Show Recap: July 31, 2019 (Dave McMenamin hosts)

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Opening Tip
Reds Pitcher/Brawler Amir Garrett hooped at St. John’s

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Guest (Second Half Only):


First Half


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Like idea of an “Iso Card” at All-Star Game?

“I’m here for it. This actually would make that game interesting” – Shelburne

“I’m here for it as well” – Andrews

Best “Iso Card” Matchups?

“LeBron vs Kawhi and Stephen Curry vs Rudy Gobert” – McMenamin

“Kyrie vs Jayson Tatum, Joel Embiid vs anybody, Kawhi Leonard vs Kyle Lowry and Russell Westbrook vs Paul George” – Shelburne

“LeBron vs Giannis” – Andrews

“Go back in time: Kobe vs MJ” – Shelburne

What rule change do you want NBA to consider most?

Make or Miss League Harden

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Aaron Gordon on Markelle Fultz: “People are sleeping on him” (Per Sirius XM NBA Radio)

Make (The Boogie Man).JPG
Anthony Davis: “I wish I wasn’t afraid of the dark” (Per Sarah Spain)

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Worried Enes Kanter might break out these moves on the court?

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Expect an even bigger leap from Fox next season?

Moving on…

Most likely to earn first All-Star appearance?
The average age of an NBA player’s first All-Star appearance is 25.8 years old, Per Elias Sports Bureau


“I can see 4 or 5 guys from this list making it this year” – Shelburne

“Pascal Siakam. Most Improved Player this year and he’s going to be the man in Toronto” – Shelburne

“Zach LaVine. I expect him to see him taking another step in his game” – Andrews

“Mike Conley Jr. He’s perhaps the best player in the league that hasn’t made the All-Star game in terms of career accomplishments up to this point” – McMenamin

Second Half

Back to pre-injury form?


“Yeah I do. It was one of the toughest things I had to go through, mentally than physically. I feel great” – LeVert

Where were you when you found out KD and Kyrie were signing?

“I was just chillin’ at the crib. I kind of figured it out the same way everyone else did on Instagram. I was a little surprised and definitely very excited” – LeVert

Expectations for Nets next season?

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“I don’t think were talking about anybody on the right side” – LeVert

“Everybody has a chip on their shoulder from 1 to 15. Were definitely looking forward to maximizing our potential” – LeVert

Will bench mob survive roster change?

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“It’s next man up with the bench mob” – LeVert

On Kyrie Irving:

Is there a Knicks-Nets rivalry?

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“There may be more Nets fans this year, a lot of bandwagon fans. It is what it is. It’s definitely a fun rivalry to be in” – LeVert

On his Twitter usage:

Warriors “Strength In Numbers” turns to “Faith in Youngsters” by Nick Friedell

Caesars: Bucks & Sixers have best odds to make playoffs


East team most likely to underachieve?

Andrews: Miami Heat
“They’ve had a lot of moves that they have made, they added Jimmy Butler and Jimmy and Co know that he has to be successful not only on the court, but in the locker room this season. He has to be a culture setter down there”

Shelburne: Toronto Raptors

McMenamin: Brooklyn Nets
“They have so many different pieces and obviously, they don’t have Kevin Durant next year”

West team most likely to underachieve?


Shelburne: Los Angeles Clippers & Utah Jazz
“Even though they earned it by their offseason, let’s see it on the court first”

Andrews: San Antonio Spurs
“They’re working to find their post-Big 3 identity there”

McMenamin: Golden State Warriors
“You lose Kevin Durant. That’s the major adjustment for any franchise to go through”

Team most likely to overachieve?


Andrews: Oklahoma City Thunder & New York Knicks
“They can raise from the ashes like a Phoenix. If Chris Paul stays, then were talking about a completely different team. They’ve been there and have that experience”

“I really like Mitchell Robinson and some of the pieces that they have. They have a nice, young team”

Shelburne: Charlotte Hornets
“I think Terry Rozier steps right into that role. Nobody is picking them. They were there for a while. Terry is a guy with a lot to prove”


Jennifer deserve any credit for motivating CJ?
McCollum recently signed a 3-year/$100M extension

I'm trying Jennifer.JPG

“I do like that story, but no. It’s a social media story” – Shelburne

“Trey” bon?
Trey Burke a good backup PG for 76ers?

Mini Mamba
Trae Young planning to train with Kobe Bryant 
this summer (Per The Athletic)
Will go to California after Team USA training camp to work on his mid-range jumper

LeBron unfairly criticized for actions at Bronny’s AAU games?

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