Show Recap: July 30, 2018 (Jorge Sedano hosting)

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Opening Tip
Kid to Enes Kanter: “You Trash!”

Today’s Panel:


First Half

LeBron James opening a school in Akron today

How long before the Lakers are on top again?

“The West is the West, man. I just think the rosters at the top are much stronger than the Lakers ” – Spears

“It will be until you get a Kawhi Leonard or a Damian Lillard” – Schmitz

“I’m still going to watch Kawhi if he gets moved there (LA) by the deadline” – Spears

Did Raptors damage relationship with Lowry?

“It’s hard not to say, a little bit. But winning cures everything” – Schmitz

“This is not a feelings league. It’s about winning games” – Schmitz

“You can tell that he needs time to pass” – Spears

Kawhi’s first meeting with new coach a good sign?

“It’s a good sign because he’s giving it a chance. Doesn’t say that he’s signing there or going back” – Spears

“We want to see how he’s going to fit” – Schmitz

July 30, 2002 – Lisa Leslie throws down the first ever WNBA dunk in league history!

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Make or Miss (Milos)

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Threes; Allie Quigley (Chicago Sky) breaks WNBA 3-pt contest record with 29 pts (Made 20/25 threes)

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Age; 13-Year-Old Bronny James throws it down!

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Stats; Care that (Zach) LaVine put up 50 at the Crawsover?

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Rules; Westbrook nail his Harden impersonation?

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MVP’s; Like seeing Harden cook at the Drew?

Moving on…

Who should be Rookie of the Year favorite?

“Luka Doncic. He’s the best player right now in this draft” – Schmitz

“Deandre Ayton. Booker is going to keep feeding him. Those two are going to be amazing together” – Spears

“Kevin Knox. The kid can do it all” – Sedano

Impact player drafted outside the lottery?

“Lonnie Walker. He’s going to be able to play some minutes early. His game is much more suited for the NBA game than the college game” – Schmitz

“Troy Brown. He does everything. He’s a coach’s dream” – Spears

“De’Anthony Melton. He reminds me of a Pat Beverley type” – Sedano

Second Half

Who got the better deal: Rockets or Capela?

“Clint Capela. For him to get that money in a bad market, I’m never going to sneeze at that kind of money” – Spears

“The Rockets got the better end of the deal just in terms of when you look at some of his positional peers. He’s a huge part of what they do” – Schmitz

“Clint Capela” – Sedano

Do Rockets need to make another move?

“What they really need is another defensive-minded wing. Another combo 4 type” – Schmitz

“They are better offensively with Melo” – Spears

Think D-Wade will play for Heat next season?

“I do. I talked to somebody in his circle and they didn’t seem too high on him going to China. He’s got to finish playing for the Heat” – Spears

PG’s performance at USAB camp something or nothing?

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“When they were going up and down (the court), he looked great. He looked like the old PG” – Spears

“It’s not shocking to me. Paul George, when healthy is one of the best wings, top 10-15 player in the NBA” – Schmitz

“He’s out to prove something” – Sedano


Marc J. Spears: Durant on LeBron to LA, Boogie & more (The Undefeated)

How long will Durant stay with Warriors?

“At minimum: 2019-20 season because he wants to play in that new arena” – Spears
Referring to the new Chase Center in San Francisco

“I haven’t got the gist that he wants to go home to D.C.” – Spears

Ok with Hawks eating Melo’s contract? (Hawks: Agreed to $25.5M buyout with Melo)

“I’m okay with. They’re trying to lose” – Schmitz

“When I talked to him about it, he seemed excited” – Spears on Melo being bought out and heading to Houston

Current max contract system broken?
Click here to read more about this topic by Zach Lowe

“I don’t think so because of the revenue sharing” – Spears

“The best teams are still building through the draft. All the movement is really good for the league” – Schmitz

Lakers more or less appealing to Kawhi now?

“Does he want to play with him? Maybe he wants to be the face of the franchise” – Spears

“There’s a lot of pressure of playing with LeBron James” – Schmitz

“We got to find out what he wants” – Spears

“If you’re with the Clippers, you’re taking a backstage period” – Sedano on if Kawhi chooses the Clippers over the Lakers

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Jerry Colangelo will not return to 76ers when contract expires

“He’s crushed for his son” – Spears