Show Recap: April 29, 2019 (Rachel’s convo with CP3)

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Opening Tip
“Game of Thrones” recap via NBA moments


Starting from the left: Rachel Nichols (Host), Hall of Famers Jackie MacMullan and Scottie Pippen


Ice Cube.JPGBIG3 founder and rap legend, Ice Cube

First Half

Monologue: Did Rockets deserve more calls?

Rockets and Warriors.JPG
The Warriors beat the Rockets in Game 1 for a lot of reasons
Steph screaming.JPG
There was Steph Curry, who despite being uneven for much of the night, hit a dagger 3 because…he’s Steph! There was Nene over whom Steph hit that three and probably should have not have been out on the floor in that moment
Durant Catapult.JPG
There’s Kevin Durant who dropped 35 and has become such a human fireball these playoffs. Surprised that nobody tried to abduct him for one of the catapults at the Battle of Winterfell?
Steve Kerr.JPG
There was also Steve Kerr who didn’t wait to lose a game in the series to make a coaching adjustment
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NBA Twitter reaction.JPG
So when the same thing at least appeared to be happening, some people noticed including other NBA players on Twitter
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Bumper Cars.JPG
What makes this more complicated though is that certainly by the second half, the Rockets were so clearly frustrated they were really exaggerating contact
This video doesn’t exist

Click here to read more of the story by Zach Lowe and Rachel Nichols

This is not what anyone wants during a series that should be its own fireball for the basketball going on on the court. Not for everyone’s opinion on the folks in the striped shirts standing nearby

“He did deserve some calls. Anytime you make contact with a guy who is still in the air, that’s automatically a call. You have to give him room to come down” – Pippen

“The rules have changed a little bit because of the way Harden launches himself forward” – MacMullan

This video doesn’t exist

“The Rockets were expecting that kind of game plan” – MacMullan

“It’s a shame that this series is going to be focused on this” – MacMullan


More impressed by Celtics or disappointed in Bucks?
Bucks: Had a 15-0 run to get back into the game

“More impressed by Celtics. They were a lousy road team all year. The thing about the Celtics is when they make shots, they make more shots” – MacMullan

“Celtics. They came in with the mindset to win Game 1. And their game plan against Giannis was great. [Al] Horford’s physically made a difference and that changed the whole game” – Pippen

April 29, 1999 – Kobe Bryant with the 360 dunk vs the Blazers!


Ice Cube’s pick for next Lakers coach?

“I want somebody they’re going to listen to. Tyronn Lue. He’s got a ring and he’s got LeBron’s ear and can motivate the youngsters. Lakers love to reward their own” – Ice Cube

Jealous of Clippers playoff appearance?

“Tell them to go hang a [championship] banner” – Ice Cube

“Clippers don’t have a chance to take out the city. I’ve been saying this since 84” – Ice Cube

Expectations for BIG3 live draft?
Will air on CBS this summer

“We’ve expanded to 12 teams because of so much competition and interest out there, we’ve got 132 ex-NBA players/ex-pros because now we’ve opened it up to international players, we’ve dropped the age limit to 27” – Ice Cube

New “Friday” movie coming?

“We’re going to get into pre-production” – Ice Cube

“Just being a part of the BIG3 and getting a chance to hang out with my heroes: Dr. J, Clyde Drexler, Gary Payton, Iceman [George Gervin]. I never thought I’d make it to this level in sports. It’s fun” – Ice Cube

“It’s a great league and it’s so fun that it’s like a mini All-Star game” – Ice Cube

Joel Embiid’s quest for greatness by Jackie MacMullan

Second Half

Make or Miss League Pop

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Trolling; Like the pettiness from Steph?

Here’s a twist: The last two minute report said this actually should have been a foul on Steph because he made the contact that cause Harden to go out!

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Fear; More disrespectful to Giannis?




Credit: Morry Gash/AP

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Awareness? Why didn’t Spurs foul at end of Game 7?

This video doesn’t exist

Moving on…

Where do Spurs go from here?

