Show Recap: June 18, 2019 (Jorge Sedano Hosts)

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Opening Tip
Which Kawhi laugh was better: Original or remix?

Pippen: Original | Friedell: Remix | Sedano: Remix


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First Half

How worried should Celtics fans be right now?

“As far as winning a title, they should be very worried. But in terms of having some good productive players on the basketball court, the Celtics haven’t lost that much” – Pippen

“Al Horford is probably the best big man in the Eastern Conference in terms of being able to defend as well as space the floor and shoot the three ball” – Pippen

“I’d be really worried. As great a team as they could be, as a try hard team, they don’t have the pieces right now when you look at the roster to say, ‘Who’s the star that’s going to lead you all the way to through the Eastern Conference, into the Finals and winning the title?'” – Friedell

Kyrie completely out on Celtics?

“If I’m Kyrie, no. I just didn’t think that was a great fit for him. There’s just too much talent on that team for him to be able to play the way he wants to play. He didn’t really show that he has the right patience and leadership to lead a young team like that” – Pippen

“When guys are looking around and they’re trying to find that voice that they respect and you keep talking to people in Boston that Kyrie wasn’t that guy, there’s the issue/ But you need that talent.” – Friedell

Where else could Al Horford go?

“There is no way at this point in his career that he’s turning down $30M guaranteed. If it were me, I’m not going more than 2 years. I’m not sure he can maintain the level that he’s put up the last couple seasons” – Friedell

“I like him for the Celtics. I see him as a bigger loss than losing Kyrie. His presence on both ends of the court is important” – Pippen

June 18, 2013 – Rebound [Chris] Bosh…back out to [Ray] Allen…his three pointer…..BANG!!!!


Make or Miss league (Carmelo)

Make (Muscle Memory).JPG
Is Melo an option for Lakers?

“It’s a longshot” – Pippen

“If he wanted this and the Lakers wanted him, this would already be done” – Friedell

Miss (Fear).JPG
Best possible spot to watch parade?

CN Tower.JPG

CN Tower 2.JPG

Make (Big Spain).JPG
Did anyone enjoy the parade more than Marc Gasol?

Miss (Photosynthesis).JPG
Is plant guy’s legacy cemented in Raptors history?

Plant guy.JPG



Run it Back

Funniest parade moments.JPG

2002: Mark Madsen dancing

2014: Popovich counting out rings

2015: Draymond says “Yup…Nope”

Moving on…

Would Raptors be title favorites if Kawhi returns?

Kawhi Leonard projected deal.JPG

Odds to win 2020 title.JPG

“No. You got LeBron and AD together now. That’s a tough duo” – Pippen

“Yes in the moment because if Kawhi does stay, Toronto is so deep that they get through the East and then they find a way against either the Lakers or somebody else, but I don’t think he’s staying. If he goes the Clippers, that’s where I would lean in the moment” – Friedell

“The issue for the Raptors: They’re so deep and have so much talent and the system is in place, but Kawhi is the star” – Friedell

Second Half

Pelicans pick up 2020-21 option on Alvin Gentry’s contract | Grade for Pelicans recent moves?

AD Trade Details.JPG

“A+. They came out on top and came out with a great deal and got some great players from the Lakers” – Pippen

“B+. Only reason is because they lost AD. For [David] Griffin to go in, hold the line and get all of that back from the Lakers and all those picks with all the possible swaps down the line, that team is going to be really good and fun to watch this coming year. Everything you do, you build around Zion and you just hope that he is the player that so many of us believe that he is” – Friedell

“A-. They didn’t get to keep AD, but they clearly built a nice group, a young nucleus” – Sedano


Grade for Lakers?

“They better win next year and the year after because the window is right now. If you don’t, everything that you built up for is all gone” – Friedell

“There’s not that much pressure on the Lakers. I see them doing well next season and the next couple seasons” – Pippen

Who’s your favorite for 2020 MVP?
Caesars: Giannis favored as 2020 MVP

Odds to win 2020 MVP.JPG

Friedell: James Harden
“That guy wants that award desperately, we know it’s about narrative. He’s going to try to put up 40 every night and he’s playing with Chris Paul’s contract. He’s going to have to carry a lot of the weight all the time on that team because Paul can’t do it anymore”

Pippen: Anthony Davis

Caesars: Will a California team win the 2020 NBA title?

Cali team winning 2020 title.JPG

Sunny days ahead.JPG

“I like that bet. I don’t see the Warriors or the Clippers winning. I do see the Clippers and the Lakers having a huge opportunity and if I was to pick one: Lakers” – Pippen

“I’d go with the Clippers just because of the odds. If you get Kawhi in there and you get somebody else, that team is ready-made to go into next year feeling great about themselves” – Friedell

Vince Carter’s guide for trying to survive the NBA by Kevin Arnovitz

Anticipate trend of players skipping out on NCAA to continue?

Players to skip college.JPG

“Yes. This is definitely a growing trend just because the grassroots of basketball has gotten so much better. Players are playing a lot more basketball, they got better training and they’re advancing. They feel that once they reach a certain level that they don’t want to go in to deal with the books and basketball” – Pippen

“They’re going to get professional money. This is a trend that is only going to pick up more steam” – Friedell

“Australia actually can be an interesting breeding ground in these situations because there’s not a language barrier. They speak English” – Sedano

“What I heard from the commissioner: Australia has a great youth program in terms of developing young players and young talent. These players realize that they’re giving themselves a huge advantage in terms of getting ready for the NBA draft” – Pippen

Pippen’s son:

Friedell and Pippen:

June 18, 2005 – Robert “Big Shot Bob” Horry hitting the clutch three pointer (and game winner) against the Pistons!



Dunk Contest
Klay to Zaza: “I Jump higher than you with one leg”

Zaza IG post.JPG

“Having watched Klay all year, this means a lot to him” – Friedell

Last-minute workout
Darius Garland to have last-minute workout with Knicks, per ESPN’s Jonathan Givony

Netting Cap Space?
Nets clearing more cap space?
Nets forward, Rondae Hollis Jefferson will be an unrestricted free agent this summer after Brooklyn failed to make a qualifying offer, per Woj

“Yes. Somebody is coming and if it’s Kyrie, I believe he will attract somebody else. They have made all the right moves in the last couple of years to get to this point, they’ve got a culture in place with some solid pieces, you add a star or two and you’re in great shape” – Friedell

“Brooklyn is very appealing. They’re just trying to stay ahead of the Knicks/ It’s just about attracting that right free agent” – Pippen

Take the money!
Harrison Barnes declining $25.1M option with Kings

“Opted out. There’s a lot of money out there to play with” – Pippen

“I’m with Harrison: Get that money, get it all guaranteed and feel good about your decision” – Friedell

Warriors first priority this offseason?

More faith: Lakers or Warriors?

Lakers contracts.JPG

Pippen: Lakers
“We will realize that they probably have their Big 3 (Kuzma, James and Davis) already and we just haven’t seen it on the floor yet”

Friedell: Lakers
“The Warriors are viewing this season as a ‘get everybody right year'”

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