Show Recap: March 29, 2019 (Happy Friday!)

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2,000 Slovenian fans show up for Dragic-Doncic duel!

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The Panel:

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First Half

Monologue: Manu’s jersey retirement was a lock (except that it wasn’t at all)

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There is a little bit of a old home week going on in the NBA. First Chris Bosh gets his jersey retired in Miami, then last night, Manu’s goes up in San Antonio
Manu getting his jersey retired was an absolute lock, except it actually wasn’t at all. The thing about Manu Ginobili is that he even wasn’t the best basketball player in his own family as a kid
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He was a relative unknown coming into the NBA draft. The Spurs selected him 57th overall in 1999. If they are being honest about it, they’ll tell you that they were actually kind of trying to trade that pick instead of use it. San Antonio has a history of drafting international players
Ginobili and Duncan
Last night, Tim Duncan told the story of just how far a feel the Manu pick seemed at the time
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You know how most players look at a basketball court and see lines and angles, Manu saw a canvas. Unthrilling passes like ribbons of paint as he drove and rove and took all manner of ungodly risks
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It’s all part of his legend now but at the beginning, one Gregg Charles Popovich, he of the US Air Force Academy did not find it all so charming

Tony Parker explaining that:

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Pop will tell you outright he expected to eventually bend that kid to his will. But a funny thing happened along the way. Little by little, it was Pop who learned to bend
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Pop also spent some time talking about Manu accepting a bench role. It was a hugely risky move but the Spurs second unit had been struggling so much while starters were crowding each other and they asked him and he said yes
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Bottom line, the man sacrificed for all his teams
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The most moving part of the ceremony before Manu took the mic:

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When you think about it, everything about Manu Ginobili was a gamble. From the way he was drafted, the way he played, the bench role, all of it
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And yet now his jersey is retired and soon he will be in the Hall of Fame. That’s a lock too even if it was never supposed to be

Difficulty of Manu embracing bench role on Spurs?

“That just goes to tell you that the game is bigger than any individual. Just giving up that superstar role completely and sacrificing for the benefit of the San Antonio Spurs, the championships that they’ve won. When you win, good things come out of it. This is a prime example of a guy that believed in that” – Pippen

“Manu and Scottie’s careers reminded me of each other of the way they came in. Guys who are not expected to contribute at that level, who’s roles evolve over time. It reminds me how people evolve” – Wilbon

“The guys on that team say they do not believe they would have had those titles if it wasn’t for him making that decision, accepting that role. It’s what clicked and made so much of it work. Brent Barry (former Spurs player) said it best: Tim Duncan is the most revered in San Antonio, but Manu is the most loved” – Nichols

Celtics fans gets 2-year ban for comments aimed at DeMarcus Cousins (Used the ‘N’ word)
The person in question was a minor

“This is complex. My first reaction was: Ban him for life. Second reaction: I want to know more. I want to know was there contrition? Was he/she contrite? The NBA is ahead of other leagues in this” – Wilbon

“In all fairness to the fans, they’re going to heckle players. That’s why they come there. They want their home team to win. As an opponent, you have to expect that and you can’t expect the best to come from the fans when you’re in a hostile environment. But I’d like to know more as well” – Pippen

“My reaction: Why so little [of a ban]? What are you afraid of?” – Nichols

“I’m sorry. It is not acceptable in an NBA game. Period” – Nichols

March 29, 2003 – A young Paul Pierce soaring up high for the dunk on the Cavaliers!


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Tradition; Will anyone believe Harden when he actually gets a nosebleed?


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Uncertainty; Mitchell Robinson dropped 19 pts, 21 reb on the Raptors (with 6 dunks!)
Also had 2 blocks which makes it 23 straight games with at least 2 blocks

“There’s some rotation time” – Wilbon

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Unicorns; Have we been underestimating Boban?
Second career three pointer! (Hit both of them this week!)


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Reality; Do we have a new contestant for flop of the year?


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Earlier this week:



Run it Back

Funniest flops ever!

3) 2007: Baron Davis on Mehmet Okur2xc64f.gif

2) 2011: Chris Bosh on Carlos Boozer2xc666.gif

1) 2013: CP3 on Boogie

Moving on…

Another edition of The Jump’s new “Show Within a Show…”

Greek's Anatomy

Giannis left game last night with right ankle injury
Per ESPN’s Malika Andrews, he had a significant limp after the game

Giannis’ ankle injury big setback for MVP chances?

