Show Recap: October 2, 2018

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Opening Tip
Was this really an offensive foul [on Noah Vonleh]?
From the Knicks/Wizards game last night:

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Today’s Panel:


First Half

Opening Monologue: Bamba-Embiid “Rivalry” is going to be fun



Bamba and Embiid.JPG

Bamba has the longest wingspan in NBA history (7′ 10″)

Rachel Nichols and Mo Bamba playing some video games with people from The Ringer:

Embiid’s reply:

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Bamba and Embiid 2.JPG

Done worrying about Markelle Fultz’s shot?


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“Not quite yet. You have a small sample size of this. Once you’re playing against starters full-time, then will see. It’s all about the confidence” – Pierce

“The idea is: What’s it going to look like 10-20 games in?” – Elhassan

“I do like this move” – Pierce on Fultz being a starter and Redick coming off the bench

Iconic Kobe “No flinch” moment ruined by #NBATwitter?


No Flinch?

“FRAUUDDDDDD!!!!!” – Elhassan

“That’s Harvey Dent, ladies and gentlemen. He kidnapped the commissioner’s son!” – Elhassan who was making a reference to the movie “Dark Night”

“I’m giving it to Kobe!” – Nichols

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Creativity; More excited for Trae Young’s passing than shooting?

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Hygiene; Should Ron Baker just wear goggles?


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Luxury; NBA Travel has come a long way!

What NBA traveling looked like back in the day:


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Complacency; Expect big things out of Aaron Gordon?

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Trolling; Rondo in midseason form already?

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Moving on…

Did Markieff Morris deserve to get tossed from a preseason game?

“I’m sorry. You don’t eject a guy on that” – Elhassan

“He’s setting the tone for that team. I like that” – Pierce

NBA Coaches Association issued a PSA to support the innocence network:

Second Half

Preview of “Student-Athlete” which premieres tonight at 10pm on HBO! | Expect LeBron’s NCAA documentary to move the needle?


“There needs to be an overhaul. He has the loudest voice in all of sports. I love that he’s bringing this to light” – Pierce

“These kids are used for their athletic talents and coaches and universities are benefiting off them” – Pierce

“Do I think it’s going to make an impact? I’m going to say no. For two reasons: The people who are going to watch it are going to believe it anyway and the people who need to hear that message, they’re not listening to it” – Elhassan

Kawhi looked healthy in preseason debut?

“He looked tentative. I’m excited to see what Toronto is going to do with their lineup” – Elhassan

“He is so good defensively, but we underrate his offense” – Elhassan

“If he’s 2016 Kawhi, then yes. He is the best player in the East” – Elhassan

Will Hawks regret trading Luka Doncic?

“He reminds me of Ginobili a lot. He’s got some craftiness in his game” – Pierce

“They will regret it. He’s so discipline and crafty. He’s one of the greatest European players we’ve ever seen” – Pierce

“Ricky Rubio didn’t have the career that this guy had” – Elhassan

Lisa Borders steps down as WNBA president leaving to become CEO of “Time’s Up.” Deputy Commissioner, Mark Tatum will take over in the interim.


Something Nothing Or Everything


Pierce: Everything
“This is going to give him confidence moving forward”

“This guy is a workoholic. He wants to be one of the best in the league”

Elhassan: “You have to look like this, especially when it’s for a franchise that hasn’t had a lot of success”

JR Smith.JPG


Elhassan: Nothing
“It’s in the CBA”

Pierce: Everything
“This could be a marketing genius move for him”


Pierce: “To me, he’s still a starter in this league. He’s a scoring PG”

Elhassan: “Jeff Teague is better than Derrick Rose. No question”


Elhassan: Something
“For him, this is a big deal. I don’t understand why he turned down the Qualifying Offer”

Pierce: “He feels like he could get a better opportunity somewhere or even more money. He’s betting on himself. That’s what players are doing today”

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Feel good about Kyrie’s apology?

Kyrie Flat.JPG

“Why apologize when the earth is flat? Everyone knows this” – Pierce

Game of the Night.JPGGrizzlies vs Rockets | Expectations for Melo’s preseason debut with Rockets?

“I expect Melo to shoot every time!” – Pierce