Show Recap: October 26, 2018 (Don’t Get Fired On a Friday!)

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Opening Tip
Were you as impressed by Tatum jam as OKC fans?

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Fan reactions

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Even Daniel Theis (Celtics) thought it was nice! As for the usher…

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Today’s Panel:

Starting from the left: Rachel Nichols, Insider Jorge Sedano and future hall of famer Paul Pierce

First Half

Monologue: It’s getting late early for the Thunder

Yogi Berra
Yankee Stadium
These days, Berra’s slogan for the NBA’s entire Western Conference
Thanks to a lost to Boston, Thunder drop to 0-4 on the season

Thunder led by as many 16 points at halftime and by 9 with just 4:22 left in the game. But the Celtics closed the game on a 16-1 run


“They have to find a way to get easier shots. This has been a problem for them the last couple years: finishing games” – Pierce


After missing most of training camp, Westbrook is still working his way back to the player he was last season

Westbrook took the blame after the loss to the Celtics:

“That’s on me. I take full responsibility on making sure we gotta do what we gotta do to win the game. We’ve got to do a better job making sure we close the game so…”

“I take full responsibility regardless of what happened in the fourth. Miss or made shots, it’s my responsibility to make sure we get a good one, and I take responsibility. It won’t happen again; we on to the next”

“It’s early. There’s no need to panic” – Westbrook
Thunder have 78 games left to play

This is the worst start that the Thunder have gotten off to since moving to OKC in 2008

The last team to make the playoffs after starting a season 0-4…The Sixers back in 2011

What needs to change for Thunder?


“They have to figure out their identity. I don’t know who the Thunder are” – Pierce

“There is even less creativity in this offense with Donovan. This isn’t new. It’s maybe gotten worse in this particular case” – Sedano

“Too much hero ball. Both guys are isolating out there. They have no shooters” – Pierce

Smart for Rockets to offer 4 first-rounders for Jimmy Butler?

“This is the Rockets: they have a barometer on where they are right now. Daryl Morey is obsessed with beating the Warriors. I’d say you go and do it. This is the move that can possibly help get you over the top. You go all in” – Pierce

“This is a no-brainer. You have the centerpiece of James Harden. But if I’m Minnesota, I don’t want this deal. I don’t know where these picks will be. That’s not enough. No chance” – Sedano

October 26, 1984 – Michael Jordan’s first NBA game

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Make or Miss League Klay

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Standing around; Did Cavs think there was a whistle?
Blake Griffin with the spin move, the drive, the dunk!

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Rhythm; How would you describe this sequence by Lance?

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Stephenson after the game commented this on IG:


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Uncle Drew; Best Halloween costume you’ve seen this year?

Uncle Drew.JPG

Then Irving did this after the game…

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Balance; Better move?

Stanley Johnson:

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Jayson Tatum:

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Adjustments; Is angry Dame the best Dame?

Most memorable on court clapbacks:

2016: Russ vs angry fan in PhillyAnimated GIF-downsized_large(25).gif

2016: D-Wade vs purple shirt guy in CharlotteAnimated GIF-downsized_large(26).gif

1994: Reggie Miller vs Spike Lee at MSGAnimated GIF-downsized_large(27).gif

Moving on…

From Haywatch to…

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DeMarcus Cousins practices with Warriors for first time

“They’re just going to slowly bring him along. If I’m them, I would wait until like after all star break. This is an Achilles on a big guy. You got to be careful with those injuries” – Pierce

“I do think this is something. Having a guy like that back at practice is huge for all these guys. I think he may be back for Christmas” – Sedano

Reggie Miller trying to recruit Kobe’s daughter to UCLA:

Second Half

Kobe Bryant on SC last night:
Kobe: LeBron is “Part of Laker family”

NEIL EVERETT: How close are you to the newest member of the Laker family?

KOBE BRYANT: “Well, he’s part of the Laker family. When he first came on board, I said ‘Listen. If there’s anything you need, you are now family. You are a part of this tradition. So if there’s anything you need, just let me know'”

EVERETT: Has he needed anything?

BRYANT: “No. I think he’s fine”

Bad look for Lakers fans to chant “Kobe” in front of LeBron?

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“It’s a great look. You have one of your legends coming to the building for a game. He rarely comes to the games. The fans adore him” – Pierce

“This is a great look. There needs to be more of this. There’s no shock that a guy who won 5 titles for that team is going to get cheered. That’s exactly what they should do and good on Laker fans” – Sedano

La La Lance

Lance Stephenson: 12 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists last night vs Nuggets
What can Lakers fans expect from Lance Stephenson this season?