“It’s time to grab him and put him in a corner and let him know that we’re not going to win a championship over these next six games. It’s important for him to go into the postseason 100 percent. We know the value that he brings to the Bucks. If I’m the Bucks, I’m trying to pull him off the court. He’s such an important piece that you don’t risk” – Pippen

Second Half

Can Rockets catch Nuggets for 2 seed?

“The Rockets have to win either at the Clippers or at OKC. It looks like they have to win one of those two games if not both of them in order to overtake the Nuggets” – Wilbon

“Denver will maintain that spot. I don’t think it’s important for those teams to switch positions in either way to be honest because it’s not going to change anything. You really want to stay out of that four seed” – Pippen

Austin Rivers: “If we play defense like that, we can win the title. That’s what we believe around here”

“I have seen a change since the All-Star break. When you hear him talk like this, it’s about confidence. It’s about seeing that your roster is full, seeing guys are healthy now. This team feels like they can win a title” – Pippen

“James Harden, according to current players [Western Conference players] who I have talked to, say that he is trying for the first time in his life and playing the best defense they’ve seen him play. The effort, the execution, the participation within the framework of what Jeff Bzdelik and that defense is trying to do. So if that is all true, I can see Austin Rivers’ point” – Wilbon

Jimmy Butler on return to Minnesota (3/30): “They are gonna boo me” (Via Marc Stein/New York Times)

Dances with TWolves

“Of course he’s going to get booed. It’s not like there was a relationship between Jimmy Butler and the people of the Twin Cities because there wasn’t” – Wilbon

“He didn’t put in enough services there to get any cheers. He didn’t do anything other than finding his way outta there. He’s definitely going to be in a hostile environment but players embrace that” –  Pippen

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Butler’s take on Thibs’ coaching style fair?

Via First We Feast’s “Hot Ones:”

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“It’s true today. It wasn’t when I played. Players took more criticism. It was a different game then. That’s something that has developed over time, how a coach can coach you and how much you can tolerate him screaming at you. I was able to embrace that because I took it as teaching and not criticism” – Pippen

“Coaching to them now is criticism if you try to correct them. Pop does it. But Pop has EARNED it” – Wilbon

RecommendsHow Lakers wasted Year 1 of LeBron by Dave McMenamin

How likely is KD to the Knicks?

“I don’t know that these guys know. In order for you to get that right, they have to know what they’re about to do. I don’t know if they know that” – Wilbon

“Wildcard: LA Clippers. They have a playoff team, they could add a couple of free agents to that mix, they got a coach that people respect in Doc Rivers, they got an owner who is willing to spend money, they got a consultant in Jerry West who is Jerry West” – Wilbon

“I’m not buying none of this. Why would you leave Golden State? You’re going to be the highest paid player on the team, you’re winning. I don’t see him leaving. He left OKC to find happiness and he’s found happiness” – Pippen

“They say [other players] that they hear this from KD and Kyrie Irving, I have not heard this from either one of them, that those aren’t our championships. The question is: How happy are you where you are” – Wilbon

Lakers wasted LeBron’s 1st season in LA?

“Yes. He’s a playoff performer. To see him not in the playoffs this season, people are going to be very disappointed because we love the challenge he has brought against the Golden State Warriors year in and year out. We wanted to see him do it with this young Laker team. It has been a bit of a disappointment” – Pippen

“It’s been a disappointment. I thought they were going to make the playoffs. Were coming up on the 2nd summer and this is the summer that they thought they can put enough around LeBron to become a contender” – Wilbon

March 29, 1999 – Dennis Rodman grabs the board and throws the outlet pass to Kobe Bryant who slams it home plus the foul vs the Vancouver Grizzlies!



Greek artwork
Young fan surprises Giannis with artwork

Backstory: And 11-year-old fan had worked on some art projects for over a year. According to her dad, she hope to give them to Giannis. He signs, he doesn’t know what it’s going to be. Here’s the full reaction (Via Pete Stauffer of @WISportsRadio/Twitter):

More likely for Suns: Win or Booker drops 50?


“He’s probably going to get another 50. I don’t think they’re going to win a game. It’s all about Booker” – Pippen

“A lot of his teammates are out and so he’s their scorer. He’s my favorite player in the NBA” – Wilbon

“I like what they’re doing in Phoenix. I don’t know if they’ll sustain it. They always do something to undermine it” – Wilbon