Show Recap: August 23, 2019 (Cassidy Hubbarth hosts)

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Give Pop credit for consistency?


First Half Only:

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Second Half Only:

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First Half

Kobe Bryant turns 41 | Will Kobe fans ever truly embrace LeBron?

“I don’t think that LeBron could ever truly get to that level of Kobe because the time is not going to be there for LeBron. Kobe’s got an entire career with one team, ingrained into the fabric of the franchise” – Young


The Kobe stans and embracing LeBron as a Laker:

Wolves president: Wiggins has to be a “main contributor” for team to succeed

Credit: Dane Moore/Zone Coverage

Trust Wiggins to step up for Wolves this season?


“To be perfectly honest, he’s been a disappointing player. He’s too inconsistent. One night he will look like that guy and then two nights he won’t. If the Wolves are going to begin to take the steps forward as a franchise around these young players that they have, Andrew Wiggins has got to be part of it” – Young

“He will be defined by his max salary. He’s owed $122M over the next 4 years. He’s an enigma. That contract is not really moveable. They’re going to need him” -Marks

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: I’m not filling Westbrook’s shoes

Credit: Erik Horne/The Oklahoman

What’s a successful season for Thunder?


“Building off a rookie year. He’s got a valuable mentor in Chris Paul. This is going to be a lottery team” – Marks


“The only option [for Chris Paul to get traded] is Miami down the road. But I think he’s going to be there for the season” – Marks

Kings & NBA end investigation of Luke Walton, cite insufficient basis for allegations



August 23, 2006 – Carmelo Anthony sets the USA National Team scoring record with 35 points!

Make or Miss League (Zion Williamson)

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Should Nik Stauskas be worried?

Miss (Gravity).JPG
Zach LaVine poised for a big season?

“He’s quietly one of the best scorers in the NBA. To me, he’s Devin Booker east. He’s a great scorer on a bad team” – Young

“I see him as Most Improved Player” – Hubbarth

“I want them to play meaningful games after the All-Star break. That’s what defines Chicago” – Marks

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More impressed by the elephant or the flip?

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Does the NBA logo need an update?!

“I like the Jordan” – Marks

Moving on…

Thoughts on end of Mikhail Prokhorov era for Nets?

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Marks (A former assistant general manager of the Brooklyn Nets):

What’s the Nets ceiling?

“For them to get to where they want to go [to become a true title contender], so much of that is tied to the health and the future of Kevin Durant. If he can get back to even let’s say 85 percent of the player that he is, they can be a team that can compete in the Eastern Conference” – Young

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Second Half


Do Clippers need a full rebrand?

Clippers proposed stadium to be built in Inglewood, CA



“I feel like there’s a real power in kind of reforming the name. The Clippers are a franchise that are kind of seen as one of the model organizations in the NBA. There’s something to be said for taking that Clippers brand” – Young

How long is Clippers title window?


“Minimum 2 years. Max 5 years” – Marks

Woj: Lakers feel Dwight or Joakim could help team | Better fit for Lakers: Dwight or Joakim?

“Nobody. Save that roster spot for Andre Iguodala” – Marks

“Joakim Noah because there’s less distraction and there would be a lot less drama in the locker room in comparison to Dwight Howard” – Young

ESPN forecast selects Zion as ROY


ROY (19-20).JPG

Safer bet for ROY: Zion or the field?


Shelburne: The field (JA Morant)
“He’s going to have a bigger role with the Grizzlies, he’s the guy there and is going to have the ball in his hands all the time”

Young: The field (JA Morant)

Marks: The field (RJ Barrett)

Hubbarth: The field (Rui Hachimura)

MVP (19-20).JPG

Who should win MVP next season?


Shelburne: LeBron James
“Revenge LeBron scares me”

Marks: Nikola Jokic

Young: Kawhi Leonard
“He’s the best player on the Clippers”

Hubbarth: Anthony Davis
“LeBron may want him to be MVP and people forget how dang good AD is. He’s going to show people that he may still be ahead of Giannis”

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Prediction for DPOY next season?


Young: Kawhi Leonard
“He’s going to remind people what a great defender he is”

Marks: Draymond Green
“He is going to play with such an edge, that underdog mentality before Klay gets back”

Shelburne: Draymond Green


Broken Hart?
Josh Hart: Learned about AD trade via Twitter (Per “LightHarted Podcast”)

Captain Americas
Kemba, Mitchell Smart named Team USA captains

What should USA look to accomplish in next 2 exhibition games?


“Hopefully nobody gets hurt and figure out what your rotations are going to be if hasn’t been figured out already” – Marks

“It’d be nice for them to have a close game” – Young