Show Recap: January 2, 2019 (Happy New Year!)

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Is 2019 the year of Giannis?


Today’s Panel:


First Half

Monologue: There is nothing quiet about 76ers this season

Sixers and Clippers.JPG
The Sixers beat the Clippers with a performance that was exciting, frustrating, promising and messy with 12 other things going on at once, which is how you would describe the Sixers roster overall
There was also a Kardashian/Jenner sister involved (of course) and actor Jeff Garlin of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” heckling Joel Embiid
Embiid has had an eventful last month or so. He publicly complained about his role and the way Brett Brown uses him on the perimeter
Embiid has significantly shifted his social media habits that doesn’t include inspirational cat quotes on his IG page
Embiid phone.JPG
You have to scroll back pretty far to find him trash-talking anyone. He recently said he has stopped doing those kinds of posts because he’s maturing and spending more time with his girlfriend

But there were some right opportunities to post something on social media after his dominant performance against the Clippers:

Joel Embiid.JPG
Embiid said the reason he reacted the way he did was because it was amplified by a flashbacks of what happen to him last spring when his teammate, Markelle Fultz collided with him and ended up breaking a bone in his face

Nothing to see here.JPG

Embiid’s post game media session was interrupted by this:

This is also not made up:

A group of Sixers fans started a petition to keep Kendall Jenner who is dating Ben Simmons from attending home games!

Sixers fans believe Jenner is bad luck, a notion that Sixers co-owner, Michael Rubin called “ridiculous”

Jenner 2.JPG

Jenner 3.JPG

Probably the most disrespectful play of 2019:


Philadelphia is not a neat or orderly team by any stretch. Stuff always seems to happen around the Sixers. Fultz’ condition will be updated next week
Sixers Circus.JPG
If the Sixers are sometimes a circus, they sure are a fun circus. And last night against the Clippers, they were also winners which is of course the thing that counts most of all

76ers biggest need right now?

“Shooting is the biggest issue for this team. They had a couple guys last year that was able to knock down shots on a consistent basis besides JJ Redick. They let those two guys go and now they have one main guy and that’s JJ” – Scott

“They have to find that shooting that they had last year” – Scott

“They need to add some depth, specifically from the shooting standpoint. The most important number there [from the graphic above]: Catch-and-shoot. That’s going to be the most important one for them” – Elhassan

Simmons attempting a pull-up jumper a good sign for 76ers?


“You have to start doing this during a game” – Nichols

“A lot of fans don’t understand this: These guys do work on this. There is a last step of translating that practice court confidence on to the real thing: The main court” – Elhassan

“When the lights come on, it’s a different beast and that’s for everybody” – Scott

“If I’m Coach Brown, This kid has to do this 5-7 times a game. Right now. Even if you don’t make them. Then the confidence will start coming up. He’s too good of a player” – Scott

Bigger deal for Raptors: Kawhi career high (45 points) or Lowry [back] injury?

“Lowry injury. These are the types of things that linger. They still need Kyle to be aggressive and out on the floor for them to have success in the playoffs” – Elhassan

“Lowry injury. If this team wants to go to the NBA Finals, they need Kyle to be at 110 percent” – Scott

“This team is one of the best teams in the league, if not the best team in the league right now” – Scott

January 2, 1997 – Derrick Coleman misses the free throw, but Allen Iverson comes in with the putback dunk vs the Sonics!!


Make or Miss League Kawhi

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Altitude; How long will Nuggets hold onto 1st place out West?
Beat the Knicks last night

“2-3 more weeks” – Scott

“End of the season” – Elhassan

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Awareness; How are guys still falling for this?


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Fantasy Basketball; Jusuf Nurkic last night vs Kings:

24 pts
23 reb
7 ast
5 stl
5 blk

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Electrolytes; What will LeBron carry into the arena tonight [vs Thunder]?


Moving on…

Chances Harden wins MVP again this season?

“They got out of a hole that they started this season with. They’re getting there but it’s not going to be good enough when you look at Milwaukee’s record and what Giannis is doing, what the Lakers are doing when LeBron gets back, Kawhi Leonard [in Toronto]. He’s going to have to overcome guys who are also putting up phenomenal stats, but their teams have more success not because they’re better, per se but because they didn’t start the year in this massive hole that Houston tried to dig themselves out of” – Elhassan

“If he gets them back to that 2nd seed in the Western Conference, it’s going to be hard for him to play this way for the remainder of the season, he is a unanimous MVP” – Scott

Second Half

Juicier Warriors conspiracy theory: Re-signing Boogie (Stein) or trading for AD (Lowe)? (Via Marc Stein of New York Times/Zach Lowe of ESPN)

“It could happen. We’re about midway through the season, Boogie still hasn’t played. If he has a performance that’s ‘ehh,’ maybe he comes back another year and then get the money that he think you’re really worth” – Elhassan

“I want AD here in LA” – Scott

“I don’t see it being that far-fetched that you could see DeMarcus Cousins back in Golden State next year” – Scott

Enes Kanter meets with Knicks GM Scott Perry | Understand Enes Kanter’s frustration with Knicks?
Didn’t request a trade in that meeting

“I understand Enes’ being frustrated. He loves to play and loves to compete. My question is: Why would you go talk to Scott? Go talk to the coach” – Scott

“He’s a terrible defensive player” – Elhassan on why he thinks Kanter isn’t playing that much

Surprised by Thunder’s success despite Westbrook’s shooting slump?
Click here to read more about this topic by Royce Young

Westbrook on helping his team in other ways:

“I’m not concerned about his shooting. He’s never been a great shooter. There’s other areas of the game that he can help his team with that helps them be successful: leading the league in assists, top steals guys in the league, being the best rebounders at his position. That’s why this team is where they’re at right now. Then you got to give credit some Paul George. He’s getting more touches” – Scott

“The great season that Paul George is having is not just because there’s more opportunity, it’s because Westbrook is allowing it to happen. He’s ceding that control [to PG]. The team is better” – Elhassan

Recommends10 NBA trends & whether they’ll continue in 2019 (

Popovich on the Kawhi trade:

Trade Deadline is at 3pm ET on Feb. 7

Should Wizards be buyers or sellers before trade deadline?
John Wall is out for the remainder of this season

“Buyers. They think of themselves as not that far out of the playoff picture” – Elhassan

“Buyers. They don’t think they’re out of it” – Scott

Should Mavericks be buyers or sellers before trade deadline?
Sources say the Mavs’ Dennis Smith Jr. is available, but aren’t motivated to move him, unless they are overwhelmed by an offer

“Buyers. I like Smith Jr. We do know the future of this team is on another young player: Luka Doncic. He is the future of the Dallas Mavericks” – Scott

“It’s a shame that the Luka Doncic/Dennis Smith Jr. combination isn’t going to chance to really flourish. If they trade Smith Jr, it’s because they are getting something that makes this team better right now” – Elhassan

January 2, 2002 – Jermaine Jones (Cavs) with the 59 foot shot vs the Warriors!


Is LeBron calling himself the GOAT a good or bad look?

From ‘More than an Athlete’:

MJ on GOAT convo in 2009 (Via Michael Wilbon):

“I don’t have a problem with him saying it. At the very least, you can say he’s in the conversation” – Elhassan

“When I first heard this, it brought a smile to my face. He is definitely in the conversation” – Scott

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Kyrie Irving out vs Wolves (Eye) | How much trouble are Celtics in without Kyrie tonight?