Show Recap: April 1, 2019 (Jorge Sedano Hosts)

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Would you jump in a mosh pit with Shaq?
Ultra Music festival in Miami

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First Half

Monologue: NBA mourns the death of Nipsey Hussle

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33-year-old Grammy nominated rapper, Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed outside of a clothing store that he owned in Los Angeles

NBA Community paid their respects:

More reaction can be read here on The Undefeated by Marc J. Spears

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“It was very solemn in the Warriors locker room. It was really hard for them to concentrate on the game. DeMarcus Cousins and Stephen Curry both said they were thinking about during the game” – Spears

“The Warriors were definitely crushed as is the NBA community” – Spears

“This is a guy within the NBA circles. Very popular. More importantly, beloved for his community work. A positive young man” – Elhassan

“A lot of these guys are fans of his music, but their fans of him as a person, what he stood for and what he was about and that’s the thing that hurts a lot” – Elhasaan

“East African descent as well so this one hits close to home for me” – Elhassan

Did Boogie deserve ejection last night?

“I talked to Cousins about it. He’s like: ‘Its me.’ I thought it was too much” – Spears

“To be fair to the referees, the league is trying to legislate above the shoulder hits and and don’t care about intent. It’s not about he’s a bad guy. They don’t want guys to be flailing above the shoulders. I don’t think he did it on purpose. He’s just jostle for position. But his arm went a little high” – Elhassan

Curry helping or hurting Warriors cause with refs?

It was a reaction to the last two minute report from Friday’s game against the Timberwolves when it was deemed that Josh Okogie made “Marginal hot stove contact with Curry and did not impact his ability to land”

“The Warriors as a team complain a lot times and it wears on people. But as just as a guy who enjoys great kind of charades, This was A1 (Gamesmanship). That’s disrespectful” – Elhassan

“They complain, but he’s (Curry) usually not that guy. To me, him saying something stands out” – Spears

April 1, 1995 – Toni Kukoc with the alley-oop pass (from 80 feet) to Scottie Pippen who slams it home with two hands vs the Sixers!


Make or Miss League Harden

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Shame; Did Harden really have to scold him after crossing him [Bogdan Bogdanovic] up?


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Harlem Globetrotters; What went wrong for Warriors here?

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Frozen Water; Ice Trae living in to his nickname?


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Milestones; Think Grizzlies cared about stopping Booker’s streak?

Moving on…

Booker’s scoring spree giving Suns fans hope for future?

Devin Booker Buckets.JPG

“The Suns are so bad that we’re not paying attention to how great he’s been for several years now” – Spears

“If you watch him play and watch his shot selection, he’s not forcing it, he’s not jacking shots up to get to a certain point total, he’s playing within the flow of the offense and taking shots that are available to him that the coaching staff wants him to take and he’s doing it at a good efficiency. But it’s not enough. He needs help” – Elhassan

“If I’m him, you got one more season to prove to me that this is a good place for me to be” – Spears

“It starts up at the top [Ownership and Management]. I talked to a former player and he just talked about how embarrassing it was going from one team to another team. He also said: ‘The way they do things, I just show up and play basketball with this team. With the Suns, everyday there’s so many things you got to worry about instead of just playing basketball” – Spears

Zion: “High chance I enter the draft”

Tank Wars (2019)

Zion good enough to save bad franchise?

Tank Wars.JPG

Immediate impacts.JPG

“Suns: Yes. Knicks: There’s just a lot of things” – Spears

“He’s not enough to save a franchise” – Elhassan

RecommendsSneaker companies going all-in for Zion by Nick DePaula

Second Half

Smart for Lakers to shut down LeBron?

Luke Walton:

“It’s one of those things where the medical staff just finally said, ‘Look, it’s just not worth it anymore.”

“Was there a point in the last 3 weeks where it was worth it? That’s my thing. This is a legitimate injury (groin) and it has hampered him. The only reason that I can think of playing him in this condition is because you’re worried about backlash for the league, the perception of shutting down a healthy player” – Elhassan

“This is good for the Lakers, but for fans it’s horrible. He’s iconic. I feel bad for those people because he’s somebody who you may just see once in a lifetime, unless you live in that city” – Spears

“There’s an issue here with keeping Lakers players healthy over the last several years” – Sedano

Amin followed that up with this:

“It all starts with the lockout [in 2011] when they let go of all of their staff. Alex McKinney was on that staff and he’s a world renowned. They let go all those guys so they could save payroll money”

“I’m willing to say that I think we’re going to see a completely re-invigorated LeBron next season” – Sedano

D’Angelo Russell: Should have Co-MVPs and Co-ROYs

Open to idea of Co-MVPs this year?


“I don’t support it” – Sedano

“Giannis was MVP from day one to all the way to the end” – Elhassan

Trae closing gap on Luka for Rookie of The Year?

“Yeah he’s closing the gap. He’s making you pay attention to this bad basketball team. Luka is ballin’ too” – Spears

“Luka from day one has played the best basketball” – Sedano

Woman accusing Porzingis of sexual assault sought mediation through Knicks
More of this story can be read here by Adrian Wojnarowski

Kristaps Porzingis.JPG

Does anybody want to face the Clippers in the playoffs?
6 seed in the West (As of April 1)

“For as much as scrappy as they exude, they’re not an excellent defensive team. It’s on the offensive end” – Elhassan

“They’re that team that you don’t want to play. They have nothing to lose” – Spears

“They can win a series” – Spears

How can Thunder get right before playoffs?
7-13 since the ASG

Westbrook after the game (Via Fox Sports Oklahoma)

Thunder Struggles.JPG

“Get healthy. But I don’t know if that’s going to happen. Ever since the All-Star break, they have been on the decline, the starting five hasn’t played well. This is confusing” – Spears

“They don’t have the margin of error on the offensive end to not be elite defensively. They need to be elite defensively, top five, in order for their offense to be able to squeak by” – Elhassan

April 1, 2012 – Russell Westbrook throwing it down hard on Omer Asik vs the Bulls!



No swap for you
Should D-Wade send Mudiay a jersey in the mail?

Pop erupts
Does Coach Pop need to chill?
He went berserk over an out of bounds call

Welcome back Jimmy
Think Butler enjoyed being booed relentlessly by Wolves fans?

League PassBucks at Nets

Nets playoff chances.JPG

Will Nets overcome tough schedule to make playoffs?

“It comes to that last game. They play the Heat. They can determine whether or not Dwyane Wade plays in the playoffs. But the Heat pushes through” – Spears

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Bogut on KD: “He’s arguably the best player in the world”

“It’s arguable definitely when you’re talking about him, LeBron James, Giannis [Antetokounmpo], James Harden and Steph Curry” – Elhassan

“He’s the best. Pound for pound, height, weight, everything” – Spears