Show Recap: September 27, 2019 (From Lakers Media Day)

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UCLA Health Training Center

Main Panel:

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First Half


How is your foot injury progressing?

“It definitely sucks just because of how big this season is for us. But at the same time, health is wealth. I’m ahead of schedule” – Kuzma

How is team handling championship expectations so far?

“The main thing is getting to the playoffs. You can’t talk championships until that first step is complete” – Kuzma

“For us, the main goal is to have the most successful season. Our biggest rival is ourselves” – Kuzma

Regret missing out on Team USA?

“That was kind of a blow to me. Playing USA [basketball] was one of my dreams growing up as a kid. Worked out a little bit too much this summer. There’s always next year. If I had that chance, 100 percent I’d do it” – Kuzma


Why did you choose Lakers in free agency?

“I think it was a pretty easy decision. After knowing that we couldn’t bring back the same team in Toronto and knowing there wasn’t a lot of space there, cap wise, LA was the No. 1 option. The players they had on the roster we’re pretty damn good” – Green

RJ’s question for Danny:

What would it mean to win a title on 3 different teams?


“That would be amazing. Just winning anywhere, doesn’t matter. Winning a championship is a special thing to do and it’s very hard. I was spoiled earlier in San Antonio. If we stay healthy and we come together as a group chemistry wise, I think the only people that can beat us is ourselves” – Green

Will you & LeBron bring back all the dance moves like the Cavs days?


“The way my knees and legs are set up, I’ve gotten older and so has Bron. My dances are very rusty. I’m going to use that energy to stay on the court” – Green

Kyrie Irving:

Think Celtics fans will take it easy on Kyrie now?

“We’re talking about Boston fans and I don’t mean that in a negative way. They are, ‘What have you done for me lately?’ community” – Jefferson

“Boston fans are ready to move on” – Lowe

BS or Real Talk

Kyrie says he’ll protect KD from pressures of rushing back

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“I believe that he believes it. His intentions are good. He’s honestly concerned about the well-being of players and how these health decisions are made and thinks that maybe this one backfired” – Lowe

“He’s felt that pressure from his teammates. He’s been in that position” – Jefferson

KD was asked about Kyrie’s quote:

Russ says he doesn’t have anything to prove individually

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“He’s done it all. I’m going to believe him until I see something different. Russ needs to be on the ball for the first three quarters He’s a such a great assist man” – Jefferson

“He has to prove that he can play off the ball. James Harden is going to have the ball a lot more than Russell and he should because he’s better with it” – Lowe

Second Half


Reaction to getting drug tested after photoshop?


Caruso bodybuilder.JPG

Caruso bodybuilder 2.JPG

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“The drug test was real. It’s been a lot of fun. I have a good sense of humor. It’s kept me young” – Caruso

Key to your success down the stretch last season?


“I was just more aggressive. The more I play, the more comfortable I get and that’s the experience part of it” – Caruso

On getting more of an opportunity to start the season with Kuzma out with an injury:

“Anytime that that’s happened for me in my career, I’ve just been ready. For me, it’s just about putting the work in everyday” – Caruso

Did your teammates know you had bounce like this?


“I’ve been doing that since high school. That’s nothing new for me. It’s about sneaking up on them and makes it even more special” – Caruso

Lonzo Ball on “The Woj Pod”

Rajon Rondo.JPG
Lakers PG, Rajon Rondo

“It’s been a crazy summer, but for the most part a great summer nonetheless as far as coming back to this organization. I’m extremely excited about what we have this upcoming season” – Rondo

“I think we’re pretty deep at every position. Unlike last year, things weren’t as consistent as far as our rotation and the consistent play that we had” – Rondo

“I picture [playing at a] fast pace [offense]. We’re going to take pride in defense as well” – Rondo

“I had a lot of success with AD [in New Orleans]. I haven’t played with a guy this exciting since probably Kevin Garnett that can do it all” – Rondo

LeBron on AD’s future:



“We’re all excited. We know that we have a great team and all we can ask for is a chance and we have a chance to do something special this year” – Davis

From Rondo: Will you win DPOY this season?

“That’s the goal. If I’m able to lead this team defensively, other guys will come aboard. I want to shut everyone down” – Davis

On playmaking and other skills:

His reaction to Pelicans GM, David Griffin’s “all-in mentality” comment:

“That’s fine. I don’t care. The past is the past” – Davis

Biggest adjustment for you playing with LeBron?

“We want to play up and down” – Davis

Interested in playing in 2020 Olympics?

“I want to play USA basketball if I get the opportunity to do so. If they invite me, I’d love to do so” – Davis