Show Recap: January 30, 2019 (Jorge Sedano hosts)

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Corey Brewer drop mic on #10YearChallenge?

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Tim Bontemps (Second Half Only)

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First Half

Anthony Davis fined $50k by NBA (Trade Request) | Think AD cares about $50k fine for trade request?

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Davis was with the team last night:

“I don’t think he cares about it at this moment. He’s looking at this further down the road that ‘If I can get out of here, if I can get to a championship contender, I’m going to make that money in the playoffs'” – Pippen

“If you are getting a fine for a trade request, that is generally a good thing in your life. It is a toll to a better life” – Arnovitz

“The league knows that the players are going to attack this rule. There’s no player going to stay with an organization if they’re not happy. They’re going to be able to get their point across” – Pippen

“He feels like he deserves to be contending for a title” – Pippen

Any explanation for Rockets loss to Pelicans?

“This is the 27th ranked defense in basketball. They gave up 121 points to a team with one functional offensive player, Jrue Holiday” – Arnovitz

“This is the problem: They foul like crazy. They do not defend. They are a bottom 5 defensive team” – Arnovitz

“They ran into a team that was unpredictable” – Pippen

“Jrue Holiday made things tough for Harden” – Pippen

Possible for Harden to duplicate this past month?
Averaged 43.6ppg in the month of January. That is the highest scoring month since Wilt Chamberlain back in March of 1963

“He had a great run. I don’t think it’s possible because CP3 is now back and Capela will be back in a couple of weeks or so. But if those guys are not in the lineup, he does realize that he’s probably one of the most potent scorers that we’ve seen in the last 20-30 years” – Pippen

“I also think that we’re going to start seeing some ‘Harden Rules'” – Arnovitz
Pippen followed that up with: “Like traveling?”

“The Rockets want to avoid a repeat of 2017 where Harden just had that unbelievable individual season, but he was gassed” – Arnovitz

January 30, 1996 – Magic Johnson freezing a defender by faking a non-pass to layup it up in vs the Warriors!


Make or Miss League Rondo

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Heartbreak; Suns lose at Buzzer for third time in the last two weeks

Last night:


Other games:



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Defense; Ever seen Russ having this much fun?


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Focus; More impressive than Mike Miller’s shoeless Game 6 shot?




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Greed; Rajon Rondo the last pass-first PG in the league?



Run it Back

Rajon Rondo’s best dimes:

3) vs Pacers in 2015

2) vs Nuggets in 2010

1) vs Warriors in 2012

Moving on…

Ingram on trade rumors: “That’s just part of the business” (Via Dave McMenamin) Ingram handling trade rumors well?
Scored a career-high 36 points on 16-20 FG

“I’m very impressed with him the fact that he’s continuing to focus on basketball and he’s really driving his value up, whether he knows it or not” – Pippen

“I believe LeBron can do some damage with these players” – Pippen

“Brandon is taking the right approach” – Sedano

January 30, 2000 – Marcus Camby with the halfcourt buzzer beater vs the Kings!


Second Half

Pop: Spurs had a “pathetic performance”

Coach Pop too tough on Spurs after a win?

“No. He expects his team to go out and compete hard and don’t disrespect the team’s record and give your best effort night in and night out. He didn’t feel like his team did that” – Pippen

“It was definitely an honest reaction. He wanted to tip his hat off to Igor Kokoskov (Suns Head Coach) who Pop thinks really highly of” – Arnovitz

Buying idea of Kyrie wanting to reunite with LeBron? (Via Bleacher Report)

“I’m buying that he has a new appreciation for what it is that is required to lead a franchise, I’m buying he took a lot away from those experiences in Cleveland and he has the utmost admiration. I’m just not buying that he wants to return to that environment” – Arnovitz

“Kyrie has had more success with LeBron than without him” – Pippen

“The NBA now is built on a ‘buddy system.’ You come play with me. We can win a championship together” – Pippen

“Coming back this year, as well as Tatum, those guys are not willing to defer to Kyrie right now. That’s the problem I see going on with Boston is that those guys have seen their leadership step up in the last year that they felt like they were all-stars this year. They’re ready to be leaders” – Pippen

“Kyrie has yet to proven his leadership. He has yet to prove that he can take a team to the Finals. He got injured last year. He has to show that he can get a team to that level, to build his value up as a leader” – Pippen

“Is the motivation then for Kyrie to say that ‘Then I’ll go back to being LeBron or I’ll prove I’ll stay here in Boston with a ton of talent, more talent coming in.’ This is not a reason for him to go to Los Angeles. It’s a reason for him to stay in Boston where he’s going to be surrounded by talent and prove to the world that it is his team” – Arnovitz

“That rumor only comes up because they’ve had players [Boston] to develop in his position. Boston is very strong at that two-guard position” – Pippen

RecommendsWhat should Sixers do before trade deadline by Tim Bontemps

Making his first Jump appearance is ESPN NBA Writer, Tim Bontemps (Covers the Sixers and Celtics)!

