Show Recap: May 30, 2019 (From Toronto, ON at Scotiabank Arena

Scotiabank Arena


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First Half

Draymond Green’s one-on-one conversation with Rachel Nichols

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On his weight loss:

“In the last two months, I’ve lost about 25 pounds. It’s something that I knew I needed to do. It took a lot of mental focus more so than anything and will power” – Green

“It just made me feel more in control of everything. Having that self control and discipline and being able to regulate yourself is more important than just about anything” – Green

On getting a chance to let his game out with KD out of the lineup:

“It feels great to show my whole game and show what I’m capable of but I wouldn’t change the sacrifices that I made and will continue to make for nothing because we still reached the goal” – Green

On the Warriors not being a certainty to win the title this year:

“I wouldn’t necessarily say more fun. But it’s just like anything in life. If you go into something with a little more uncertainty, when you come out of it, it feels a little better. When Kevin is not in the game, I’m still extremely confident that were going to win, but you got to figure a little more out in order to win as opposed to when he’s out there” – Green

On his relationship with KD and the fallout between them in LA from earlier this season:

“The organization, the world, everyone wanted me to go to Kevin and apologize. In that situation, I let my emotions get the best of me” – Green

“It wasn’t necessarily that him [KD’s] being a free agent bothered me. It was, ‘Are you with us or not’ that bothered me” – Green

On what KD is going to do:

“I haven’t even really concerned myself with trying to have a feeling of what he’s going to do because our mission is to win a championship every year. Let’s finish that mission first [of winning three championships in three years]” – Green

On the Raptors:

“They have a great player in Kawhi Leonard. He’s shown us all something this year, especially throughout these playoffs. He’s shown the ability to carry that team” – Green

On being ready for this Finals:

“Absolutely. We’ve been waiting for a while now. Not often do you get a chance to play in five straight finals, not often you get a chance to three-peat so we got to make sure we’re locked in and take advantage of the opportunity” – Green

On whether he’ll eat candy if they win the title:

“A bunch of candy” – Green

Impression of this version of Draymond?

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“He’s learned through these altercations that he’s been through. Draymond is growing up. He understands and appreciates the situation that he’s in and it could come to an end. He’s appreciating these moments that he’s in right now. This is the best version I’ve seen of Draymond Green” – T-Mac

“Draymond Green is the heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors. He’s everything that you want in a basketball player” – Perkins

May 30, 1982 – Julius Erving, aka “Dr J.” missing the layup, but grabs the offensive rebound to dunk it hard on the Lakers in the NBA Finals!


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Props to Clips for trying to buy rights to Nike owned “Klaw” logo? (Via Marc Stein/New York Times)

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Credit: Nike


Miss (Teammates).JPG
Will this ever not be funny?


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Make (Posterity).JPG
How soon until Zaire and Bronny reenact “The Picture”?

Bronny Jr.JPG
Credit: kingjames/IG


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Make (History).JPG
Wish the purple dinosaur jerseys would make a comeback this series?

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“These are the best jerseys ever. Bring these jerseys back” – T-Mac

Moving on…

Think Steph cares about winning Finals MVP?

“No. I don’t think he cares about it. What matters to him is winning the championship, being the best team holding up that championship trophy. However for his resume, with Kevin Durant being out, this is his greatest opportunity to do that. I would like to see him win that” – T-Mac

“Should he care? I think he should. The stage is set for him with the injury to KD. It’s Steph’s time. It would be great to add to his resume” – Perkins

This video doesn’t exist

Second Half

How much pressure is on Kawhi in Game 1?

Kawhi's numbers this season.JPG

“How you put pressure on a guy that has led you to a point that you’ve never been? This is his first year in this uniform and he leads them to the finals. I don’t know how you put pressure on him. If any pressure is being put on him, it’s being put on himself. The pressure relies on the other guys to step up and help this guy because he’s done so much for this franchise in one season” – T-Mac

“I don’t even know if the word pressure is even in his vocabulary. He don’t even show signs of being even startled at any time” – Perkins

“He’s a solid killer. He has that killer mentality” – Perkins

What would convince AD to stay with Pelicans?
Per Woj: Anthony Davis met with new Pelicans executive vice president, David Griffin in Los Angeles to discuss his future with the team. They are “expected to continue a dialogue in the near future”

“AD’s time is up [in New Orleans]. He did all he could with the organization and he deserves to go to another franchise and start his journey. He don’t have time to really wait to see what type of player Zion is going to be” – Perkins

“It’s time for him to move on because he wants to move on. New Orleans is in a great position. You have the number one pick. You have an opportunity to build your team with great young talent. He’s checked out from that city and from that organization” – T-Mac

Zion Williamson signs with CAA sports | What kind of pro will Zion be?

“He’s going to be an all-star. To reach that elite level, he’s going to have to do a great job of keeping his weight down. He’ll be a double-double guy because of his freakish athleticism and he has to work on his skillset” – T-Mac

“In the next 2 years, he’s going to make the first team All-Defensive team in the NBA. He’s an underrated defender” – Perkins

DeMarcus Cousins active for Game 1

“I would not expect anything major because he hasn’t moved very well in the scrimmages and DeMarcus has never been a guy who is going to get up and down the floor at lightning speed but this is not a guy who appears ready to jump into this kind of environment and make a huge impact” – Friedell

How should Warriors utilize Boogie in Game 1?

“What he can provide is playing defense” – T-Mac

“I don’t know about starting him. I might bring him off the bench because the pace Golden State is playing at is the pace that they need to play at” – Perkins

Think Drake can control himself in Game 1?

“He can control himself. This is the perfect platform for Drake” – Friedell

“The thing with Drake in this series: You got to be careful who you wake up. These are some guys that are snipers” – T-Mac

May 30, 2006 – Boris Diaw with the poster dunk on Dirk Nowitzki in the WCF!



Bill Russell to receive Arthur Ashe courage award at ESPYs

Draymond: “I’m the best ever at what I do”

Consider Draymond an all-time great defender?

“Draymond Green does something on the defensive end that we’ve never seen in NBA history: He guards 1 through 5 at a high elite level. I don’t think I ever seen nobody do it so I’m rolling with Draymond. He is the best ever at what he do” – Perkins

“I can’t say he’s the best ever but I will say is this man is one of the best to ever do it on the defensive end. He can do it all. He’s going to be a hall of famer” – T-Mac

Raptors win Game 1 if ______

“Batman and Robin [Kawhi and Lowry] be who they are and get some help from the other guys” – T-Mac

“If Serge Ibaka or Marc Gasol have a good game, the Raptors will win either one” – Perkins

“They neutralize Steph and Klay” – Friedell

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