Show Recap: June 1, 2018 (Live from Oakland at Lake Chalet Restaurant)

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Opener: JR and Coach Lue give their reaction to the blunder at the end of regulation

Today’s Panel:

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First Half

Opening Monologue: “Game 1 microcosm of Cavs season” – Nichols

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–Agree with decision to overturn charging call?
–Give JR Smith a pass for his gaffe?

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This is not the first time J.R. Smith has done something stupid to cost his team a game. Check this out from 2014:

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June 1, 1997 – After Karl Malone misses two clutch free throws in the final seconds of the game, Michael Jordan hits the game-winner at the buzzer vs the Jazz!

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Make or Miss League

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Showboating; Is cocky Steph the best Steph?

Curry lobs it to Durant (Curry turns before KD dunks it)
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Bunnies; Did you have the same reaction as the Cavs bench?

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Fundamentals; Doris Burke was a problem in high school

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Pants; You guys feeling the shorts suit look?

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Celebrations; The battle of the bros rages on

After the Steph And-1 in the fourth quarter, a Warriors fan celebrates by doing one of the “Fortnite dances”
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Topics (Cont’d):

–#BurnNotice: Sixers mulling Colangelo’s dismissal, per sourcesAnimated GIF-downsized_large

Click here to read more about this topic (Via Woj and Zach Lowe)

Mean Tweets (NBA Edition) (Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Jump Crew reading their mean tweets:

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC
Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC
Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC

Second Half

Time to…

Run it Back
Sounds of Game 1 of the NBA Finals

–Source: Kevin Love won’t be suspended for leaving benchAnimated GIF-downsized_large (8).gif

Amin Elhassan, who was a video coordinator with the Phoenix Suns, suffered through a “leaving the bench” incident back in 2007 vs the Spurs when Horry shoved Nash into the scorers table:

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Amin’s “Soap Box”

–How’d Cavs keep it so competitive?



How Steph Curry ignites the Warriors by Baxter Holmes

Topics (Cont’d):

–Mistake to review charge call in first place?
–Dan Gilbert’s tweets help or hurt his chances at keeping LeBron?


Amin couldn’t contain himself:Amin.JPG

First Tweet
Second Tweet
Third Tweet
Fourth Tweet

June 1, 1994 – Reggie Miller goes nuts in the 4th quarter (scored 25 points in the 4th) while going at it with Spike Lee!

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Final Topics:

–Worried Klay’s injury could linger?
–Do we have a series now?