LeBron James giving props to Lance:

“I think Lance just picked up where he left off from last night in Phoenix. He kind of sparked us when we kind of fell in that hole early in the 4th quarter. His tenacity and competitive nature just kind of brought us back into that game”

“Listen, when Lance steps on the floor, he’s a spark for us. He doesn’t have to score to make an impact, but he’s done it the last two nights. He’s worked wonders for our team, that’s for sure”

“You got good Lance and bad Lance” – Pierce

“I look at the Lakers as a dinner plate. LeBron is the meat. And the young guys are the side dishes. Lance is that after dinner coffee (or drink). But not every night” – Sedano

“He’s exciting. He’s fun. He brings energy” – Pierce

KD on free agency: “I never got the massive deal…I know I deserve that” (Via The Athletic)

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“‘Bob Myers? He wants the bag.’ He deserves it. He’s taken haircuts (paycuts) a couple of times for the championships. He’s already done all the sacrificing he wants to do. That’s a direct message to him” – Sedano

“He always could have got the big payday. He was just always controlling his destiny” – Pierce

“When you’ve won, then it’s kind of like ‘Alright. I got to secure my own future at some point'” – Sedano

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Woj: Rockets offer 4 first-rounders for Jimmy Butler

Would you give up 4 first round picks for LeBron James?

Pierce & Sedano: No-brainer

Would you give up 4 first round picks for Kevin Durant?

Pierce & Sedano: Yes

Would you give up 4 first round picks for Stephen Curry?

Pierce & Sedano: Yes

Would you give up 4 first round picks for Anthony Davis?

Pierce & Sedano: Yes

Pierce added:
“I’ll give you 5 first round picks for AD”

Would you give up 4 first round picks for Giannis Antetokounmpo?

Pierce & Sedano: Yes

Would you give up 4 first round picks for Kawhi Leonard?

Pierce & Sedano: Yes

Would you give up 4 first round picks for James Harden?

“I probably wouldn’t. I’m going to see another James Harden before I see another one of those guys. He’s the oldest” – Pierce

“Harden has a shot that’s unguardable, he gets to the free throw line as well as anyone, maybe argubly in the history of the game. I would absolutely do it” – Sedano

Would you give up 4 first round picks for Russell Westbrook?

“I don’t know if I would do that also” – Pierce

“I’ll trade 3 (first round picks) Not 4 (first round picks). Guys that play his style, they don’t age well. Look at Dwyane Wade, AI, those types of guys” – Sedano

Would you give up 4 first round picks for ‘Prime Paul Pierce’?

“Absolutely. Easy decision” – Pierce

“I’m doing it” – Sedano

October 26, 2005 – “Prime Paul Pierce” with the stepback jumper over LeBron James!

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Run it Back
Steph Curry’s 51 point game against the Wizards | Will Curry’s mojo continue in MSG tonight?
Curry’s stat line in a win vs the Knicks: 29 points | 10-18 FG | 6-11 3P
Durant’s stat line in a win vs the Knicks: 41 points | 9 rebounds | 5 assists | 17-24 FG | 5-9 3P
25 points in the final quarter!

“He’s going to have a huge game. It’s either going to be him or KD” – Pierce

“Both can go for 30. Basically everybody’s going off at MSG except the Knicks” – Sedano

Chris Paul returns tonight from 2-game suspension
CP3 in the loss vs the Clippers: 12 points | 8 assists | 6 rebounds | 5 turnovers | 2 steals | 3-13 FG

“They are in desperate need of a win. I’m also interested in seeing ‘Iso Melo'” – Sedano

“It’s really not about their offense, it’s their defense. It’s been terrible. That’s the one thing they got to fix. They are not the same team” – Pierce

New Jump “TV Show!”

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How seriously should we take the Pistons?

“They are a playoff team” – Sedano

“If Blake can continue to play at an MVP level and Drummond can play at an all star level, they’re definitely a playoff team” – Pierce

Game of the Night
Bucks at Wolves

Expect KAT to turn it around tonight?
Towns’ stat line in a loss vs the Bucks: 16 points | 7 rebounds | 2 blocks | 7-16 FG


“I just want him to be motivated again” – Pierce

“He’s going to have to bounce back. This is wasted talented if you’re playing this way. He is going to be the centerpiece of this franchise, whether Jimmy is there or not” – Sedano

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Joel Embiid rolls left ankle in practice, questionable for Saturday vs Hornets

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