Show Recap: March 26, 2019 (Captain Jack returns!)

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Which was better: The pass or the dunk



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Kidd’s bio box:

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First Half

Monologue: Where do Trail Blazers go from here?

It only takes a split second. That’s what’s so cruel, so devastating about what happened to Jusuf Nurkic last night. In just an instant, so much that took so long to build is gone
Nurkic 2.JPG
This season had been the best of Nurkic’s career. Career-high in: points, rebounds, minutes. That is gone now
The Blazers hopes of making a real run in this postseason likely gone now too leaving everyone involved to second guess how the slightest change here or there could have altered the course of a man’s life, of a team, and a city
Damian Lillard.JPG
Damian Lillard was on the court at the time the Nurkic injury happened

Via NBC Sports Northwest:

Nurkic and Lillard.JPG
You can hear it in Dame’s voice. Nurk is really one of those guys. The guy you hate playing against but love to have on your team
The guy who is emotional and feisty and so into it he has picked fights with what seems like half the league
Blazers players.JPG
There was also an outpouring from Blazers fans who’ve sadly seen this movie before from Bill Walton to Sam Bowie to Greg Oden. Portland is a franchise that has been snake bitten by all kinds of devastating injuries, but also has that particular history of key players getting hurt in the month before the playoffs

He injured his other leg, compound fractures to his tibia and fibula and the impact of this injury is likely to be just as devastating to the Blazers postseason as all the other ones

Jusuf Nurkic.JPG
Everything that was a ripped away from him in just one instant thanks to one inch here or there going just wrong

“At the end of the day, were still in the playoffs, we have a job to do. They still have CJ McCollum and also Damian Lillard so that’s a plus but you have guys like [Meyers] Leonard that have to take up some slack on defense. [Enes] Kanter is going to have to score so many points but what’s dangerous for the whole league: This gives the room for Damian Lillard and [CJ] McCollum to go for 40 apiece ” – Jackson

“It’s not just his statistics that they lose, he’s just a really great screen setter, his pick-and-roll with Lillard, and McCollum too, is a bread and butter play in the league” – Windhorst

“I’m very relived that he got his contract last summer. It won’t impact his earnings” – Windhorst

“This is going to impact Nurk and his life and will impact this Blazers team for not just this season, but maybe for the next season in a half or even longer” – Nichols

Worse look: Booker going for 60? Jazz fouling to prevent?

“The Suns definitely. You don’t want to teach that to your team. You’re already getting blown out. Stats is the last thing you worry about. Everything they did was all wrong” – Jackson

“I kind of respect the Jazz here. they. They obviously felt like it was a little bit against the spirit of the game to bring Booker back in” – Windhorst

“At the same time, what are you teaching your team? It’s cool to get your stats and lose?” – Jackson

Are Suns wasting Booker’s talent?
Scored 59 points in a loss to the Jazz

“I’m not going to say being wasted because even though he’s in the situation he’s in, he’s been professional. But you got to let him play and finish the season on the right note. I would sit him down” – Jackson

March 26, 2007 – Rasheed Wallace (Pistons) with the buzzer-beater from beyond halfcourt vs the Nuggets!


Make or Miss League Rondo

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Innovation; What sport will the Blazers try to incorporate next?

Last night:


Last week:


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Accuracy; Should we start calling this “The Ingles?”


Make Logo
Reach; What can you do?


Miss Logo
Millennials; Better dance: This Usher [in Orlando] or Usher?


Moving on…

D-Wade: “I can play another 2-3 years…I wanted to walk away”

Via Shams Charania/The Athletic:

“I can play another two, three years, definitely. People around me want me to keep playing. But I made the decision to say this was my last season and I wanted to walk away the way I’m walking away now and have no regrets about it.”

Impact of this season on D-Wade’s legacy?

“To have the career Dwyane Wade has had, to be one of the best shooting guards of all time and you walking off on your own merit doing it your way, he deserves that” – Jackson

“He is going on a happiness tour. He is the man that the league needs right now to remind everybody how happy this can be. The expectation free delivery of this joy this year has been wonderful. It’s wonderful for the league and him. He deserves it” – Windhorst

RecommendsEmergence of De’Aaron Fox speeding up Kings timeline by Zach Lowe

Second Half

Harden’s heavy workload give him MVP edge over Giannis?
Harden is 2nd in MPG | Giannis is 40th in MPG

“Giannis has been part of a domination” – Windhorst

“No. I don’t. It’s about winning. Giannis has done it the whole season. He has the edge” – Kidd

“Winning matters a lot to me. Giannis has carried this team all year. That’s special” – Jackson

“Player after player, either current players or retired players keep saying Giannis” – Windhorst

Will Bucks meet postseason expectations?

Credit: Eric Nehm/The Athletic

“Yes. Giannis said it perfectly. They want to get out of the first round. For them to win a series means they’re going in the right direction. Giannis is about the team” – Kidd

“Eastern Conference Finals is possible [for the Bucks]” – Jackson


Think Thunder will turn it around?

“I hope they can. You want to go into the playoffs feeling good and everybody feeling healthy” – Jackson

“They have the highest payroll in the league but they don’t have shooting. That is a real issue” – Windhorst

“I think the #1 seed [in the West] is scared [Golden State or Denver]. That’s going to go 7 [games]” – Kidd on OKC possibly dropping to 8th

March 26, 2006 – AI (Iverson) with the alley-oop to the other AI (Iguodala) who soars high for the finish vs the Pacers!


Fran Belibi wins dunk contest at McDonald’s All American Game!

Favorite memory from playing in McDonald’s All American Game?



Jackson on his time with the Suns:

What were you thinking with J-Kidd.JPG

Alley oop off glass to LBJ.JPG

“I should have thrown it to Dwight [Howard] or Kobe. But LeBron, I had told him like ‘I’m going to throw it’ and he says ‘throw it.’ He did everything and he was shocked he didn’t make it” – Kidd

Mike Woodson.JPG

“I was just trying to win. I was trying to figure out how to change the momentum of the game because we were losing. Dirk like: ‘You crazy'” – Kidd

Spilled drink.JPG

“We had no timeout, I need to make sub, slippery hands and I’m like ‘Oh.’ Real stiff with my acting. Maybe a 2. It was all about winning. The crazy thing about that whole situation besides the fine, which was a little bit too much, was that Paul [Pierce] got a great look to tie the game. He missed it. I had to try to figure out how to get guys in position” –  Kidd

March 26, 2006 – High schooler, LeBron James finishing the explosive alley-oop dunk, assisted by Chris Paul in the McDonald’s All American Game!



Do you believe?
Will Magic make the playoffs?

Kidd: Orlando

Jackson: Miami

Thank You Chris
Chris Bosh will have No. 1 retired by Miami Heat

Bosh on his legacy (Via E:60):

“Talented player. A clutch player, champion and a true professional” – Kidd on he’ll remember CB

“He was part of the group that changed the game with the stretch five or stretch four” – Kidd

League PassCeltics at Cavaliers

Expect Celtics to win without Kyrie vs Cavs?

Celtics with without Kyrie.JPG

“I like Boston without Kyrie, especially in the regular season because they got so many weapons and everybody can be aggressive and that’s why they have a better winning percentage without Kyrie. But they need Kyrie in the playoffs to be that finisher and closer. But without Kyrie, they are always going to be a dominant team because they play freer ” – Jackson

“When your best player is out, other guys get the opportunity to shine and you saw that last year. This gives them another opportunity to prove that they want playing time and they want to ball” – Kidd

Players who become coaches:

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