Show Recap: November 1, 2018

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La La Lance
Admire Lance’s ambition here?

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Today’s Panel:



Cardboard Chauncey Billups

First Half

Monologue: It’s not that D-Rose scored 50, it’s how he did it
“D-Rose was the story last night” – Nichols

5 games were decided in the final minute last night
DeAndre Ayton’s and Iman Shumpert’s daughter’s costume
Rose was flat out eye-popping in a vintage performance against the Jazz

“I was so proud of Derrick last night” – Billups

While scoring 50 points, he hit some big buckets down the stretch

“His shot looks better to me than it’s ever looked. He’s got more arch on the ball. Looks fantastic” – Van Gundy

After the game, Rose was super emotional

Nearly every player that has played with or against Derrick Rose congratulated him on social media:

Celebration in the locker after the game (Via jeffteague/IG)

You would consider this the grand healing moment in the Wolves fractured season
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Just because Rose had a magical night, doesn’t mean it’s going to fix the tug of war going on over Jimmy Butler wanting to be traded
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Derrick has had to overcome and persevere through a lot during his career, particularly horrific injuries
DRose Cavs Knicks.JPG
During his tenure with the Cavs and Knicks, Rose took a leave of absence from the teams to question whether he wanted to keep playing or not, only to come back and play again
DRose 2.JPG
The fact that Rose is still standing, based on what he did last night, is incredible. But his story is far from over

Time to buy Timberwolves stock?

“I’m going to have to reserve judgement until the Jimmy Butler situation is resolved” – Billups

“I’m so proud of D-Rose. He looks healthy. It just makes you happy” -Billups

“They’re going to stay the course until they think they can get a good deal for Jimmy” – Van Gundy

How can Timberwolves get most out of KAT?

“He’s going to go back to being the dynamic player we’ve seen” – Van Gundy

“He’s doing a good job of bouncing back” – Billups

November 1, 1991 – Rick Fox making his debut with the Celtics. Splits the two defenders and finishes with a tough layup!

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Make or Miss League Klay

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Make: Creativity; Who had the best costume last night?







And the winner is (By the panel)…Robin Lopez!

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Boredom; Should Lance start naming his celebrations?

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Perfection; What got into Sabonis last night?
Scored 30 points on 12-12 shooting in just 21 minutes, but fouled out of the game

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Retention; Think Dinwiddie still holds grudge against Pistons after being waived?

Hit this game winner in OT last night:

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Reminders; Did someone make Rudy Gay mad before last night’s game?

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Run it Back
Rudy Gay’s best dunks:

2012 vs the WarriorsAnimated GIF-downsized_large(53).gif

2007: Dunks on Yi Jianlian in Summer LeagueAnimated GIF-downsized_large(54).gif

2007 vs the Rockets dunked on Luis ScolaAnimated GIF-downsized_large(55).gif

Moving on…

What was Wes Matthews thinking?

Fouled LeBron in the final seconds of the game with the scored tied (Look at Luka Doncic’s reaction):

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“He was not thinking on that play” – Billups

“This is your stopper. That was a bone head play” – Billups

Should Lakers be happy or frustrated after 1 point win vs Mavs?

“I always got frustrated. But there’s a lot to learn” – Van Gundy

“Teachable moment. Like LeBron said: ‘We’re learning'” – Billups

Second Half

Can Curry win scoring title on Warriors?

“I don’t think so. He doesn’t play in the 4th quarter because they blow people out” – Van Gundy

“They just feed the beast. Steph is on a tear right now” – Billups

“It’s going to be tough because he’ll only play 20 something minutes every night” – Billups

Draymond on DPOY: “I need that bad”

“He legitimately cares about it for his personal pride” – Van Gundy

“It’s a pride thing. I like it when a guy is mad” – Billups

RecommendsTrae Young: “I need to perform & show everybody why they brought me here” by Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated

Woj.JPGSenior NBA Insider, Adrian Wojnarowski joined the show!

J.R. Smith wants Cavs to trade him

“He answered a question. But the league will look at it. It’s always a question in these situations” – Woj

“He doesn’t say ‘I want a trade'” – Woj

“I personally don’t have an issue what JR said” – Billups

“That guy deserves to be outta there. But with that salary, it’ll be tough” – Van Gundy

“If Korver was in the last year on his contract, he’d have tremendous interest in the league. He’ll have a stronger market than J.R.” – Woj

WNBA players association opts out of CBA

WNBA PA president Nneka Ogwumike’s statement on the negotiations (Via The Players’ Tribune)

“The WNBA PA is absolutely right. They deserve a bigger share of the basketball related income. We’ve seen it in our game. They’ll get it done and get a fair deal” – Billups

“We got to find a way to promote women’s sports” – Van Gundy

“NBA players are fans of the WNBA” – Woj

“It takes time to grow a professional league” – Woj

November 1, 2001 – “Wizards MJ” with the spectacular reverse layup!

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Agree Celtics are “younger” version of Warriors?

“I get it. But they don’t shoot it the same way, but their spirit is the same. They like each other, they play together, defensively they’re really good” -Billups

“They’re younger, but they don’t play exactly the same” – Billups

“These two teams play a lot differently” – Van Gundy

Is Bucks 3-point shooting sustainable?

“There is a lot of room for Giannis to operate out there” – Van Gundy

“The big difference is their defense got better” – Van Gundy

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Dwight Howard says he’ll make season debut tomorrow

“He’ll be ready to help them right now. Dwight, his ability to run the floor, roll to the rim and defensively and on the glass, he’s still one of the premier guys in this league” – Van Gundy