Show Recap: January 28, 2019

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Book’s shot worthy of A.I. comparison?



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First Half

Monologue: “AD trade could change the entire course of the NBA” – Nichols

So, not much going on in the NBA today. Right?


Anthony Davis.JPG
Anthony Davis has asked for a trade!
Depending on what happens next, the entire course of the NBA could completely change. It might be an oversell, but it’s not. AD gets traded to a team that already has a top-5 player on it, that team is at least a threat to the title this season and disrupt the Golden State dynasty


Davis gets traded to a team that doesn’t have another elite player on it, but is a super attractive market like the Knicks, a team that could also still create a max slot, in addition this summer to attract a player like Kevin Durant

This has the potential to be a KD to Golden State, LeBron to Miami type of NBA shaking situation. The fact that it’s happening now, 10 days before the trade deadline as opposed to this summer when fans frankly expected it, that just makes it more def-con 5!

Why is this happening now you ask?

AD and Rich Paul.JPG
AD’s agent, Rich Paul confirmed to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski that his client wants out of New Orleans

Rich Paul.JPG

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In the six and half years Davis has been with the Pelicans, they have one a total of one playoff series!

Nichols and AD from a conversation last year about the idea of spending his prime with a franchise that isn’t competiting:

Davis has watched this season, teams like Houston who saw things go off the rail early and made a bunch of tweaks and in fact that is not what New Orleans has done. They have stood pat and clearly that was enough for him

Danny Ainge.JPG
It’s the worst kept secret in the NBA that Boston has wanted AD for years. Danny Ainge has been stockpiling draft picks and assets and was certainly expected to offer a treasure trove to get him
Kyrie and AD.JPG
Because of a quirk in the CBA, the Celtics can’t trade for him right now, unless they also want to offer Kyrie Irving in the deal. Both Kyrie and AD are on a designated rookie extension contract and you’re not allow to trade for two players currently on such a deal
PG Fiz and Kawhi.JPG
Does a team like the Knicks take a flyer the way the Raptors did with Kawhi, the way the Thunder did with Paul George and actually make a big offer just gambling that AD will like the team so much he stays

Will the Pelicans make a deal at all?

Alvin Gentry.JPG
Coach Alvin Gentry was recently emphatic denying that the Pelicans would even consider an AD trade no matter what

Even for…


Gayle Benson.JPG

Indeed, it seems Anthony Davis wants to leave. And the whole future of the NBA looks like it’s about to change

Right decision for AD to request a trade?

AD Ranks this season.JPG

“I do. It’s about time. This was something that was kind of looming for a number of weeks, probably even months. Why not request a trade right now where he’s at the peak of his career, not even the peak, he’s far from that. He’s that good right now. Why not go some where you can continue to flourish as a player and have opportunity to win a championship?” – Scott

“This young man is trying to direct his future” – Scott

“I was shocked. We should applaud him, first of all. He’s giving New Orleans a chance to get maximum return on him. That’s great that he did that” – Elhassan

Woj.JPGAdrian Wojnarowski joined the show!

Biggest challengers to Lakers for AD?

“Boston certainly is the team with the most assets, the biggest trade arsenal. They’ve been preparing to make a run at Anthony Davis for years now. But they’re limited in what they can do at the trade deadline” – Woj

“There’s not a team in the league that’s not going to call the Pelicans and register their interest. The market is going to be wide open because of the level of talent that Anthony Davis has and the fact he’s under contract through next season” – Woj

January 28, 2008 – JR Smith (Nuggets) with the nasty one-handed dunk vs the New Orleans Hornets!


make or miss league ball

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Reruns; Did Lance go full Lance last night?



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Trepidation; Steven Adams’ eurostep: A redemption story

Last night:


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Discussions; PG’s best dunk since the birdman posterization?



