Show Recap: September 30, 2019 (Jorge Sedano Hosts)

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Opening Tip
Lakers fan boo Kawhi at Rams game

Is this fair or foul?

“This is foul, but kind of fair” – Ogwumike



First Half

Something Nothing Or Everything

PG-13 missing start of regular season

From Clippers Media Day:

“As of now, I’ll be out of October fully, but who knows? We’ll see. In the November range is our target date” – Paul George

Ogwumike: Nothing
“All he has to do is look right across the locker room to a guy [Kawhi Leonard] who was very successful playing 60 games and invented the term ‘Load Management.’ It’s protect PG-13 at all costs”

Arnovitz: Nothing
“They’re going to be precautionary. This is a team that is playing for April”

Sedano: Little something
“The Western Conference is going to be so nip and tuck, particularly at the top”

Erik Spoelstra’s 4-year contract extension (Per Woj)


Arnovitz: Something
“This is one of the quietest success stories in the league in the last 10 years. They have somebody they trust who personifies their value system”

Ogwumike: Something
“He is a part of the furniture in Miami. He is a core piece of their culture. I think he’s also underrated as a developer of talent”

Sedano: Everything
“I am a firm believer that in the long run, he will be the Gregg Popovich of the Miami Heat”

CA passes bill allowing college athletes to get paid for likeness
Effective January 1, 2023

NCAA quote.JPG

NCAA quote 2.JPG


Ogwumike: Everything

Arnovitz: Everything

Sedano: Everything


Make or Miss League (Kawhi Clippers).JPG

Make (Luxury).JPG
Should Raptors be salty about Kings flying on “Air Drake”?

Drake's plane.JPG

Drake on a plane.JPG

Miss (Options).JPG
Think this is Robert Horry’s favorite ring?

Make (Recruiting).JPG
Meek Mill trying to recruit some Rockets over to Philly?

Miss (Shallow End).JPG
Does Tacko Fall really need to learn how to swim?
Despite growing up near the ocean,  he learned how to swim

Moving on…

Are Kawhi & PG-13 the best duo in the league?


“They are the best two-way duo in the NBA, but not necessarily the best duo in the NBA because even in the same city, AD & LeBron, if they are playing to their potential, that could be unstoppable” – Ogwumike

“Clippers duo by a hair” – Arnovitz

“Lakers duo. If you’re starting a franchise, how many players are you picking before Paul George? AD is one of those [top 5] players. LeBron also makes the players around him better more so than the two Clipper guys” – Sedano

Second Half

BS or Real Talk

Kyrie, KD & DeAndre say they decided on Nets at 4:16 AM

BS or Real Talk (416 am).JPG

“The general spirit is real, it’s a little too coordinated. It’s just too clean” – Arnovitz

“From my experience talking to men on FaceTime, it is hard to get a man on FaceTime. They prefer texting. To get three men on FaceTime, those are things you do not forget” – Ogwumike

Austin Rivers on Rockets: “We have everything we need to win a championship”

BS or Real Talk (Rockets championship).JPG

“They’ve maintained their successful core with the addition of Westbrook. I think it’s real that they could be sleepers to the championship this year” – Ogwumike

“There’s some continuity there. They’re going to be a really dangerous team. Would I take them over the field? No. But Rivers’ comment is generally true. I took his comment as, ‘We have everything we need in terms of position and hardware. If we don’t do it, it’s on us'” – Arnovitz

“The challenge is going to be: What happens in the postseason?” – Sedano

Jimmy Butler says the Heat embrace his leadership style


Welcome Jimmy.JPG
Credit: Tim Reynolds/AP

“He is a little bit of an a-hole, but that’s okay because that intensity that he brings, that’s very Miami Heat. This is the team best suited to his temperament in sports” – Arnovitz

“He is confident, he is competitive and he just pushes people to win in a clutch way. That is the culture of Miami and I think he’ll be successful there” – Ogwumike

“Jimmy reminds a lot of Zo [Lonzo Ball] from a personality standpoint. He doesn’t care what you think about him” – Sedano

Zach Lowe’s 6 most intriguing players

How realistic are Pelicans playoff chances?

JJ Redick:




Lakers defense an asset or liability?

Frank Vogel:


“100 percent it’s a liability largely because defense is an effort thing and has the effort always been there for the Lakers? No. To have Anthony Davis will automatically upgrade your defense” – Ogwumike

“It can be both. They’re going to be all over the place [on defense]. Anthony Davis is the key” – Arnovitz

Questions for the Lakers:


Gold Standard
Team USA women earn gold at FIBA Americup
Beat Canada, 67-46

NBA is back!
Rockets open preseason with Westbrook out
The Rockets will be cautious with him who had arthroscopic knee surgery in the spring, per Tim MacMahon

“I want to see if he’s going to do his own one leg challenge” – Ogwumike

James Harden: O/U 30 pts vs Shanghai Sharks?
Scored 37 points against the same team last year

Arnovitz: Over | Ogwumike: Under