Show Recap: July 1, 2018 (NBA Free Agency Special) – Pre-LeBron Announcement to Lakers

Note: LeBron’s agency, Klutch Sports Group, made the announcement on Twitter 5 minutes after the show went off the air

Opening Tip
Think Melo was invited to Westbrook’s party? (Via nas/IG)

Tonight’s Panel:

Starting from the left: Rachel Nichols, Insider Brian Windhorst, Front Office Insider Amin Elhassan

First Half

Lakers still the frontrunners in LeBron sweepstakes?

“They (LeBron’s people) consider the 76ers a serious option for them” – Windhorst

“It’s weird because of obviously the events of yesterday. I’ve kind of felt this whole time that the team that ends up with LeBron is the team that always shows him ‘hey we can do more than just what we have'” – Elhassan

“The bottom line is: Is LeBron going to be comfortable with what the Lakers can be? What we’re seeing here is LeBron is going to be comfortable with what the Lakers can be, even if they don’t get that player this week or even this month” – Windhorst

Buy Fultz off limits in Kawhi talks?

“Basically the Spurs are doing this: they want, if they’re going to trade Kawhi before LeBron commits (getting Kawhi is tied to LeBron), they’re going to basically make you trade for both of them. So they want essentially what the Celtics got from the Nets 5 years ago. They want it all: young players, draft picks, pick swaps” – Windhorst

“Of course they’d put him in the deal. That’s all leveraging and posture” – Elhassan

Paul George agrees to 4-yr/$137M Deal with Thunder

His projected max 7-year payouts:

3-year deal (Actual Deal): $99.0 million
4-year extension: $190.6 million
Total: $290 million

2-year deal: $63.6 million
5-year extension: $235.5 million
Total: $299 million

“I’ve been told by people around Paul that what he’s getting in exchange for giving up that extra year of freedom is the extra year of guaranteed salary in this first current deal, the one who wouldn’t get with a shorter contract and for a guy who shattered his leg a few years ago could have lost his whole career. I was reminded that might be more important than we remember. You’re giving up some freedom for more security, but not all your freedom” – Nichols

“The reason I reacted the way I reacted is because it was a surprising move. It’s going to cost him a little bit of money” – Windhorst

“All that really matters: Paul George wants to be a member of the Thunder and wants to be with Russell Westbrook” – Windhorst

2015 – DeAndre Jordan backing out of his verbal agreement with the Mavericks and returning to the Clippers

Kawhi Make or Miss
Note: Get used to seeing this until Kawhi gets traded!

Make Logo
Securing the bag; Derrick Rose have the best shoe contract ever?

Miss Logo
Stability; Mike Budenholzer will be Ilyasova’s 7th different coach with the Bucks!

Make Logo
Athleticism; Should T.O. (Terrell Owens) be able to play in BIG3?

Miss Logo
Communication; Parsons have the perfect reaction to DeAndre signing?

Make Logo
Confidence; Fred VanVleet: “Bet on yourself”

Devin Booker upset with Suns? (Via Shams Charania of Yahoo! Sports)

Surprised Trevor Ariza picked Suns?

Second Half

The Klaw update…Klaw
How does PG-13 staying affect Lakers pursuit of Kawhi?

Mistake for Clippers not to trade DeAndre?

How should Rockets handle Clint Capela?

Will the Rockets keep Capela this summer?

How appealing is restricted free agent market?

What can Blazers do to keep Lillard happy?


Run it Back

What if Lakers strike out this summer?

Would Boogie be worth the risk for Lakers?