Show Recap: January 29, 2019

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Today’s Panel:

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First Half

Monologue: Should league continue efforts to help small markets keep star players?

The last 24 hours in the NBA have been bananas as Anthony Davis’ trade request has reverberated through every fanbase
A lot of terrible trade scenarios have been suggested, a few super-interesting ones
johnson and ainge
There have also been hours of speculation on the Celtics/Lakers rivalry playing out yet again
There has also been a whole echo discussion happening in the NBA’s front offices. How the collective bargaining agreement is once again failing in some of its designs to prevent player movement

There are a few more boring sentences than ‘I want to talk about the CBA’

Every time there is a new CBA, the owners side keeps trying to incentivize players to stay with teams longer and it keeps backfiring

Like the supermax, which was created as a reaction to Kevin Durant bolting Oklahoma City for Golden State and leaving the Thunder with nothing
So in fine CBA tradition, they came up with yet another variation of the ‘Let’s just make it so a star player’s current team can offer him so much money more than anyone else there’s no way he’ll turn it down’ plan. And let’s do it a year before free agency so that he is locked up before any other team can get a shot at him

Many of the stars in line for a supermax have asked to be traded before it can even be offered:

-Paul George
-Kyrie Irving
-Kawhi Leonard
-Anthony Davis (18 months before his contract is even up)

The players who have stayed, those supermax contracts either already have or sure look like they could turn into huge anchors around the necks of the teams who have to pay them

Also, it’s not like the supermax is the only time this kind of CBA effort didn’t quite work. Like the ‘The Heatles’:


Bottom line: The NBA has free agency. This is a good thing because player movement keeps the league fresh and generates huge interest 12 months a year and players are human beings. At some point, they deserve the same right as the rest of society to get to decide where they want to work and live

There needs to be some system in place so every team gets at least an initial chance at elite players as they come into the league. The system that’s in place right now, where those teams in essence control the first 7-8 years of an elite player’s career, that’s enough

If you want that player to sign away more of his life to your team, how about trying to be a franchise that’s worthy of that as opposed to just trying to come up with more and more spectacular bribes to keep them there. And also recognizing that sometimes players are going to want to change just because they want a change
The decisions made by Pelicans management from bad trades to bad contracts to skimping on medical resources have led to AD to wanting out. It seems like addressing all of that might be a better place to put our energy, instead of fretting over the CBA

Feel bad for small market teams?

“No. Why? If you look at a lot of these smaller market teams now, OKC, Milwaukee, Cleveland, you have to do a better job of drafting players, developing players and when you get this type of franchise-changing talent, you have to surround them with talent to keep him there” – T-Mac

“I don’t feel sorry for teams that mismanage the situation. If you run your team poorly, I don’t care what your market is. You’re going to have a poor team and you’re going to have stars that leave. You run it well, you give yourself a chance to retain the talent you do have and attract new talent” – Elhassan

“Big markets are not as sexy or glamorous as they used to be” – T-Mac

January 29, 1997 – Damon Stoudamire (Raptors) with the go-ahead shot to take the lead, then Jerry Stackhouse (Sixers) hitting a shot at the buzzer to win the game!!!


Make or Miss League Kawhi

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Execution; Kyle Anderson, WYD?
After blowing a 25-point lead, the Grizzlies still had a chance to win the game with less than 20 seconds left vs the Nuggets

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Unbridled Enthusiasm; Bench celebrations underrated part of Steph’s game?



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Selfishness; Best Dime last night?

Kemba Walker:

Kevin Durant:

Theo Pinson (Nets):

Marcus Smart:

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Acting; Did Beverley deserve flop warning?


His response:

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Vulnerability; Time to go home if Shaun Livingston is hitting this shot?



Run it Back

Most memorable behind backboard shots:

4) 2010: LeBron

3) 2009: Kobe

2) 1988: Jordan

1) 1986: Bird

Moving on…

When will Warriors lose again?
11 straight wins since January 3rd. Last loss was against the Rockets, on the overtime dagger shot by James Harden. Turned out to be a turning point

Warriors schedule.JPG

“Warriors will win 18 straight going into all-star break. Book it!” – T-Mac

“Saturday vs the Lakers when LeBron comes back and is joined by Anthony Davis!” – Elhassan

Second Half

Vince Carter shoots down Rachel’s #DraftVince Campaign!

