Show Recap: April 2, 2019 (Amin Elhassan hosts)

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Opening Tip
What will D-Wade do with all these gifts?

The Panel:

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First Half

Ernie Grunfeld.JPGWizards fire president Ernie Grunfeld (Spent 16 years with the organization)
Tommy Sheppard will be the interim GM

“Their had to be some type of change. Washington hasn’t really took that next step for years and making the playoffs consistently, some of their signings were questionable. They just need a breath of fresh air. I thought Ernie was a great GM. He just ran into some bad luck with injuries to John Wall, The team not really gelling, different head coaches over the years. It’s a tough call” – Pierce

“16 years of being there. He’s a great GM and person. There’s very few times that you see the GM has to go down before they get the coach. I thought the owner went from top to bottom. He didn’t necessarily blame it Scott Brooks” – Scott

“I really liked Ernie. The only bad decision he made was not re-signing me” – Pierce

Should Giannis take a few games off before end of season?

Giannis on the idea to rest his sore ankle for the rest of the season:

“Once you lock up that No. 1 seed, yes. And that has to be a coach’s decision. They have to take that decision completely out of Giannis’ hands” – Scott

“He has that competition and that competitive drive to go out and play every single night. You have to love that about him” – Scott

“He has to think big picture. The team is already dealing with injuries. It’s going to be a tough run for them. He has to be 100 percent for them” – Pierce


Who will grab final spots in East playoff race?

Scott and Pierce:

“I have a lot of confidence in D-Wade and that Miami Heat team because of their experience. You got two mouses (Griffin and Drummond) over there in Detroit. Brooklyn has played so well all season long that they have overachieved to a certain extent. They’re just so hungry” – Scott

“Miami is going to grab the 8th seed. For Brooklyn, I don’t think it really matters for them. They will make the playoffs but they’ve already exceeded expectations, at least mine. Detroit, they got Blake [Griffin], [Andre] Drummond. I want to see one more run with D-Wade” – Pierce

Nets, Kenny Atkinson near extension agreement (Via Adrian Wojnarowski)

“Definitely deserves a new contract and his coaching staff as well. He has changed the culture there. This team is having fun and enjoy playing for Kenny. It’s a great thing for him and his coaching staff” – Scott

“He has made Brooklyn a free agent destination now. He’s developed an identity with this team. He deserves this extension” – Pierce

“It’s a lot easier to do the job that he’s done when you have a front office that has bought in on you and will support every step of the way” – Elhassan

April 2, 1996 – Michael Jordan reverse two-handed dunk vs the Heat!


Make or Miss League Klay

Make Logo
Pet Peeves; Should DeAndre Jordan go with the Mike Beasley approach next time?

Miss Logo
Collisions; Is this the best way to avoid fouling someone?

Make Logo
Sloppiness; Just how they drew it up?

Miss Logo
Pressure; Should Donovan Mitchell save some for the playoffs?
Did a windmill dunk after the whistle was blown



Run it Back

Best after-the-whistle dunks ever!

3) 2009: Rudy Gay vs Bobcats2xm3i4.gif

2) 2016: PG-13 vs Celtics2xm3ms.gif

1) 2010: LeBron vs Knicks2w33wc.gif

Moving on…

Hornets making Kemba’s decision easy? (Will be an unrestricted free agent this summer)
Hornets: 1-5 this season when Kemba scores 40+ points

“I think so. When you got 47 and the rest of the starters got 6, you not getting a whole lot of support. If I’m Kemba, I’m looking to go somewhere where can I team up with somebody so I can take the load off and do so much as he’s had to do in Charlotte. They are making his job so much easier. If money is not the issue and he wants to go somewhere and have a chance to win, then I think the decision is made” – Scott


“These are wasted efforts [from Kemba]. He wants to be somewhere where he can get recognized for what he’s doing. But I don’t know if they’re making this decision easy because that max contract is different” – Pierce

Best fit for Kemba in free agency?

“Utah Jazz. Donovan needs another go-to-guy because when I watch them, if they want to take the next step, if he doesn’t play well, it’s tough on them to win. He needs that other scorer that he can lean on to get them to the next step” – Pierce
Originally said San Antonio and Dallas

“Los Angeles Lakers. Let’s just look at this year in particular: When LeBron when out, this man [Walker] can get you 40. And with the young players that the Lakers have, they would have been able to survive that 19-20 game stretch when LeBron was out. So when LeBron comes back, they still hovering right there in that 4-6 area and now they are healthy” – Scott

Second Half

Who will earn 4th seed in East: Celtics or Pacers?

