Show Recap: December 24, 2018 (90-minute Christmas Eve Special)

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Opening Tip
Did Pat Bev overreact to Curry’s flex?




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First Half Hour

Monologue: Luka Doncic has no fear of failure, but some GMs did when they passed on him

Michael Jordan said a lot of things over the course of his basketball career, many which were unprintable. If you look at some of the quotes that were plastered on posters over and over again, a lot of them had to do with not being afraid to fail
At 19 years old, Luka Doncic has no fear and this is not because he thinks he’s going to be flawless, but rather because he already seems to understand the pursuit of the spectacular is reckless business
Last night, with the Mavs down three to the Blazers and 0.6 seconds on the clock, Doncic hit an insane three point shot at the end of regulation!
In last year’s draft, Doncic was picked 3rd overall by the Hawks, then got traded to the Mavs in exchange for 5th pick, Trae Young. Suns and Kings passed on him
These GMs that passed on him were driven more by the fear of failing (being wrong on Doncic) than they were willing to take a chance on him being the player who’d most help him succeed

It took Mavs GM Donnie Nelson, who nearly has Teflon credibility with owner Mark Cuban…


To push the button and take the risk on Doncic

Donnie Nelson pushing the button

NBA History
Doncic is averaging 19 points, 7.5 rebounds and 5 assists per game. Only these rookies have ever averaged a line like that over the past 40 years

What makes Luka Doncic different from the average rookie?

“It’s his short memory. This kid has already played international ball. He just has a good feel for the game and has a special talent. He’s come in and looked like a professional player since day one” – Pippen

“It’s the confidence that he brings to the Mavs and it’s the confidence that these guys, who have been in the league for a long time already have in him” – Friedell

Bays of Our LivesEncouraged or discouraged by Warriors win last night?

“I’m encouraged. This team knows how good they are. They know how talented they are” – Friedell

“There’s not just anything to really keep this team motivated other than getting into the playoffs” – Pippen

“They know how to win when all the chips are down” – Friedell

Boogie Watch
Does Boogie look ready to play now?

“The way Golden State has used bigs in the past, I would say he’s not quite ready yet” – Pippen

“How is he going to adjust when they start playing games?” – Friedell

“Boogie needs the Warriors right now a lot more than the Warriors need him because he needs that contract at the end of the year” – Friedell

December 25, 2003 – T-Mac with the powerful one handed and two handed jams vs the Cavs!



Make or Miss league Kawhi

Make Logo
Elevation; Favorite dunk this weekend?

Lauri Markkanen:


Jaylen Brown:


Noah Vonleh:


Paul George:


Victor Oladipo:


Giannis Antetokounmpo:


Devin Booker:


It was unanimous on the panel: Giannis!

Miss Logo
Fear; Celtics run exact alley-oop play Hayward was injured on

2017 Opener:


Last Night:


Make Logo
Longevity; Vince Carter drops team-high 18 points in Hawks win
Shouldn’t Vince Carter be in the dunk contest?

Miss Logo
Home-court advantage; Was there a lid on the rim at Scotiabank Arena?


2018 East Semis:


Make Logo
Bear Down; Think they need ladders to put the star on the Christmas Tree!

Aaron Gordon:


Deandre Ayton:


What do those two guys have in common? Both went to University of Arizona!
Jump staffers Producer Danny, producer Eitan and producer Schwartz are alums of U of A!

Moving on…

Anthony Davis: “Legacy is more important than money” | Anthony Davis sending message to Pelicans?

“I don’t think it’s that much of a message to the Pelicans because they got an open slate for him to leave any kind legacy there with the Pelicans that he wants. They know that got some work to do” – Pippen

“Davis wants some of that success [Like Golden State has with their big 3] and wants to play with great players” – Pippen

Amin’s apology:

“If he gets traded, he’s got a trade kicker on his deal” – Elhassan on why he would turn down a supermax next offseason

“They might need to do the same type of deal this time around in order to send that message to him that they’re committed to giving him legacy in New Orleans” – Elhassan on the Pelicans acquiring another superstar to pair with AD

“Boogie was not the right player to keep him there. You have to bring a player there that can make him better. It has to be more of a perimeter player” – Pippen

December 25, 1994 – Scottie Pippen with the game winning blocked shots vs the Knicks!


Second Half Hour

LeBron criticizes NFL ownership, commends Adam Silver

Via HBO’s ‘The Shop’:

“LeBron is right in some sense on how NBA players are treated” – Pippen

“Basketball players do have a little more to say and they have more freedom. We’re more compact” – Pippen

“The thing he does hit on the head: Players are allowed to express themselves in any way” – Elhassan

“In our game, we love to have our individuals stand out” – Pippen

Austin Rivers a good fit for Rockets?

