson

“In terms of personality, they’re fitting around him. He got to be the guy in Miami. The team has made it clear that this is all about Jimmy Butler this year” – McMenamin

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2001 – T-Mac soaring through the air for the posterization dunk on the Raptors!


Make or Miss League (Steve Kerr).JPG

Miss (Hands).JPG
Will this help NBA gain more futbol fans?


Make (Creativity).JPG
Does this get you excited for Game 7 of the World Series?

Miss (Clarity).JPG
More impressive impersonation: LeBron or AD?

AD lookalike.JPG

Jefferson: LeBron impersonation

Make (Emphasis).JPG
Did everyone in Miami eat their wheaties?

Moving on…

What did you learn about Mavs in their win vs the Nuggets?


“I didn’t think they were ready to make that jump yet. That depth, I don’t know if it’s going to be continued” – Jefferson

“I’d give them the heads up [to make the playoffs]” – McMenamin

“Warriors will make the playoffs, not the Mavs” – Jefferson

“If KP is healthy the entire season, I think they’re a playoff team” – Nichols

Where has Michael Porter Jr. been?
He is healthy, but out of the rotation, per ESPN’s Tim MacMahon

“Mike Malone wants to go with what’s working” – McMenamin

“We just have to believe he shouldn’t be in the rotation. That’s something I’ll give the Denver Nuggets credit” – Jefferson

Second Half

AD starting his MVP campaign early?
40 points, 20 rebounds through 3 quarters vs the Grizzlies


“No. Because him and Bron will split votes. AD is going to get a lot more votes. But with LeBron on his side, that could stop him from winning an MVP” – Jefferson

“It was a big step for him in his career [vs the Grizzlies] because he is acutely aware of his reputation of being injury prone. He fought through a shoulder tightness, he went out and had a great game” – McMenamin

“AD is the best teammate LeBron has ever played with” – Jefferson

What changes for Lakers when Kuzma returns?

“He’s going to get a ton of open shots” – Jefferson

“He’s got to be tenacious on the defensive side” – Nichols

“You might see him being the primary playmaker with the second unit and then being a part of the closing unit” – McMenamin

Can Hawks stay afloat while Trae Young recovers?


“No. I don’t trust them because they haven’t shown me anything. Everything that they do is built around him” – Jefferson

“Lloyd Pierce gets those guys to play harder” – McMenamin

Jump Recommends.JPGTeams already looking to fill roster holes by Brian Windhorst

Jayson Tatum ready to take the leap?

“I think he will continue to make leaps not only this year, but in the years to come. This could be a gradual process” – Jefferson

“It’s just a level of success, what do we expect? If he’s a 20 and 9 type of player, if that’s his ceiling, that’s okay. But the excuses are gone” – McMenamin

Too early for Clippers to load manage Kawhi?

“We can’t say it’s too early. They’re trying to play for June. I’d rather see him be at his best in a playoff game where all the stakes matter vs risk something at this stage of the season” – McMenamin

“If you’re letting the NBA know ahead of time, that’s a much easier process. This is probably the best bet” – Jefferson

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2001 – Peja Stojakovic with the insane full-court behind-the-back pass to Bobby Jackson!


Crunchtime (New)

Slow Start
Concerned about Mike Conley’s early struggles?
Shooting 20% from the field through 4 games. That is the worst in the league amongst players with multiple starts

Help on the way
Willie Cauley-Stein makes Warriors debut vs Suns

Smart for KAT to downplay Embiid matchup?

“That’s what it talks about being a professional. He is putting the team above himself. He’s not worried about an individual matchup. That’s a step towards being a leader” – Jefferson

“He won’t be able to out trash talk, out antic him. KAT should just go out there and do his job and Joel Embiid will leave you alone” – McMenamin

League Pass
Blazers at Thunder
This the year CJ McCollum becomes an All-Star?

“No. They won’t win enough games. Dame is a better player” -McMenamin

“I hope it is because he is one of the best two guards in the league” – Jefferson

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