Celtics lead the season series, 2-1

“Celtics. They are playing at a higher level and are more talented” – Scott

“Celtics. They need homecourt, first round minimum” – Pierce

Wizards fire president Ernie Grunfeld (Cont’d)

Brad Beal: “I’m the 2nd-best SG in the league” (Via Fred Katz/The Athletic)

How compelling is Brad Beal’s All-NBA case?

He would become eligible for the supermax. His deal has a higher total dollar value than any deal in the current market

“It’s very compelling because he has put up some good numbers this season. I think he is one of the better two guards in this league. He’s gotten better every year. He’s taken his game to a different level. His team not being successful, will that hurt his case? Probably so. But there are a lot of great two guards in the league today” – Scott

“He definitely has a case, but you have to reward winning. You got to have standout numbers to make All-NBA team on a losing team” – Pierce

Bonus question: Would you build an NBA team when Bradley Beal is your best player?

“When it comes to building a team as far as winning every single night, he has to be a vital piece of that. I don’t think you can build it around him. I don’t think he can be your best player and win you a championship” – Scott

Wall’s timetable for return impacted by insurance policy?

Via Candace Buckner/The Washington Post:

“His latest injury, an Achilles’ rupture, will keep him out until at least early February 2020.  If he does not play next season, 80 percent of that salary, up to a certain amount, is eligible to be paid by the insurance.”

“I really don’t have any expectations for them. You’re in a case right now to where you need to trade Brad Beal. It looks like they’re trying to build up some assets. I would try to tear it down and start over” – Pierce


“His game is built around speed and athleticism. And he’s not getting any younger. He’s going to have to change his game and have a better floor game to where he’s knocking down shots at a consistent rate from 3, mid-range, using footwork because he’s not going to have the same speed he had before he got hurt” – Pierce

April 2, 1995 – Grant Hill soaring in the air for the monster jam vs the Washington Bullets (Wizards)!


Something Nothing or Everything?!

Curry putting LeBron in his top 5 all-time? (Via Marc J. Spears/The Undefeated)

In order:

1) Jordan

2) Chamberlain

3) James

4) O’Neal

5) Johnson

Pierce: Nothing
“I bet a lot of people could argue that five all-time. I have LeBron in my top five”

Scott: Nothing
“Kareem Abdul-Jabbar needs to be on everybody’s top 5 [all-time list]”

76ers resting Embiid until Bucks game?

Scott: Something
“It sends a bad sign. I just don’t like resting guys at this particular point of time in the season unless you are hurting”

Pierce: A little something
“This game is going to be a meaningless game. This is just a tune-up for the playoffs”

Coach Cal’s lifetime deal?

Pierce: Everything
“According to my sources, he will be paid more than half the NBA coaches in the league”

Scott: Everything
“Every coach in the NBA would want a lifetime contract with the team they’re with”

Elhassan: Nothing

In honor of world Autism Awareness Day, the story of Jazz forward, Joe Ingles and his love for his son, Jacob


Recruiting Season
ESPN and Reports: Jerry Stackhouse in talks with Vanderbilt (News first reported by CBS Sports)
Currently on the Grizzlies coaching staff

“Yes. Coaching is coaching. He would be great, he’s paid his dues. He would be a great recruiting tool for Vanderbilt. He’ll be a great college coach” – Scott

Warriors fined
KD, Steph & Dray fined for criticizing refs

Friday Night:


How important is it for Nuggets confidence vs Warriors [in Oakland]?

Nuggets are a game behind the Warriors for the 1 seed in the West

“They’re chasing the No. 1 seed. This is huge in so many ways. They need this game” – Pierce

“It’s a possible conference finals preview” – Scott

League Pass
Rockets @ Kings

What matters most to Rockets right now?

“The way they’ve been playing all season long, all the minutes that James Harden has had to log, the way he’s had to carry the load on the offensive end, rest is the most important thing for them” – Scott

“Getting the 3 seed so they don’t see Golden State in the 2nd round and health. We want to see a healthy Rockets team. It’s all about seeding” – Pierce

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