“He gives you effort on defense and has worked himself as a decent three point shooter and that fits in with their offensive plans” – Elhassan

“They need him in Houston to help them win ball games” – Pippen

“He has to buy into his role and understand his role. Fit in. Not fit out” – Elhassan

Have we seen the last of Markelle Fultz in a 76ers uniform? (Per Sixers GM, Elton Brand)
“To be determined to play again” – Brand

“He’s probably been on the trade block. He’s been a bust for them. They’re not finding any takers for him. His future doesn’t look good for him” – Pippen

“In the words of J Cole: ‘I pray for Markelle cause they messed up his shot'” – Elhassan

“He gives you a little hope that he can develop into something. If you’re the Sixers right now, you can’t trade him because if you trade him, his value is at his absolute lowest. Might as well hold on to him and hope he comes around and hope this was the issue [physical problem]” – Elhassan

Kyrie: “Celtics need to get past ‘egocentric things’ for bigger picture”
Celtics we’re blown out by the Bucks on Friday night and had a team meeting after that game to clear the air

“This is the time of the season where you check your teammates and put them back in check. I’ve been wondering who’s the verbal leader on that team. It’s good to see him speak out and get his teammates on track” – Pippen

“They need to go to Celtics past and get Kevin Garnett to come in there and talk to them about sacrifice, putting your ego aside. They probably could use his passion, hear his story and get themselves right” –  Spears

Marcin Gortat calls Nikola Jokic “The biggest flopper in NBA History” (Via LA Times)

“It makes it very difficult for the officials to call the game when these big guys are taking blows like they got hit by a train. It really throws the game off and it puts the officials in bad situations because sometimes they have to make that call based on what they thought they saw” – Pippen

“Players in the 90s didn’t focus on flopping until Vlade [Divac] came into the league” – Pippen


Third Half Hour

Expectations for Giannis at MSG on Christmas?
Playing on Christmas Day for the first time since 1977

“I’m expecting some dominance” – Pippen

“With all due respect to Oracle [Arena] Staples [Center], players don’t get more excited than playing at MSG. I can see him having a super game” – Spears

“Giannis is going to be stepping on a lot of Knicks” – Pippen

Harrison Barnes critical of Mark Cuban’s comments on basketball culture | Should American Players be offended by Cuban’s comments? (Via The Undefeated)

“It was unsolicited. Harrison was definitely upset. He’s a former McDonald’s All-American. Dennis Smith was upset as well. They believe there was some racial undertones to some of things Mark said” – Spears

“It was a smack in the face. A racial comment to a lot of the players that have played in this game. These are the guys that make up our game” – Pippen

“There is no European players, in my eye, better than the American players” – Pippen

Pre-Christmas edition of…

Jump Ball Regular


Elhassan: Paul George
“The gap between Harden and George offensively isn’t great at all. But the gap between George and Harden defensively is massive”

Pippen: Paul George
“His team is playing better and he’s flourishing from that. He plays both ends of the court”

Harder to Guard.JPG

Pippen: Kyrie Irving
“His ability to penetrate and handle the ball, break your defense, hurt you in transition, he’s a big load”

Elhassan: Joel Embiid
“Physically, the number of people in the league who can just deal with him are so limited”

More likely outcome.JPG

Elhassan: Lakers upset
“The Warriors are still kind of doing that ‘The calendar hasn’t flipped yet to the year we win a championship.’ They’re still kind of going through the emotions. LeBron James on Christmas Day is a good bet anytime”

Pippen: Warriors blowout
“You’re talking about 3-4 of the best players in the game and you’re thinking they’re not going to show up. The Warriors have a lot to prove on Christmas Day. I’m expecting a 130-140 game”


Run it Back

Top Christmas Day dunks of all-time:

2013: LeBron gets the feed and throws it down2pqdcx.gif

1999: Kobe dunks all over Jaren Jackson Sr.2pqdfp.gif

1986: Michael Jordan dunks on Patrick Ewing2pqdhp.gif

GOATS of Christmas Past.JPG

“If you don’t come to play on Christmas Day, you don’t like basketball” – Pippen

1992: Michael Jordan torched Knicks for 42 points

2004: Kobe dropped 42 on Shaq’s Heat squad

1987: Dominique Wilkins dropped 45 on 76ers

2002: T-Mac poured in 46 points on Pistons

1984: Bernard King put a 60-piece on Nets

GOATS of Christmas Present.JPG

Kevin Durant: 31.1ppg on Christmas

“Kevin is going to come out and have a huge night” – Friedell

LeBron James: 26.8ppg on Christmas

James Harden & Russell Westbrook: Both average 23.8ppg on Christmas

GOATS of Christmas Future.JPG

Distant Replay from December 2007:

Pippen: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Friedell: Bol Bol

Nichols: Zion Williamson

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