Show Recap: March 21, 2019 (90 Minute Show!)

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Opening Tip
Wade’s retirement tour best since Jeter’s?

The Panel:

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Biggie Smalls Bobblehead


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First Half Hour

Monologue: The 76ers have figured out who they are

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Game of Thrones (Joel Embiid).JPG
You have to know who you are. This is true in life, in the NBA, in Game of Thrones. Forget trying to predict whether you will win or lose until you get a sense of your own identity, how to amplify what you do best, how to protect what you do worst. You can’t even compete
Bobi and Tobi.JPG
The team made an eye-popping trade at the deadline acquiring: The Bobi and Tobi Show!

So no wonder the Sixers have at times lacked the identity to win their big games. Can’t really get your feet under you if you don’t even know what size shoes you wear

A former NBA player chimed in on Twitter during the Sixers/Celtics game:

Jimmy Butler.JPG
As the 4th quarter progressed, you also saw Jimmy Butler start to spark
Rozier and Embiid.JPG
Of course, this is Celtics/Sixers. The chatter afterward just as good as the game
Joel Embiid (Super Bowl).JPG
Over in Boston’s locker room, Marcus Morris criticized Sixers fans for acting like their team had won the Super Bowl
Rozier and Embiid.JPG
Terry Rozier had already taken a shot at Embiid earlier in the week. He had called him lame
Embiid and Butler.JPG
Last night, the Sixers started to show they know who they are. Which means that finally, now they can really get to see how good they can be

How confident should 76ers feel after beating Celtics?

“They should feel inspired and confident. They do, arguably have the best starting five in the game. But in a 7-game series, I still don’t think they can beat Boston” – T-Mac

“There was a lot of things in their favor to win that game” – Jefferson

“I love the Celtics confidence, but they shouldn’t feel that confident only because teams have seen the kind of spots in their armor that could be attacked. And you can see that they’re as together as they should” – Jefferson

Marcus Smart deserve ejection for shoving Embiid?


“Joel Embiid flopped on that play. He should have never gotten a flagrant 2 on that push. It wasn’t warranted of that. Smart has to be smarter than that because he is a vital part to their success” – T-Mac

“There was nothing there for Marcus Smart to take himself out of the game that important. It’s more of, in that moment (not including flagrant 1 or 2s) that he doesn’t belong in the game anymore” – Jefferson

Picking at players:

March 21, 2008 – Allen Iverson with the tough circus layup vs the New Jersey Nets!


It’s a…

League Logo

Right, Pat Beverley?


Miss Logo
Arachnophobia; How far can Donovan Mitchell take Jazz this season?
Scored 30 point through three quarters


Make Logo
Expressions; Why is Kawhi so offended?


Miss Logo
Anger; Happy to see Zach Collins (Blazers) in a better mood?


January 9:


Make Logo
Matchups; Harden has two 57-point games vs Grizzlies this year

Moving on…

Rockets asking too much of Harden?

“James is a hooper. He comes to play every single night. He takes no shortcuts. They’re not asking too much of him. This is what he does. They need to cut down his minutes” – T-Mac

“We know what he can do in the regular season” – Jefferson

“At some point in time, you have to sit out” – Jefferson

“There’s certain coaches we either know who they are or we don’t have a large enough sample size. We’ve seen D’Antoni have three MVPs and never make it to a Finals. So we know who he is at this point in time. He’s a good coach, but at some point in time, is he the coach to lead you to a championship?” – Jefferson

“This is a championship contending team. They have enough” – T-Mac

Second Half Hour

Pressure on Mike D’Antoni to make Finals?

“I don’t know that championship or bust, even with an MVP, is a fair way to judge him” – Lowe

What’s happening in OKC?
Have lost 4 straight and are the 8th seed in the West. Have the third toughest schedule moving forward

“They are the strangest team in the NBA” – Lowe

“Defensively, they’re not the same. Paul George hasn’t been the same” – T-Mac

“This is like year 10 in a row of us saying ‘The Thunder don’t have enough shooting'” – Lowe

McGrady following that up with:

“That’s the problem because that’s going to haunt them in the playoffs. That’s going to be their downfall”

“They might not be playing their best basketball, but I think they are more talented than the Jazz, Spurs and Clippers” – Jefferson

“They got to get out of the 8th seed” – T-Mac

“If they couldn’t beat a rookie led [Donovan Mitchell] Salt Lake City team [in last year’s playoffs], how on earth are they going really make some noise this year if they’re not playing that well?” – Jefferson

Time to start paying attention to Heat?
Have won 8 of their last 10 games and are sitting in the 8th spot in the East. They have the 10th hardest schedule moving forward

“They do this every year. They get better every year as the season goes on and surge towards the end of the season and they are a tough team. This is not a fake stretch. I just don’t think they have the firepower offensively” – Lowe

“They’re going to be competitive and are going to challenge Milwaukee. Can they beat them? No. They don’t have enough firepower offensively” – T-Mac

March 21, 2004 – Tayshaun Prince throwing it down HARD on the Cavs!


