Show Recap: May 9, 2019 (Jorge Sedano Hosts)

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Opening Tip
Kevin Durant suffers calf strain, MRI scheduled. Reaction?


“I got to keep it real: I thought it was the worst thing, the Achilles heel. I thought it was over” – Jackson

“Just as athletes, we’ve seen this too many times” – Jefferson


Panel (5-9).JPG

First Half

Kerr on Game 5 win: “Our boys are [expletive] giants”

Confident Warriors can win series without KD?

“I still feel confident they can get it, but it’s definitely a lot more even” – Jefferson

“I definitely feel confident. Steph plays better when KD is not on the court. He’s way more explosive on offense, especially against Houston so will get to see him really turn his game up and be the player we know he can be” – Jackson

“For one night they looked a lot like the team we saw a couple years ago” – Sedano

“They lose Kevin Durant, they’re going to switch to a more movement, fast pace offense. That’s why they are so good and so dominant and why they are a dynasty” – Jefferson

What happened to Harden down the stretch in Game 5?
Houston only scored 18 points in the final 6:24

“This was a huge missed opportunity. That was the time for him to be overly aggressive, but he actually went the opposite direction” – Jefferson

“I expected him to be overly aggressive [after KD left the game], especially after coming back from [down] 20 points. Him not coming out and not showing that fire at the end of the game, he’s always going to have that question mark if he really wants it” – Jackson

“You got to take advantage of those moments when you see it happen” – Jefferson

“I’m a big time James Harden fan. But this is the reason why I will put Greek freak for MVP over him: you don’t see no quit, no rest, no die in the Greek freak and that’s what I love about him” – Jackson

Who’s most to blame for Celtics collapse?

Marcus Smart dismissing the notion that Kyrie was to blame for their struggles:

“All of them. The whole team is to blame. Everybody had their own agendas. This is the same team that made it to the Eastern Conference Finals without Kyrie” – Jackson

“One person not to blame: Gordon Hayward. Brad Stevens should take a little bit and most of the blame.  He didn’t do a great job managing this whole team” – Jefferson

“Kyrie Irving. He wanted to be the leader, wanted his own team. You got to lead by example” – Sedano

“Everyone saw this coming. We wanted to see what the Boston Celtics were going to do under distress and they just weren’t very good” – Jefferson


May 9, 1990 – Michael Jordan driving to the basket and finishing with the tough circus layup, plus the foul vs the Sixers!


New Segment on The Jump!

Too Many Questions.JPG

Q1. Bigger fumble in Ty Lue talks: Contract terms or Jason Kidd joining staff?

“That’s like asking Kawhi to come be the backup for Kevin Durant” – Jefferson

“You can’t have two dominant personalities like that working together” – Jackson

Q2. Who should Lakers pursue next for head coach position?
Dave McMenamin / LA Times report

“It shouldn’t be Vogel” – Jackson

“It’s not that Frank Vogel can’t coach, he can’t coach LeBron” – Jefferson

Q3. Did Magic see this coming?

“He was part of this dysfunction and he only added to the dysfunction, 100 percent he saw it coming” – Jefferson

“I’m pretty sure he seen this all about to happen” – Jackson

“LeBron has to get control of it. At the end of the day, it’s all going to fall back on him” – Jackson

Q4. How should LeBron feel right now?

“He should feel disgusted. He is in a very, very tough spot because he knows he’s out there trying to convince other guys to come play for the Lakers. Meanwhile, the Lakers can’t even get their stuff together” – Jefferson

“It looks like everybody’s panicking. It looks like a soap opera right now” – Jackson

Second Half

Per Ramona Shelburne, Durant will not join the team on the trip to Houston

“I think they can. They just need to win one out of two. I’ve never been happier to hear about a calf strain. He is the future of this league” – Jefferson

“I still think they can get it done” – Jackson

Warriors depth:

ICYMI: The Jump’s new show from within a show…

First priority for Celtics this offseason?

“Signing and trading Kyrie Irving. Get an asset back. This is how good of a job Danny Ainge has done: Even if they lose Kyrie, they have a ton great young building blocks, they’ll still be in the playoffs next year and they’ll have a ton of cap space” – Jefferson

“They sign Kyrie and find a way to get AD. Trade the young guys, but keep Jaylen Brown” – Jackson

Panel on David Griffin:

Where should Kyrie go in free agency?
Irving allegedly grew up a Nets fan

“He signs [with Boston]. If he doesn’t sign, LA or NY [Knicks or Nets] because it’s a possibility with Jimmy [Butler] too” – Jackson

“He needs to go to the most stable franchise. If he goes to the Knicks or Lakers, they’re just not stable. If you add him to an unstable environment and there’s other drama outside of just basketball, it’s just not going to help him” – Jefferson

RecommendsRockets have a chance to put an end to “What If” by Brian Windhorst

Woj: KD diagnosed with calf strain, won’t return for series (Cont’d)
How does playing with KD change things for the Splash Brothers?

“It allows them to be more aggressive and guys coming off the bench know their roles now” – Jackson

“Klay knows he has to be the robin now to batman. He has to come out there and be way more aggressive” – Jackson

“The thing that I like about this situation is that they know how to play without him. Now it’s constant movement for everyone” – Jefferson

“It’s going to be good to see them play this up-tempo style ball and not have KD” – Jackson

Jump Ball Regular

More likely to break out.JPG

Jefferson: Simmons
“If Joel Embiid doesn’t have it, you pull him and and then you just go with a fast pace small ball game which benefits him”

Jackson: Embiid
“He’s been hearing it a lot. They’ve been saying a lot about him. He knows he has to perform because he’s the best player on the team”

The panel on Embiid playing against experienced big men vs inexperienced big men:

More trust Kawh or home court.JPGKawhi: 34.6 ppg in series

Jackson: Home-court advantage [for Philly]

Jefferson: Kawhi
“With KD out now, he’s the best player left in the postseason”

Combined points.JPG

Jefferson: Dame & CJ
“Dame & CJ are right there with Steph/Klay for greatest backcourt of all-time”

Jackson: Jokic & Murray
“Jokic has been so dominant all over the court. He’s the first big guy that we ever heard them say: ‘He makes the right play every time'”

Sedano: Dame & CJ

May 9, 1997 – Tim Hardaway Sr. (Heat) with the high-arching rainbow shot vs the Knicks!



Secure the bag
Kevon Looney secure the bag this offseason?
Will be an Unrestricted FA

“Yes. He did secure the bag” – Jackson

“He’s going to get the bag, but will it be in Golden State?” – Jefferson

Durant watch
Woj: Durant diagnosed with calf strain, won’t return for series

How will Rockets attack splash brothers in Game 6?

“You can trap them a little bit more now. You can trap Steph in a pick-and-roll and you stay at home with Klay, who’s going to score now. It actually puts them in a more difficult spot” – Jefferson

“Bring beach towels and try to keep the splash brothers dry. Just make it difficult for them. KD not being there, they got a lot of pressure on them” – Jackson

Better chance to force a Game 7: 76ers or Blazers?

Jackson: Sixers

Jefferson: Blazers

Sedano: Blazers
“I think they can win this series because of the inexperience of the Denver Nuggets”

At the buzzer
Lakers fan to host protest May 10 (Friday) out of Staples Center (Via NBA Reddit)

“No one cares. Nothing’s going to change. It’s no big deal” – Jefferson

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