T-Mac on the fan event in Toronto:

Trade Deadline Buyers/Sellers board is back!

Think Celtics will miss out on AD sweepstakes?

“The Celtics are the frontrunners to land Anthony Davis. The assets that they have makes more sense for both parties to even out a trade” – T-Mac

“If you’re Dell Demps (Pelicans GM), there’s no urgency for him to do the deal now knowing that the Celtics are out there and are interested” – Elhassan

More aggressive AD buyers before trade deadline?

“If you are the Lakers or one of these other teams that is vying for him now, this is the time to be aggressive” – Elhassan

“I don’t know if anyone is prepared to go ‘Full Brooklyn’ yet” – T-Mac

“Here’s why you shouldn’t go ‘Full Brooklyn’: Anthony Davis on the Pelicans are still losing” – T-Mac

Should Pelicans consider tanking now?

“If they don’t do a deal, you have to start exploring pawning off those other pieces” – Elhassan

“I couldn’t see shutting down for the whole season. I wouldn’t like that one bit” – T-Mac

Woj: “If Lakers land AD, Klay could also be in play” (Via SportsCenter)

“I want to keep this train running as long as I can” – Klay Thompson

Klay back in October:

Free Agents.JPG

Klay's max contract options.JPG

“In the perfect world, I can see it. If Klay leaves the Warriors, Lakers are the perfect option. I just don’t see it happening” – T-Mac

“Something is going to happen [in Golden State]. There’s a lot of ‘ifs’ to get to for him to get lured away” – Elhassan

January 29, 2007 – Vince Carter (New Jersey Nets) with the game winning three at the buzzer vs the Utah Jazz!!!


Gallinari.JPGClippers forward, Danilo Gallinari joined the show!


Armani 2.JPG

Armani 3.JPG

Armani 4.JPG

“Soon. We’re taking it day-by-day, but it’s getting a lot better. Maybe a week” – Gallinari on his recent injury

How confident are you in Clippers playoff chances?

“I am. We’re going through some ups and downs now. It’s still a long season and anything can happen. We want to make the playoffs. We’re capable of doing that” – Gallinari

What were you thinking.JPG

What were you thinking 1.JPG

“I said to Leroy [Richardson; NBA Ref]: ‘You called the foul, but the worst thing is that tomorrow morning, I got to go to the dentist'” – Gallinari

What were you thinking 2.JPG

“In those moments, it happened twice in my life so hopefully it’s not going to happen again. I could have had Mike Tyson in front of me and I still would have. I was so mad because it was a dirty game. They we’re playing dirty. I just lost it” – Gallinari

What were you thinking 3.JPG

“This had been going on since the beginning of the season. They were celebrating every time I was shooting a three like that. I’m not a guy that celebrates that much but I got into it too” – Gallinari

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Comeback Szn
Nuggets 25-point comeback: Something, Nothing or Everything?!

“It was a nice comeback, but why the hell y’all down 25 against Memphis who’s throwing in the towel? That’s alarming to me” – T-Mac

“Something. This could be Marc Gasol’s last game” – Nichols

Smart for Atkinson to bench D’Angelo Russell late?
Benched for most of the 4th quarter vs the Celtics

Coach Atkinson after the game:

It was rebounding in the zone, there were some rebounds he could’ve gotten. It was a teachable moment”

“To his credit, he was on the side cheering his guys on” – T-Mac

What does CP3’s return change for Harden?

James Harden per 36 minutes.JPG

“James is going to be James. He has to be James for these guys to win. Chris Paul really has to alleviate some of that pressure off of his shoulders. He’s not going be able to keep this pace up if they want to win a championship” – T-Mac

“He did this because Chris was out, not that’s the best way to play. It’s just the best way for us to win giving the talent we have available” – Elhassan

“He’s still going to average 30. Chris has to adjust to him. It’s not going to effect it at all” – T-Mac

League PassBucks at Pistons

Should Bucks grant Thon Maker’s trade request? (Via Adrian Wojnarowski)
Has requested a trade

“Yes, if it makes them better. Not just because he wants to get traded, at least for players of his caliber” – Elhassan

“Another team could use his talent. Trade Thon, can’t waste that talent on the bench. He reminds me of KG a little bit. Just a little raw around the edges” – T-Mac

“He’s buried [on the bench] because they got players ahead of him at his position who can help them win now” – Elhassan