Show Recap: November 30, 2018 (Don’t Get Fired On a Friday!)

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Today’s Panel:


Rachel Nichols tribute to Craig Sager

Fondest memory of Craig Sager?

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“It was an honor to be interviewed by Craig. He had the outfits that he wore, which were colorful. He was a special guy. He’s still missed in today’s game” – Pippen

First Half

Monologue: It was an old-fashioned pre-superteam duel in Toronto last night

Heading into last night’s matchup, many think this will be the NBA Finals matchup in June
Eastern Conference.JPG
The East is far from settled. It’s only November
Pre superteam era.JPG
Where you had only two stars on each side

KD Tweet.JPG

Kawhi put on a show on both ends of the court in a win last night over the Warriors
51 points.JPG
KD’s 51 points wasn’t enough in their loss to the Warriors
The Raptors had their statement win to build on
The Warriors were joking and laughing in the post game locker room

This has meme written all over it!

Barn Burner.JPG
Last night, fans got an old time barn burner and it sure was fun!

What did you learn about Raptors last night?

“I saw a team that has come together and bonded real fast. They’ve shown that it don’t take a whole season for a team to come together with the acquisition of Kawhi. They’re fun to watch. The chemistry has come together so fast” – Pippen

“The two guys from San Antonio, who have rings, showed up (Green and Leonard). These Raptors are different. That is the type of edge that I had seen Raptors not have in the past” – Windhorst

“I do feel like they are different. They got one of the Finals MVP on their team (Kawhi Leonard). With Kawhi on this team, he’s definitely changed the whole onslaught from where they were a year ago. They’re more competitive” – Pippen

What’s gotten into KD the last 3 games?

First time in his career that he’s scored 40 or more points 3 games in a row

“With Steph out, with Draymond Green out, you’re seeing the real KD. The KD that I felt has been holding back for the last couple years. Scoring is just very easy for this guy” – Pippen

“Kevin loves to have games like this. We’ve never seen a 3-game run like this” – Windhorst

“KD needs the opportunity to lead a team” – Pippen
Windy followed that up with: “But does he want to do that at the end of the season?”

“He is capable of leading a team on his own. He is capable of winning a championship by himself, with another player. He is the best player in the league right now” – Pippen

“He’s always been sort of the second guy. Even when he played in Oklahoma City, he was behind Westbrook” – Pippen

November 30, 2007 – Deron Williams (Jazz) with the nasty crossover on Derek Fisher (Lakers) while finishing a layup!


All-Access Blazers!

Make or Miss League Klay

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Easy Buckets; Time to start talking more about Lonzo’s defense?


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Arc; Coincidence that Lowry did this against Warriors?


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Complacency; Pascal Siakam a sneaky candidate for most improved?
Scored 26 points on 8-10 shooting

“He is going to be a big time player for a while in this league” – Windhorst

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Finesse; Has De’Aaron Fox perfected the floater?


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Everything; Does this prove you should always dunk?



Run it Back

Biggest finger roll fails of all-time:

3) 2012: Vince vs the Kings2nvro0.gif

2) 2013: Russ vs the Knicks2nvrpv.gif

1) 2012: Swaggy P vs the Lakers2nvrrb.gif

Moving on…

The Jump’s longest running show within a show…

As The Kings TurnReport: Dave Joerger asks asst gm to leave shootaround (Per Sam Amick/The Athletic)

No chance Dave Joerger is on heat seat…right?

“That could have been said about the Kings every week for the last 12 years. That’s the way it’s been for 12 years. There is discord within the ownership group, within the front office and the coaching staff. Even though the team is playing better, there are too many bigs on this team and therefore there is a pressure about playing time. This is not unusual” – Windhorst

“They’re actually overachieving right now” – Pippen

Second Half


Draft Vince

Support Rachel Nichols’ #DraftVince for dunk contest campaign?

“I’m voting. I’m in! We need you in the dunk contest, baby. None of these cats can fly like you” – Pippen

“Maybe the best idea you’ve (Rachel) had in your career” – Windhorst

How exactly should Lakers utilize LeBron?

“It’s tough for LeBron being the competitor that he is. It’s very difficult for him to come into this situation and accept losing. There’s a lot of pressure when you come play with the Los Angeles Lakers. He’s chasing demons. He don’t want to lose. He needs to step back during the regular season and pace himself” – Pippen

“I don’t think he’s struggling with this at all. He’s made up his mind. Over the long-term, it may not be ideal. The reason Magic has come out against this is because this isn’t the team that he built. Magic built a team for LeBron to play off the ball with less” – Windhorst

“They don’t know LeBron yet. But they will learn him” – Windhorst

Shaq: “Giannis the new superman” (Via NBA TV)

“I’m going to buy it only because Shaq took it off and gave it to him. Giannis earned it” – Pippen

“I remember Giannis asking for the nickname” – Windhorst

November 30, 1994 – David Robinson (Spurs) following up his own miss with a putback dunk vs the Sonics!


Kyrie to Hayward: “Look for your shot more” | Should Hayward be more aggressive?

“I told him, ‘Look for your shot more. Get aggressive and get yourself going because you are a great talent in this league and I don’t want you to ever forget that'”

“It’s great advice. When you look at this team as a whole, Gordon is the one who’s taken a backseat. Him sitting back, evaluating, looking and being the smart player that he is, he said pretty much: ‘I’m going to allow these young players to continue to grow and develop and I’ll fill in the gaps.’ I like what Kyrie said” – Pippen

“There’s a couple of reasons Kyrie is saying it: He’s trying to give him confidence and  teams in their scouting reports are noticing that Hayward is not attacking. There’s an X and O opponent that’s legitimate to this and it’s one of the reasons why the Celtics have struggled a little bit and is also one of the reasons why they’ve taken him out of the starting lineup because he’s not showing that confidence, some of the other guys are” – Windhorst

RecommendsKD’s Thirty Five ventures to present “The Boardroom” on ESPN+

Coach Pop: “I’ve hated the three for 20 years” (Via

Credit: Sam Smith

“I do agree. That’s been a huge advantage for the Warriors the last 3 seasons. They’ve been able to shoot the 3 ball better than any team in the league. It’s more of a free-flow game now” – Pippen

“The Spurs won a championship in large part because they hit threes” – Windhorst

Game of the NightWizards at 76ers

Best time to trade John Wall?
More of this topic can be read here by Bobby Marks (E+)

“If they trade him this season, the Wizards owe him $20M dollars in a trade kicker, not the team he’s going to. It makes it much more likely that they would trade him next season where they would owe him zero on that. But I don’t think it’s going to matter” – Windhorst

“It’s time for a change” – Pippen

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Andre Roberson suffers another setback in recovery from knee surgery

“He should have been working on his jump shot” – Pippen