Show Recap: February 27, 2019

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Did Russ handle this perfectly?


Today’s Panel:

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First Half

Monologue: Winning is hard, the Boston Celtics story

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Winning is hard. It’s the most obvious truth in sports and yet, it’s ignored more than ever these days
Maybe it’s just the staggering emphasis fans place on transactions. Everyone is so breathlessly following, ‘Which player signs where as a free agent?’ ‘Which team can wheel and deal trades to collect talent?’ It’s natural to start believing the whole equation is simple enough that the team with the best assets is the team that’s going to win. It probably hasn’t helped that the franchise that will end up defining this era of the NBA, Golden State, is going to be remembered most for…it’s assets and it’s insane roster
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On a smaller scale, the same can be said of Denver, a team so wrecked by injuries this season that the closing stretch of last night’s win over OKC, that was the first time since mid-October that the Nuggets played their intended starting five together
Nikola Jokic.JPG
Nikola Jokic has just been tremendous
Mike Malone
The most impressive thing about the Nuggets, Jokic’s talent included, is how they play together. How in tune they are with coach Mike Malone and vice versa

Pretty much everything that say a team like…

The Celtics is not right now. They had everything to play for against the Raptors last night and yet, they completely fell apart in the second quarter
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The Raptors dropped the Celtics to it’s fifth loss in their last seven games. Coach Brad Stevens wasn’t happy about it

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Kyrie Irving was seen sitting deep in conversation with Danny Ainge when reporters were in the locker room last night. He was allowed to be frustrated, surely after a bad loss
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Winning is hard. And at this point in the season, you are seeing some separations between the teams that have remembered that and the teams that haven’t

Trust Celtics to right ship before playoffs?
21 games left in their season

“I’ve been on this ship all season long. I’ve been riding and driving it. I’m jumping off Celtics ship without a life jacket. This team has a serious internal problem” – T-Mac


“It looks like Kyrie Irving is holding back Jayson Tatum, Terry Rozier. When he plays, these guys are held back. If you look at how they play without Kyrie, they are a totally different team. Energy. Having fun” – T-Mac

“Guys that got to see that big bathroom in the front (Tatum & Brown) and Kyrie telling them: ‘Nah. Nah. Just stay back there [in the small bathroom]. This is for us up here.’ It’s not intentional. It’s a numbers game. Someone has to defer and take the backseat” – Elhassan

“It looks like it may get worse before it gets better. That’s not a good sign” – T-Mac

“In a weird way, playoffs actually help because it zeros everything in. It’s one team” – Elhassan

Raptors put East on notice last night?
Outscored the Celtics 36-13 in the second quarter

Jeremy Lin after the game:

“There’s a lot of talent here, so I don’t know what the ceiling is, but I know there’s more”

“This team is pretty damn good. They know who their guys are and who their superstar is and he gets it done on both ends. Toronto could come out of the East” – T-Mac

“Everyone knows their roles and are all bought in. These guys know what they’re doing” – Elhassan

February 27, 2005 – Steve Francis (Orlando Magic) with the high-flying one handed dunk on the Miami Heat!


Make or Miss League Harden

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Counsel; Think Kyle heard him?

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Lowlights; Remind you at all of Jamal Crawford?

Allonzo Trier (Last Night):2utscz.gif


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Invites; Mitchell Robinson had an impressive turnout at his block party last night
Says that if he got starters minutes, he’d average 6 blocks per game. Came off the bench and swatted away 6 in 33 minutes, including 4 in a 42-second span!

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Enthusiasm; Credit Paul George for shooting before the buzzer?


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Skills; Was this Jokic’s most impressive outing of the season?
36 points, 10 assists and 9 rebounds

Moving on…

Believe Nuggets are 2nd-best in West?

“They pretty much wrapped up the number 2 seed” – Nichols

“I’m sticking to them having the 1 seed. But none of those guys have any playoff experience” – Elhassan

“Nuggets will not make it to the Western Conference Finals. All because of their inexperience” – T-Mac

“Jokic needs to be considered an MVP candidate and Mike Malone needs to be in consideration for Coach Of The Year” – T-Mac

Second Half

Who’s most to blame for Lakers struggles?


Amin and the glove.JPG
Amin with a glove on. Safety first!

First slice goes to…Lakers health

“LeBron’s groin injury really took the wind out of themselves and then since Lonzo’s been out, they’ve really struggled” – Elhassan

Second slice goes to…Magic and Rob Pelinka

“The role players that they decided to sign, there’s a reason why everyone surrounds him [LeBron] with shooters because that’s when he operates at his most comfort level. The guys that they brought in, could they done better. They got questionable character guys” – Elhassan

“I thought they could have acquired Paul George in a trade last season” – T-Mac

The next slice goes to…AD trade rumors (LeBron fanning flames)

“He did nothing to dispel it, not for us, not for anyone out there but internally for his young teammates who are going through this kind of conjure and rumors for the first time. He did nothing to make them feel like this is a guy who’s got my back. LeBron could have done more internally with his guys to not fan those flames” – Elhassan

Next slice goes to…AD trade rumors (the young players listening to rumors)

“Stop being babies” – Elhassan

Next slice goes to… AD trade rumors (Lakers organization not managing trade talks properly)

“They did everything so publicly. That’s not how you do business in this league” – Elhassan

Last slice….Everyone else in the world (Amin is not included in this!)

RecommendsWhere Lakers & Celtics can look to for inspiration by Brian Windhorst

Something Nothing or Everything?!

Smart saying Celtics are “Just not together”

T-Mac: Everything
“They’re not together. It’s obvious what we watched last night”

Elhassan: Something (for now)
“It can be fixed. I don’t think it’s too late”

Knicks winning 2 games in a row
Last time they won consecutive games…November!

T-Mac: Something
“I see these young guys getting the opportunity to play. They’re getting valuable minutes and are playing extremely hard”

Elhassan: Everything
“You’re trying to lose games, but not have a losing culture”

Capela saying he’s at “55, 60 percent” right now
Has logged 32 minutes per game since he’s been back

Elhassan: Something
“No disrespect to Kenneth Faried, Capela brings something to the table that if he’s healthy, they don’t have that on the roster, particularly on the defensive end”

T-Mac: “He’s a guy that runs from rim to rim. He’s a great rim protector. To me, he looks good”

February 27, 2000 – Scottie Pippen (Blazers) with the alley-oop pass to a young Jermaine O’Neal who finishes it hard vs the Jazz!



No Playoffs
Suns are 1st team eliminated from playoff contention

“Something has got to change” – T-Mac

Lonzo Update
Lonzo Ball will be re-evaluated tomorrow (ankle)
He’s 5 weeks into the original recovery timeline of 4-6 weeks

“They need him bad, defensively. That’s what they’re lacking. They need his energy” – T-Mac

“He’s their best perimeter defender. Since he’s been out, 13 games that he’s missed, they are a bottom five defense in the NBA” – Elhassan

AD: “Sitting 4th quarter last game obviously frustrating” | AD: “I don’t care” about fan reaction tonight

How should Lakers approach tonight?

“I think the players are pretty much getting tired of LeBron in the postgame interviews. He has to take some accountability and talk to these guys and figure out what the solution is. Let’s stop pointing fingers” – T-Mac

“When they were in turmoil, that was their safe space” – Elhassan who was quoting former Cavs GM, David Griffin

“LeBron has got to turn it up some more” – T-Mac

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Trail Blazers take the stairs after yesterday’s elevator incident!
Took place in Boston