Moving on…

Who’s ahead in the MVP rankings: Giannis or PG-13?
PG-13 had 36 points, 13 rebounds in a win last night vs the Bucks

Giannis vs PG-13.JPG

“PG-13. He’s been the unsung hero of OKC this year. He’s playing MVP basketball right now. His game is phenomenal” – Scott

“Giannis. He’s been consistent with his numbers and he’s a bigger part of why his team wins than Paul George’s” – Elhassan

RecommendsMelo on next move: “I just want to be happy” by Ian Begley

Second Half

McMenamin.JPGESPN Lakers reporter, Dave McMenamin joined the show!

KD on Anthony Davis: “It’s definitely a topic of conversation”

Best offer Lakers can make for AD?

McMenamin on best offer the Lakers can make:
-Couple of first round picks
-Kyle Kuzma
-Brandon Ingram
-Lonzo Ball
-Josh Hart
Ivica Zubac

“This could be the next kind of stage in player empowerment when it comes to forcing a way into a new situation” – McMenamin

“The pot is going to have to be sweeten. They have some of the assets and picks to do that” – Scott

“There’s a reason to be extra aggressive right now because you know the most competitive offer isn’t on the table by virtue of the CBA. If you let this get past February 7th, you’re basically saying: ‘I’m waiting for Danny Ainge to mess this up somehow'” – Elhassan

“The picks are a big part of it. Two 1st round picks if I’m Dell Demps (Pelicans GM). That’s the minimum” – Elhassan

January 28, 1992 – David Robinson (Spurs) finishing the reverse alley-oop dunk vs the Chicago Bulls!


Trae Young.JPG

John Collins.JPGTrae Young and John Collins of the Atlanta Hawks joined the show!

Expectations for rest of season with Hawks?

John Collins numbers.JPG

“For me and John as leaders: To bring that energy and effort every night” – Young

“The biggest difference for me is my strength. Just being stronger” Collins on the biggest difference from his rookie season to sophomore season

Pressures of being compared to Luka Doncic?

“Obviously I hear everything that goes on. You can’t miss it. Luka’s having a really good year so far. I just try to focus on myself and on my team. I’m really dedicated to working extremely hard everyday for my teammates. At the end of the day, it worked out for both teams. That’s how I look at it. I mean, Luka’s doing really well. I feel like I’m doing really well as well” – Young

“In my eyes, it’s not a question. It’s going to be me. But that’s just the competitive nature in my blood, and I think that’s the no-brainer with me” – Young when asked who would be seen as the better player in five to 10 years.

Influence of Vince Carter on rest of Hawks? (#DraftVince)
Just turned 42 years old

Via ESPN+’s ‘Year One’:

“Just having him around gives me extra level of confidence just knowing that if I need any help with anything, I can go to VC” – Collins

“It’s tough to get him to do something like that at this stage in his career. That’s something we all would love to see for sure” – Collins on Carter possibly being in the dunk contest this year

“He knows this is a young man’s game when it comes to the dunk contest. He’s had his time in the sun when it comes to the dunk contest” – Scott

John, interested in dunk contest?

“Definitely be really interested in participating in the dunk contest trying to showoff” – Collins

Interested in Rising Stars Challenge?

“For us to definitely be in a game like that together on the same stage would be huge” – Collins


Old friends
KD making trip to OKC for Nick Collison’s jersey retirement (Via Woj)

“That group was so special, that whole group from 2010 until I left there, it was special. It’s about time for us to let go of all that extra stuff” – Kevin Durant

Teen Spirit
Luka is the best rookie since ______________?

“Ben Simmons” – Scott

“Ben Simmons” – Elhassan

In the Zone.JPG
AD: 29.3ppg, 13.3rpg this season

Jrue Holiday on the AD trade news:

Jrue Holiday on AD: “He’s like a brother to us” | Should Pelicans keep AD anyway?

“Absolutely because you have enough time on it and because you have the best suitor is contractually prohibited from getting in on there. It makes sense to wait, at least until the Celtics can put forth their offer” – Elhassan

“Trade him. Trade AD to Los Angeles [Lakers]. Make that man happy” – Scott