Gregg Popovich is indeed negotiating a new deal with the Spurs

“They have players coming back next season where one or two could be fighting for all-star spots. This was a great run for them to play 7 games and give those young players some experience and now they got that hunger” – Pippen

“They have Dejounte Murray. He’s going to be an All-Star” – MacMullan

Expect a different Joel Embiid in Game 2?
Game 1 vs Raptors: 16 points on 5-18 shooting

Embiid after the game:

“I didn’t show up. I need to do a better job in Game 2”

“He’s struggling physically. Knee tendinitis doesn’t go away. He’s dealing with it the best he can. They have no chance without him” – MacMullan
Net efficiency rating when he was off the floor in Game 1: -40

“This is what the playoffs are built for: Stamina” – Pippen

“He needs to establish himself in the low-post game (without having to score) and create some kind of havoc to make the opponents make some adjustments” – Pippen

Rachel Nichols’ one-on-one convo with Rockets star, Chris Paul!


On facing the Warriors again and having that feeling to beat them:

“We say it all the time: It’s about us” – CP3

On the Warriors and Rockets’ run-ins with the refs:

“It’s an emotional game. Guys want to win” – CP3

On the Rockets’ loss to the Warriors in the conference finals last year:

“Through the entire thing, I was kind of drunk emotionally. After we lost, I started rehabbing and the process started over again” – CP3

On Rockets slow start this season:

“I don’t think I was ever worried. It was kind of frustrating at times” – CP3

On not being hesitant despite suffering injuries:

“I don’t work like that [at 90 percent speed]. The only thing that I can do is prepare, practice and go out there and compete” – CP3

Should Rockets change approach with refs now?

“He [CP3] has to lead more by leadership and not let your emotions get caught up. I expect Game 2 to be a lot better and the officiating to be a lot better” – Pippen

“It feels like there’s so much at stake for both of these teams because it’s championship or bust and that plays into the emotions” – MacMullan

How optimistic should Rockets feel after Game 1?

“If I’m the Rockets, I’m feeling pretty good going into Game 2 because they were in this game” – MacMullan

“They can come out and win Game 2. But Game 1 was the game to steal” – Pippen

April 29, 2002 – Ben Wallace with the massive block on Hakeem Olajuwon vs the Raptors!



Like Mike?
Buy Kerr comparing KD’s playoff run to MJ?

“Yes. I definitely see the comparison. When they catch the ball in their sweet spot, you’re at their mercy” – Pippen

Billy’s back!
Sam Presti anticipates Billy Donovan returning as head coach

“Why don’t you just say you’re bringing him back? Billy Donovan is not the problem. He’s a good coach. You just got to figure out going forward how far will Russell Westbrook and Paul George take you. It’s an interesting decision” – MacMullan

“Westbrook has had the keys for quite a while. They lost one of the best players in today’s game [Durant] because he kept the keys too long” – Pippen

Mr. Big Shot (Caller?)
Wolves interview Chauncey Billups for President of Basketball Operations job, per Woj

“Don’t do it, Chauncey. Ownership is a nervous thing. Talk to KG, talk to Kevin Love before you do it and then make up your mind. It’s going to happen for you, but not in Minnesota” – MacMullan

“I love it. He’s got a great feel for the talent and still has a hand in the game and still current in today’s game with the players” – Pippen

Sixers have any answer for Kawhi?

“They should. They have size and strength, but he’s out playing them” – Pippen

“He’s making a case for being the best player in the Eastern Conference” – Nichols

More confident in Nuggets or Blazers?

Pippen: Blazers
“I like what CJ and Damian are doing out on the floor”

MacMullan: Nuggets
“Jokic is an exceptional player and they’re over the hump”

“The chemistry. How they brought the other guys along the way” – Pippen on Dame and CJ’s performance in the first round vs the Thunder

“Got to give a little love to Terry Stotts who’s been making this thing go. I thought they were done when Nurkic went out, but that just hasn’t been the case” – MacMullan