Show Recap: June 21, 2019 (From New York post-NBA Draft)

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First Half

Monologue: Draft night is bigger than basketball

The weeks before the NBA draft are cold business. Scouts catalog names, ages, heights, weights, stats are sifted, algorithms are run
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Players are described as assets with all that connotes and then the night itself and are suddenly reminded that this is technically about assigning which talented giant goes on to play for which billionaire in which city
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But it’s really actually about young men and the years of sacrifice they have endured, the miles they traveled and the extra job so many of their mothers and fathers had to work
Diss track.JPG
But during the draft, Damian Lillard released a diss track absolutely killing Kings forward, Marvin Bagley III after Bagley dared to challenge him to a rap battle hours earlier
Players responding to diss track.JPG
Half the players in the league chimed in on IG to praise Dame
Album cover.JPG
But Bagley posted this so…this is going to go on for a while
FVV shooting.JPG
Some players, on the other hand, didn’t get their names called at all. Before you write them off, remember guys like Fred VanVleet who on draft night 3 years ago had to tell a whole party of his family and friends that in fact he hadn’t been picked by anyone
Drake and FVV.JPG
VanVleet drank plenty on Monday at the Raptors championship parade so clearly, his story has a happy ending
Emotions on draft night.JPG
That’s really what Thursday night was all about: all the tears, the laughter, the clothes, the stories Turns out in the NBA this draft business isn’t that cold after all

Memories of draft night?


“The genuineness of that moment between RJ Barrett and his dad” – Windhorst

David Griffin: “Zion not here to save the franchise”

“I predict them to make the playoffs just not by Zion, but with the roster that he has around him. He’s going to be a double-double guy. I project him to be Rookie of the Year” – Perkins

“For this trade and this move to all be a success, Zion has to be a superstar” – Windhorst

Releases June 25

Motivation to write “The Sixth Man” book?

Excerpt from Iggy’s book: An exercise in a team meeting where guys are going around and saying what their favorite moment of their careers, their time with Golden State, a moment that them feel most alive:

“It was a good process to reflect” – Iguodala

Any regrets looking back on Finals loss to Raptors?

“It was an interesting series. It was a relief when it ended with what happened. Coming into the locker room after Game 6, I said, ‘Guys. The kitchen sink was thrown at us the last 2 weeks'” – Iguodala

What were you thinking Andre Iguodala.JPG

When AI threw a bad lob.JPG

“Go get it. Bad lobs make the better highlight” – Iguodala

When Mozgove runined your ankle breaker.JPG

“It was kind of my fault. I should have pulled up for a three but it actually helped me because at least I got fouled and got to the line” – Iguodala

When you talked to your hands after stripping Dame..JPG

“I only do that in practice. That was just a really big moment that you get one on one with one of the top guards in the league. I enjoy those moments against better players” – Iguodala

Second Half

Something Nothing Or Everything

Suns draft night strategy

Windhorst: Everything
“I’m focusing on the draft pick, Cam Johnson because this is James Jones real big first move to this first draft pick. Johnson is known basically as a guy who can shoot and shoot great and not do everything else that great”

Perkins: Everything
“I thought Cam Johnson should have been a lottery pick. You don’t find shooters like that. James Jones did a great job”

Wizards not meeting or speaking to No. 9 pick (Rui Hachimura) before draft

Perkins: Something
“He has tremendous upside and he can come in and really help the Wizards win games. On the other hand, who’s running the organization?”

Windhorst: Something
“It’s a little unheard of at No. 9. They don’t seem like they have a plan”

Danny Ainge: Kyrie has been “Excellent”

Ainge quote.JPG

Perkins: Nothing
“You can’t trust what’s going on [in Boston]”

Windhorst: Nothing

NBA Draft edition of…

Jump Ball Regular

Zion and RJ.JPG

Windhorst & Perkins: Zion

Warriors trading picks.JPG

“It is a classic example of a team trying to find an edge” – Windhorst

Perkins: Smart

Over Under Sixers.JPG

Sixers pick: Matisse Thybulle

Windhorst: Over
“I don’t know how much he’s going to play for them because they may be loaded and are going for a championship. He may be a developmental player”

Perkins: Over

Robe or Blazer.JPG


Garland's robe.JPG

Windhorst: 2 Blazers

Perkins: 2 Blazers
“[Garland] must have had guarantees from two different teams”

Best option for KD in free agency?


“The Nets are gaining confidence that they can put this off. They are continuing to make moves, they’ve made three moves in the last week. They are right there for a second slot” – Windhorst

“I think the Nets are the frontrunners to land KD. But I’m not ruling out the Knicks” – Perkins

Impact of Kawhi’s decision on league?

“If I’m Kawhi, I would stay in Toronto” – Perkins

“He could sign a 1-year deal and stay or the Clippers are the other place where he would go” – Windhorst

What to look for with free agency coming up:

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