Show Recap: August 31, 2018 (30-minute show; Brian Windhorst hosts)

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Think this fan called bank? ($25,000 shot)

Today’s Panel:


Are Rockets closer to winning a title?

“I think they’re closer since they let Trevor Ariza go. Now you bring in Marquese Chriss a guy who needs a change of scenery. It moves them up slightly since July” – Haynes

“I don’t think anybody within this deal is going to make that much of a major impact as far as beating Golden State” – Friedell

“I’m not sure if this actually helps them close the gap toward the Warriors”

“You better win this season” – Friedell

What changes for Warriors this season?

“First and foremost: Bringing in a guy like DeMarcus Cousins. Somebody who hasn’t had the best reputation as far as dealing with his teammates. You bring him in, he’s automatically going to change the dynamic of that locker room, whether it’s good or bad. Allowing some of the young guys to play a little bit more” – Haynes

“I think they’re going to change a little bit of their style of play, from training camp onwards” – Windhorst

Do players care too much about video game ratings?

Knicks rookie, Kevin Knox (Via Instagram):


“Absolutely. They care too much about everything. So many of these guys are so thinned skinned” – Friedell

“Rookies definitely shouldn’t be complaining. What have you proven this far?” – Haynes

“I actually like that the players are this invested in it because it’s fun and it engages with the fans” – Windhorst

Brian Windhorst trying to understand what ‘Fire’ is from Senior Sneakerhead Insider, Nick DePaula as they go on a mini trip to the sneaker store:

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Nick DePaula is back to discuss the latest news in the sneaker world of basketball!

Is Brian officially a sneakerhead now?

“We’ve got a ways to go” – DePaula

Latest on Gordon Hayward’s sneaker status?

“It’s getting close to a decision” – DePaula

Blake Griffin expected to sign multi-year extension with Jordan brand




“This is a partnership that we can expect to see continue and will be a future guy for the brand ” – DePaula

Jaren Jackson Jr. signs multi-year deal with Nike

“He is going to be a great example of somebody who’s in a smaller market and the colors aren’t particularly brand favorite colors. Because of the new sneaker rules, he can really take advantage of the new rules and get some incentive and get some visibility for himself” – DePaula


Ramona Shelburne on athletes reframing motherhood (ESPN)

Make or Miss (Milos)

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YouTube; Joel Embiid learned his shooting form watching YouTube? (Via Players’ Tribune)

“White People shooting three-pointers”

Joel YouTube.JPG

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Kicks; Fan of Josh Hart’s competitiveness?

Via jhart/IG:

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History; Jordan-LeBron debate gets heated on “Hard Knocks” (HBO)
Cleveland Browns players got into a shouting match. Christian Kirksey says:

“Michael Jackson is Michael Jordan. Chris Brown is LeBron. And Usher is Kobe.”

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Laziness; Giannis works out with Kobe

Could Giannis rise to Kobe’s MVP challenge this season?

“He can. Absolutely. It’s about performance and narrative” – Friedell

“No doubt he’s an MVP-caliber player, but he needs the team around him to get that goal” – Haynes

“He’s got skills that can lead him there. But the Bucks have to be an elite team” – Windhorst

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Happy Birthday, Chris Haynes!