Do Sixers believe in their current team?

“The best answer is: We don’t know” – Bontemps

“They could use a little offense, but I really like the way this roster is constructed right now. In terms of winning a championship, they don’t have all those pieces yet. They can be a very competitive team in the East. Defensively, they can be very effective. Offensively, they’re not going to put up the numbers” – Pippen

“They don’t have anybody on that bench that gives them defense and athleticism” – Bontemps

“They like Dewayne Dedmon with the Hawks. They’d have to trade Markelle Fultz to do that” – Bontemps on a potential target at the trade deadline

“If they really want to make a run, they have to make moves. If they don’t, I had an executive texting me earlier saying: ‘The Sixers are looking for guys that they traded and they’re not going to keep Jimmy anyway”” – Bontemps

Why haven’t Celtics figured it out by now?

“It really goes back to Gordon Hayward. He’s the center of all this stuff. He’s not the player he was before the injury. It’s not his fault, but he isn’t” – Bontemps

“I don’t want to blame what’s going on with the Celtics on Hayward. I think it’s a collective thing. It’s really about the success of their young players, but also being able to coach guys like Kyrie and Hayward to get them to fit in and buy in to what they created last year” – Pippen

“The All-Star game will put this team back on the map” – Pippen

January 30, 2012 – Blake Griffin with the monster jam on Kendrick Perkins!!!


Bradley Beal: All-Access


USA vs the World
More talented roster: USA or World?

Rising Stars Roster.JPG

Pippen: USA

Bontemps: World

Net Gainz
Are Nets a good team or good story?
Won their 28th game of the season, matches their entire win total from last season

“They’re a good team. Their player development staff has really taken off here. They’re going to be a tough team to play in the 1st round with the number of threes they get up and Caris LeVert coming back in a few weeks” – Bontemps

“It’s a good story. What Russell is doing this season, his growth, his maturity, he’s really making a hard run this season to be an all-star” – Pippen

Still hurt?
LeBron James out tomorrow vs Clippers

“A couple weeks after all-star break. I don’t expect him to participate in any of the all-star events” – Pippen

“If he’s out a month, the Lakers are not making the playoffs. That’s another 12-14 games. That’s a lot of time out” – Bontemps

Should Knicks enter the AD sweepstakes?
Knicks can offer the Pelicans Porzingis, Knox and this year’s first round pick for AD

“I would stay out of it. The Knicks have a couple of good pieces in Knox, Porzingis, draft picks. To get AD, you going to have to put a lot on the table” – Pippen

“If you have Anthony Davis on the Knicks and you have at that point cleared money to then sign another sign another star [KD or Kyrie], The Knicks can say: ‘Hey. We got Anthony Davis on our team. Come play with us.’ I don’t know how you can find a better sales pitch to get another star than that. They would be good for the first time in decades” – Bontemps

“If they get the No. 1 pick, don’t you have to protect it at least? If I’m Anthony Davis, I don’t necessarily want to go there first” – Sedano

“A lot of people already think KD is going there [New York] now. I have to think them getting AD would drastically improve their chances of doing that” – Bontemps

Jazz finally living up to expectations?
Click here to read more about this topic by Tim MacMahon
Utah has won 15 of 20 games and 9 out of 10, thanks to Mitchell’s averages of 30ppg and 6apg over those 10 games

Jazz have the second easiest schedule moving forward

“They are. Night in and night out, teams are going to come at you and I’m sure Mitchell is starting to learn that the second year around. Last year, he built a name for himself and when you show up in arenas now, the fans know who you are. You’re talking about a very good defensive team. They’re going to be a team to be dealt with come postseason, the team no one wants to play because they are such a scary team and a well-coached team” – Pippen

“For the Jazz to really be the team to get to the Western Conference Finals, they should go after Mike Conley via trade. He’s the perfect fit for the way the Jazz play and how their culture is set up. One of the best guys in the league” – Bontemps

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Kyle Kuzma on trade rumors: “It means you have value”

“I appreciate his honesty. Anytime that you’re playing good on the basketball court, other teams want you” – Pippen