Show Recap: October 31, 2019 (Halloween Edition)

Jump Pumpkin


Panel (10-31)

Nick Friedell (Warriors segment only):

Panel (10-31) 2

First Half

Monologue: KAT fight! (Co-starring Joel Embiid)

Ramifications of Embiid-Kat Brouhaha?
Next matchup between these two teams March 24 in Minnesota!

“There’s going to be fines, there’s going to be suspensions. Welcome back, NBA!” – Jefferson

“It was mostly wrestling over fighting. In this case, it came off a little contrived” – McMenamin

“I like it when it spills over into the court, not on social media” – Jefferson

“The most entertaining thing for me is seeing Embiid play basketball. When you do something like this, that takes away from what the actual product is: The best basketball players in the world” – McMenamin

“This came from a legit buildup of years. It’s been going on since 2016” – Nichols

“Embiid was trying to avoid a situation like this. But the main thing is the main thing” – Jefferson

UPDATE: After the show ended, it was announced that Embiid and Towns were suspended for 2 games each.

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 1997 – Stephon Marbury with the houdini like moves vs the Warriors!


Make or Miss League (CJ McCollum)

But since it’s a Halloween show…
Trick or Treat

Treat (Halloween)
Best costume on Wednesday night?

Kevin Love:

Kevin Love

Brook Lopez:

Brook Lopez

Trick (Everything)
Did someone open a window in TD Garden?


“This is a big deal because it’s becoming a mental thing” – Jefferson

Trick (Steps)
Where does Capela rank on the all-time egregious no-call travel list?


“That’s the greatest travel in the history of basketball!” – Jefferson

Treat (Layups)
Most surprising slam?




McMenamin & Jefferson: Sexton

Treat (Improvement)
Most impressive thing Siakam did vs the Pistons?

Moving on…

Bigger deal: Rockets win or allowing 158 points?
317 pts combined between the Rockets and Wizards (with no OT!)

“Rockets win. If you put up that many points in a regulation game, that means the offense is clicking early on” – McMenamin

“158 points. Rockets are not going to do much. If you don’t have a top 10 defense, you’re not going to win. We just need to see more defense from the Rockets. If you want to win a championship, they can’t be giving up that many points and win the game” – Jefferson

Second Half

Steph Curry breaks left hand | Time for Warriors to embrace the tank?
Suns Center, Aron Baynes said after the game that it was an accident and was apologetic


“Completely shell-shocked [last night]. It was like being in that locker room a couple of months ago in Toronto when Kevin Durant tore his Achilles in Game 5. The Warriors are never going to fully embrace the tank. Joe Lacob [Warriors owner] does not believe in just giving up on anything” – Friedell

“This could be a Spurs situation [from 96-97] where David Robinson gets hurt and they get a high draft pick and end up drafting Tim Duncan. Maybe this happens to a loaded Warriors team that has Steph and Klay coming back next year from injuries” – Nichols

“They are going to tank because they are not very good. The rebuilding year started once that first ball was tossed up. There’s going to be a lot of focus on Draymond now. A lot of focus on the type of leader he is, how he is going to play and performance” – Jefferson

“They’re not a good team. The roster is what it is” – Friedell

KD admits Draymond argument influenced decision to leave Golden State

Via First Take:

“I’m not surprised by this. This just goes to show just how deep and strong of a cloud  there was hanging over this team all year. That was the issue all along. Before this incident, there were a ton of people in the organization that thought he was gone” – Friedell

“This is an opportunity for Draymond to now go and lead” – Jefferson

“It was the issue internally in the locker room that would not go away, even though they tried to push it away because the media and fans kept bringing it up” – Friedell

Jump Recommends.JPGIs Warriors season already over by Kevin Pelton (E+)

Kyrie: “I don’t have to be perfect for anyone”


Kenny Atkinson on Nets offense: “We’re not really running anything”

Via YES Network:

What’s Kenny Atkinson trying to say about Nets offense?

“We have to continue playing together. They don’t have a real backup PG. They have guys playing out of position. It starts to become a little my turn, your turn. They are missing some things internally” – Jefferson

“The way he said that, he left it open for interpretation for us to say, he must be talking about Kyrie” – McMenamin

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2008 – Rudy Gay with the game winning jumper at the buzzer vs the Magic!


League Pass
Spurs at Clippers
Expectations for Kawhi vs Spurs?

“Kawhi sees an opponent in another jersey that’s in a different color than his and he goes out there to play basketball. He’s moved on from the Spurs” – Jefferson

“I don’t think he needs any revenge. On the Spurs side, this is another chance for them to prove to have a good showing against the Clippers and that they’re a playoff team in the West” – Nichols

At the Buzzer (New)
Steph Curry shares photo of broken hand


“How long should he take: 2020-2021. They’re going to struggle, they have struggled” – Jefferson

“They’ll get a long hard look at D’Angelo Russell” – McMenamin