Show Recap: September 19, 2019

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Feeling Mo Bamba’s new hairdo?


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First Half

Monologue: Michele Roberts vs the world

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Michele Roberts was elected executive director of the NBA Players association five years ago. Roberts winning the job was notable because she was the first woman to hold that title not just in basketball, but in any major U.S. sport. It was notable because she was replacing Billy Hunter who been ousted in something of a coup and accused of unethical behavior

But most of all, it was notable because of what Roberts said in front of a room of a hundred or so players back when she was campaigning for the job:

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Rachel wishes that once in her life that she would like to say something that eloquent and badass even to just the cashier at the grocery checkout much less in some big key like moment like Roberts did
Michele Roberts 2.JPG
That line would indeed help her get the players vote and in the years since, she showed just how good a decision that was

Regardless of your feelings and whether the union misplayed cap smoothing back in 2016:

Michele Roberts 3.JPG
Roberts railed against what she called a ‘double standard’ over how players like…
Anthony Davis who are viewed as franchise ruiners when they ask for a trade
But how franchises are viewed as just trying to improve when they trade a player mid-contract like the Rockets did to Chris Paul this summer. The article notes how CP had signed a 4-year, $160M deal just the summer before positioning him as one of the long-term centerpieces of a title contender

Balance of power between players & owners fair?
Fun nugget from Dave: NBA franchises have raised in value at 1100% since 1996!

“I do [think it’s fair]. Michele Roberts is doing a great job of allowing players to have similar control as ownership which they should. That does make it very, very difficult for teams to build franchises and to have that continuity within your community but that comes with it” – Jefferson

“They are not true partners here. I don’t think there will be ever a fair balance. There’s still an equity. I’m always going to side with the players over the owners” – McMenamin

Doc dishes on how Clippers landed Kawhi & PG-13 (Per Arash Markazi/LA Times)



Doc Quote.JPG


Clippers knew OKC was ready to break team up?

“That’s a huge revelation, if it’s true. All of the reporting that we’ve had is that Sam Presti and company was committed to running it back one last time” – McMenamin

Any chance Ballmer regrets giving up 6 picks to land Kawhi & PG-13?


“No. Zero chance, especially with what happened with the Warriors (Klay’s injury, KD going East). This is what the Clippers wanted” – Jefferson

“You do it because this is the time you strike. The only regret would be not doing it” – McMenamin

Make or Miss League (Zion Williamson)

Make (Birthdays).JPG
Who has better handles?

C.J. McCollum:

Trae Young:

Jefferson: Trae Young | McMenamin: Trae Young

Miss (Feuds).JPG
Surprised by Dwight’s Kobe collection?

Make (David Blaine).JPG
Cassius Stanley breaks Zion’s vertical leap record at Duke

Miss (Bounce).JPG
Does Cream Biggums inspire you?

Moving on…

Giannis: “I can win a title not shooting the three, but I want to shoot the three”

Can Giannis win a ring without shooting threes?

17.5 paint PPG last season (1st in NBA); 28% career 3-pt FG

“Yes. I do. For him, it’s about your development of your game. But he won’t shoot contested threes. If he can shoot 35% uncontested threes, then that’s going to open it up for his entire team. The one thing that’s more important is to have him post up more” – Jefferson

“He can definitely win without shooting threes. He’s going to get better at shooting threes” – McMenamin

Question for RJ:

Second Half

BS or Real Talk

Kobe: “It was important that I win championships without Shaq”

Via The Players Tribune (Knuckleheads Podcast):

BS or Real Talk (Kobe).JPG



Morey: Adding Westbrook increased title odds by 30%

Credit: Howard Beck/Bleacher Report

BS or Real Talk (Rockets title odds).JPG

“It went from 1% to 31%. I believe that they have a chance. But they had zero chance with the way their team was constructed” – Jefferson

“How do you prove this? I have a problem with the number” – McMenamin

Suns GM James Jones: We can play Deandre Ayton at PF

Credit: Lindsey Smith/Fox Sports Arizona


BS or Real Talk (Ayton at PF).JPG


NBA Bonus watch 2019-20 by Bobby Marks (E+)

Nash: “Luka & Porzingis are incredible difference-makers”

Credit: Dwain Price/

Doncic & Porzingis duo the second coming of Nash & Dirk


“They definitely look the part. They both are so, so talented and they do so many things. Steve Nash is definitely a Dallas legend. They have the building blocks for the next 10 years, if these guys stay healthy, then it’s all about the pieces that are put around them” – Jefferson

“I’m not ready to go there like Steve is. I’ve spoken to someone who’s trained KP and he said, ‘He is truly special. I believe he’ll be in the Hall of Fame'” – McMenamin

Think Beal will qualify for supermax next summer?


“Absolutely he will be in the mix. But do you want to vote for a guy who played on a terrible team? I don’t see the Wizards being anywhere near the playoff conversation this season” – McMenamin

“I think he’s going to get votes, but it’s just so tough. If you look at his entire career, it’s been fluff and disappointment. It’s not for a lack of talent” – Jefferson

“I don’t know if he’s going to get All-NBA votes if he changes teams in the middle of the year because I think the interest in him at the trade deadline is going to be insane” – Nichols


Elena Delle Donne wins 2nd WNBA MVP

Skepticism on NBA’s proposed tampering rules?


“The owners don’t want that scrutiny on them” – McMenamin

“This is a little excessive and it’s a little too soon” – Jefferson

At the buzzer
First look at KD in Nets uniform

“There is a chance (he could come back this season), but everything needs to go perfect” – Jefferson

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