Buy Embiid saying he’s “most unstoppable player” in NBA?

“There’s some merit to it. I think he’s the most unstoppable big man, but I don’t think he’s the most unstoppable player in the game. I have to give that title to KD because of his efficiency and the guys that he’s playing with” – T-Mac

“I think KD is the best player in the league right now. There’s a difference between best player in the league and most unstoppable. James Harden has been the most unstoppable this season” – Nichols

“I would also go Harden. But I love Embiid” – Lowe

“If you can’t keep him off the foul line, you can’t stop him” – Lowe

More deserving of Most Improved Player: D’Angelo Russell or Pascal Siakam?

“Siakam’s got my vote, barring something unforeseen. He’s been the one constant on their team” – Lowe

“D’Angelo Russell. He’s made the biggest jump” –Ā  Jefferson

“D’Angelo Russell. He has a bigger load to carry” – T-Mac

Third Half Hour

KD’s appearance in OKC mend fences with Thunder fans?

Nick Collison on Russell Westbrook:

Via Royce Young:

“Who cares! We should allow fans to be fans. Ultimately, the organization and what KD has done for them they need to respect the decision” – Jefferson

“The fans are hurt because they saw championships walk out of the door. That’s what this is all about. Obviously, they’ve gotten over it. They would love for KD to go back and and hopefully join forces with Russ and Paul George and bring a championship there. That’s not going to happen. He deserves everything that’s going to come to him and that’s having his jersey one day in the rafters in OKC. He’s done so much for that franchise. He’s meant so much for OKC” – T-Mac

“LeBron example: Cleveland fans threw batteries at him when he came back as a member of the Miami Heat. Obviously, he came back to play for the franchise so it’s a little bit different. If they can get over that, certainly OKC fans can get over KD” – McMenamin

Lakers celebrity fans jumping ship?

Via Arash Markazi/LA Times:

“He’s significant in the NBA world” – McMenamin on whether Goldstein is a celebrity

“You still see the Hollywood execs that come and sit courtside” – McMenamin

“I see more celebrities at Clippers games than I used to” – Nichols

LeBron choose right LA team?

LeBron James and Jerry West.JPG

James and West.JPG

“I was told by someone in LeBron’s camp a couple of years ago: He will never wear a Clippers jersey. It does not align with the brand and his version of excellence that he’s seeking” – McMenamin

“If he wanted to win a championship, the Clippers was the right move considering what Jerry West has been able to do for different franchises, Doc Rivers being a championship coach and see what he’s doing right now without an All-Star on his roster” – T-Mac

“There’s not enough stability [on the Lakers]. There’s more stability on the Clippers side” – Jefferson

March 21, 2009 – Glen “Big Baby” Davis rocking the rim HARD in Memphis!


Tank Wars (2019)

Best fit for Zion?

“Cleveland, Atlanta are possibilities” – Jefferson

“From what I hear, he doesn’t want to play in a big market” – T-Mac

“A smaller market would be best for him. I like Atlanta a lot. The problem is, that’d be bad for the league. The Hawks don’t move the needle all that much. New York and Chicago would be a wildfire for the league” – McMenamin

RecommendsWhy Luka Doncic’s game is perfect for future of NBA by Kirk Goldsberry


JA Rules
Pressure on JA Morant to ball out in tourney?
He is ESPN’s #3 overall NBA draft prospect

“Zero” – Jefferson

“He doesn’t have to really prove himself to improve his draft stock. He’s done that already” – T-Mac

Jimmer time?
Jimmer Fredette joining Suns for rest of season? (Confirmed by Ian Begley; First reported by Arizona sports 98.7 FM)
2-year deal with a team option in the second year

“He belongs in this league because he can shoot the ball well” – T-Mac

Oubre out
Sources: Kelly Oubre Jr. won’t return for Suns (Thumb), per Adrian Wojnarowski
Will be a restricted free agent this summer

“Show him the bag. He can be an impactful player” – Jefferson

“He can be a great third option for this team” – T-Mac

Feeling Minnesota
Wolves shutting down Rose, Teague, Covington

“He done. He ain’t making i”t – Jefferson on KAT possibly making All-NBA and getting that $30M bonus

Facts Only
Lillard: “I’m one of the best player in the league” (Via

“Yes. He is one of the best players in the game” – T-Mac

Ideal 1st-round matchup for Nuggets?

“Somebody that doesn’t have a star. The Clippers” – T-Mac

“The Clippers. Everyone wants them” – Jefferson

League Pass
Pacers at Warriors

Nate McMillan deserve more Coach of Year attention?

“He’s high up there. But I like Terry Stotts (Blazers coach)” – T-Mac

“I like Nate McMillan. He’s doing unexpected things. They’ve excelled (without Oladipo)” –Ā  Jefferson

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