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Opening Tip
Think Peanut Butter & Jelly are sad about missing the playoffs?


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First Half

Monologue: Did Jamal Murray save the Nuggets season?

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Back when Jamal Murray was a rookie, he started his NBA career by missing his first 17 shots in a row. Imagine how that feels to know you are in the top 1% of humans on Earth at putting a round ball through a round hoop and yet suddenly… You just can’t for some reason

It was particularly devastating for Murray who had been training for that moment since he was literally a baby:

Jackie MacMullan’s piece on Jamal Murray

This video doesn’t exist
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It’s no surprise that until Murray worked himself out of that rough start he had as a rookie, he felt like the walls were caving in

Fast forward to now, his 3rd year in the NBA:

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Murray (Brick Wall).JPG
In game 2, his first three quarters were about as ugly as you can get. He was a -18 in his 24 first minutes shooting 0-8 with just 2 assists

Coach Mike Malone on what he told Murray at halftime:

This video doesn’t exist
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Murray wearing that NBA Jam shirt almost felt understated. So did he just save the Nuggets season? No one knows yet. The series is now tied at 1-1 moving to San Antonio where the Spurs had a ridiculous 32-9 home record this year. Yet no one is more devastated by a rough start than Jamal Murray who’s already had his share
Jamal Murray (Boxer).JPG
And no one is more determined to fight their way out of it either. Will see if the Nuggets can follow his lead


“It did take maybe the hottest guy we’re going to see in the hottest stretch of the whole post season. It wasn’t settled until he did that” – Windhorst

“When I look at the playoff matchups, they are not a number two seed They are not as strong as a number 2 seed in the Western Conference. It’s a bad match up for them. San Antonio is the better team” – T-Mac

Should LaMarcus Aldridge be disciplined for hit on Gary Harris?

This video doesn’t exist

“It’s a fine. No suspension” – T-Mac

“I will say that there a lot of people on Twitter who backed up Jokic’s technique” – Windhorst

April 17, 2002 – Desmond Mason of the Sonics throwing it down hard on Stromile Swift of the Grizzlies!


Make or Miss League Harden

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Hezis We still sleeping on CJ’s handles?


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Caution; What does it take to entertain Gary Payton?


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Balance; Better stepback?



T-Mac: Dame | Windhorst: Murray

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Subtlety; Like the support from Raptors fans?

This video doesn’t exist

Moving on…

Kyle Lowry’s bounce-back game a big deal?

“I feel like it’s going to set the tone. When you getting paid $31M and you’re an all-star and you’re one of the leaders on your team, we expect you to go and play that way every night, not lay an a goose egg in the boxscore. He bounced back” – T-Mac

“What they need from Kyle is he needs to raise the floor. His bottom game has got to be better. We’ve seen him have these bottom games in the playoffs before. He can’t have a zero game” – Windhorst

Kawhi stays with Raptors if they advance to _______________

“The Finals and win” – T-Mac

“A lot of people in the NBA think that Kawhi is outta there. But it’s not because of anything that the Raptors did. He kind of wants to be on the west coast. The difficulty is that he doesn’t really articulate his feelings to people. It’s difficult for them to read who have spent everyday obsessing about it for months” – Windhorst

“This is a really pivotal playoff series for Toronto and their franchise. If this kid leaves and goes wherever he goes, I don’t think you get a quality player like Kawhi Leonard in your franchise, unless [Pascal] Siakam can pan out that way, but you are not going to get that in free agency” – T-Mac

Second Half

Westbrook: “I’ve got to play better”:

OKC have enough shooting to come back vs Blazers?
5-28 (16%) from three in Game 2

“It is recoverable. I think their role players will do a much better job of shooting the ball on their homecourt. This is dismal two games of shooting. ” – T-Mac

“They have to do a better job of just getting to the free throw line and stop settling for three pointers” – T-Mac

“This is what their Achilles heel is so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised” – Windhorst

This video doesn’t exist

Rather build around Russ or Dame?

It was unanimous: Dame

“Dame has been healthier, Russ has had multiple knee surgeries. If I’m ever betting on someone long-term, If I’m taking someone for the next 6-8 years, I’m taking the guy who shoots better because shooters always going to age better and Dame is the better shooter” – Windhorst

“For 82 games, give me Russ. Because nobody is gonna match his energy. When it comes to playoffs, I need my guard to be poised, for him to be able to knock down shots, great leadership” – T-Mac

“Russ has kind of declined a little bit in terms of his shot making. Before, he was pretty good at midrange jump shots. The accumulations of the injuries has really messed with his psyche a little bit” – T-Mac


“Russ, through the season, gives you energy. Dame has shown that everyday, he comes to work” – Nichols

Dirty screen on Dame from Steven Adams?


Adams showed very little remorse for it:

This video doesn’t exist

“Adams is a tough player. But I don’t think he’s a dirty player” – Windhorst

Brian Windhorst’s handbook on coaching LeBron

Credit: PelicansNBA/Twitter

David Griffin introduced as Pelicans new executive VP of Basketball Operations

David Griffin: “You’re either all the way in or all the way out” (Via

Any chance Pelicans can convince AD to stay?


“I don’t expect Rich Paul to change his position. They are all business” – Windhorst

“He has to get on his job like right now. I think he has a chance of keeping AD if he succeeds in free agency. That’s the only way you can salvage him from leaving” – T-Mac

“The lottery [May 14] could change everything, if they get the No. 1 pick” – Windhorst
Pelicans have the 7th best chance to win the lottery (6%)


“If I’m AD, I’m signing that $235M” – T-Mac


Warriors “60 minutes” interview make things more awkward?

This video doesn’t exist

“KD just seemed tuned out. Look at his body language. Where’s that bad man that were so accustomed to seeing on the basketball court? KD has to show up in these playoffs” – T-Mac


“We are going to see a lot of superstar free agency this summer, even after whatever happens with the Warriors” – Nichols

April 17, 1995 – Penny Hardaway with the alley-oop pass to Shaq, who dunks on 7’7″ Gheorghe Muresan of the Washington Bullets!



Cruise Control?
Expect Celtics to go up 2-0 vs Pacers?

“I expect the Pacers to play better, but the Celtics didn’t play great either. They’re going to play better and they will go up 2-0” – Windhorst

“They’re going up 2-0. Pacers just don’t have enough” – T-Mac

Bet on Bucks?
Taking Bucks (-15) vs Pistons?

“Here’s my advice: If there’s a double-digit spread in the NBA, just stay away from that game” – Windhorst

Expect Donovan Mitchell to be “twice as aggressive” in Game 2?
Mitchell: 19 points, 0 assists, 5 turnovers in Game 1

James Harden is actually one of Mitchell’s go to guys in terms of advice

“That’s who Donovan Mitchell is. He reminds me of D-Wade a little bit in terms of him being able to maneuver through the defense, but he’s a better shooter. He’s got to get up 25-30 shots” – T-Mac

Like Jazz defensive game plan for Harden?

This video doesn’t exist

“It worked in terms of containing James Harden because he took 26 shots to get 29 points and it kept him off the free throw line” – T-Mac

“They are a great defense playing their style of defense. That was straight up bizarre” – Windhorst

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