Show Recap: June 27, 2019

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Opening Tip
LeBron giving AD No. 23? (Via Chris Haynes/Yahoo! Sports)


First Half Only:

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Matt Barnes bio box

First Half

Monologue: NBA is about to go from extreme certainty to extreme uncertainty

Rachel Nichols
Let’s go back in time with Rachel! Like way, way back
All the way back to…2015! It’s hard to imagine what life was like back then
Bruno Mars and Fetty Wap were all over the radio, John Snow was dead, Hamilton was debuting on broadway
Fast and the Furious.JPG
There were also 7 Fast and the Furious movies. Life was tougher back then
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Also in 2015, the Golden State Warriors were gritty underdogs capturing America’s heart

Of course, you have know what has happened in the times since:

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If you were someone who believed the NBA title was all but locked up before the players even laced up their sneakers, it’s easy to see how talking about who might move around, what the Lakers might do with their cap space, how things might finally change it might all feel like more of a sport than the games themselves
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What about the Knicks? The assumption has been that they’re still going to offer Kevin Durant and his surgically repaired achilles a long-term max deal. Although there are counter rumors that maybe the Knicks are getting some cold feet

Who is your 2020 champ right now?

“I had Houston. Daryl Morey is panicking right now. Now with the Lakers going for broke, I’m going with them” – Barnes

“Warriors. You still have a team that knows how to win. All these other teams, I don’t know who anybody has yet” – Shelburne

Lakers in pole position for top-tier free agent now?


“The only max guys that I would consider at this point are Kyrie or Kawhi. If you’re not allowed to get those two guys, you strategically build a team that fits LeBron and AD. Kuzma is a great third option. To me, they’re definitely heading in the right direction” – Barnes

KD injury:

June 27, 2001 – Kwame Brown selected first overall by the Washington Wizards!

Make or Miss League Klay

Miss (Tact).JPG
Kanter on Zion: “I feel like he’s Julius Randle with hops” (Via Colin Cowherd)
Randle scored 45 points vs the Blazers back in March; scored 2 points with Kanter officially guarding him

Make (First Looks).JPG
Think Space Jam 2 will live up to the the hype (Via TMZ Sports)

Space Jam 2 cast

Miss (Settling).JPG
Does Rooney have Steph range?



Make (Babysitting).JPG
Danny Green at the Raptors parade: “We cannot give Marc the mic” (Via Inside the Green Room with Danny Green Podcast)


Moving on…

Is Boston Kemba’s best option?
They are the “frontrunners” to sign him, per Woj

“I like their young core. They proved what they can do already. Picking up Kemba who is a solid player is not a bad choice” –┬áBarnes

“I like it for Boston in the sense that he’ll run the offense and he’ll the way Brad Stevens likes to play. He’s also going to facilitate in a way where their young core can shine” – Shelburne

Nichols and Barnes:

Should the Hornets have traded Kemba?

“My understanding is they want to try to make the playoffs, which is admirable” – Shelburne

Second Half

BS or Real Talk

P.J. Tucker: “I argue with Chris and James more than James and Chris argue” (Via Sam Amick/The Athletic)

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“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I think Chris and Daryl are doing a good job of trying to put those fires out. But I’m less on what is said and just reading body language. You can tell between those two there’s been some friction. They need to figure out what’s going on over there” – Barnes


“If they’re not on the same page, I don’t know how it can work” – Friedell

Iguodala: “Older players hate on Steph because he took their shine”

BS or Real Talk (Topic 2) - 6-27.JPG

“I’ve seen it. You can feel it from other players in the league. When you talk to people about Steph, there’s this resentment because he has changed the way the game is played” – Friedell

“He’s the golden boy. He came in and destroyed record books, won championships, beat LeBron, he’s done a lot of things that probably angered other players and other fans and that’s why I don’t think he gets the respect he deserves. He’s the perfect example of what the NBA needs to be represented as and people don’t like that either” – Barnes

Arenas: “Defense in the 90s wasn’t better, they just hacked who they couldn’t stop” (Via “No Chill” podcast)

BS or Real Talk (Topic 3) - 6-27.JPG

“The league wants points. There’s a whole shift change. People want to score. Rarely are they getting paid to stop people” – Friedell

“There’s more emphasis on playing defense back then. The way the game is constructed now and how they want nothing about scoring, highlights and dunks, there’s an emphasis on not touching people at all. It’s really a free path” – Barnes

Nelson: Suggesting a Ewing for Shaq trade “cost me my job” with the Knicks

Via HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel:

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Panel’s reaction:

NBA Free Agency: Best/Worst outcomes for every West team (E+) by Kevin Pelton and Andre Snellings

Best free agent fit to join LeBron & AD?
$32M in salary cap space to start free agency

ESPN’s Dave McMenamin reports that LeBron will wear #6 again, now that he’s given #23 to Anthony Davis

“Strategically build this roster if you can’t land another superstar” – Barnes

“The wild move: Jimmy Butler. He has always wanted to play for the Lakers in Los Angeles” – Friedell

Would JB be a fit for the Lakers:


Secure the bag
Sources: Patrick Beverley seeking 3 year/$40+ million deal (Via Tim MacMahon)
Possible landings spots: Mavs, Lakers, Bulls and Clippers

Max trolling
Like Butler clapping back at his haters online?

Credit: bleacherreport/IG

How should Capela, Gordon, Tucker feel right now?
All are on the trade block in separate deals, per Woj

“These guys have probably set up shop in Houston, they have families and they’re used to what’s going on, but this is the wild game of what the NBA is and that’s why you see so many superstars taking their future in their own hands. They should be frustrated, but also use that as motivation and a chip on your shoulder” – Barnes

“There’s a human element that gets lost here sometimes. They’ve been through it all, they know what’s going on” – Friedell

At the buzzer

“Shoutout to Pop because he started this trend and I like having these basketball minded women coming in and bringing a different view to men, which can help” – Barnes